Terror attack in heart of Israel thwarted
Efrat Weiss
Published: 05.07.06, 11:36
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1. Well done IDF!
2. thx idf
gj   (07.05.06)
gj :}
3. dead terrorists never live to fight another day
Marcel ,   Florida   (07.05.06)
Of all the terrorists Israel's weak and appeasment minded government have realeased under pressure from the U.S. to show goodwill to the evil jihadists ,I wonder how many have returned to fight and kill Jews again ?
4. So much for security check points not working....
Andy   (07.05.06)
I am sick of hearing bout inconvenience to Palestinians when the security services saves lives.
5. If not now when??
Gil ,   Tel Aviv   (07.05.06)
Kol HaKavod to the IDF. Let the world stand by and watch in admiration and envy as the world's best deal with the world's worst. One day, Anglonistan and Eurobia will be doing the exact same thing (but not as well of course).
6. No cars for PA residents
Josh ,   Jerusalem   (07.05.06)
Why they are given cars. Cars are the Western invention and Arabs don't need them. A good Muslem can get by with a donky. All cars must be confiscated and Israelis who provide cars arrested.
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