Haredim attack police in Jerusalem
Efrat Weiss
Published: 05.07.06, 13:55
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1. Sounds like a lot of facts are missing
Garbage ,   Israel   (07.05.06)
Can't say i believe this like it is told. Sounds like a load of Twak... lets hear the facts as they happened please. Too many questions which makes this sound dodgey!
2. The violent Religious Jews?
Kay ,   Canada   (07.05.06)
Oh great! Another biased news about poor police being beaten by religious Jews. Haven't we seen those films of police barging into synagogues to beat up men as they are praying? Who is holding the gun? Who has the power here? Why so much attention on 1 illegal worker? Have the police got nothing better to do?
3. Repugnant
Talula ,   Israel   (07.05.06)
4. Ridiculous
J K ,   NYC, USA   (07.05.06)
Its crazy that the police cant go in there and do their job. This guy was illegally employing someone who shouldnt be there and was being arrested as a result. I would put that whole fraking neighborhood under curfew and arrest anyone breaking it, in addition to the people who beat those policemen doing their job. Ridiculous.
5. They can not do this!
keren ,   sao paulo   (07.05.06)
Palis are the biggest problem in Israel;they must go out ,not in! In the other hand ,police shouldn't complain that much ,as Peretz just gave permission to 17000 palis workers to enter Israel. Hence ,the difference lays only in the "legal"status,since all palis are enemies anyway.
6. "and begun beating THEM up ...ONE ...was LIGHTLY injured"???
Shalom ,   Brooklyn   (07.05.06)
7. Hareidim attack police
na ,   israel   (07.05.06)
Monkey see monkey do monkey protecting monkey
8. Sorry guys - but beating people up is against the Torah
Karen R ,   USA   (07.05.06)
Your headline is slightly misleading - simplistic to the point of inaccuracy. Most Hareidim agree that beating people up - even lifting your hand as if to strike another person - is strictly forbidden except in immediate self-defense or defense of an innocent third party. Striking police officers is therefore forbidden. Triply so here. It can be assumed that the police are probably Jewish, so harming a fellow Jew is transgressed too. Then there is the problem that "the (civil) law of the land is the law" unless it's directly against Torah. Employing illegal laborers is breaking the law. So is hitting police officers. Of course some groups in Meah Shearim don't believe that the State of Israel is legitimate. However, MOST Hareidim do. The headline should be changed to something like "Anti-statists in Meah Shearim...."
9. I believe every word !!!1
j ,   Israel   (07.05.06)
Re No 1 and No 2...... Where I live in Israel the Haredim have no respect for decency ...they block traffic and beat up anyone who is different to them....during independance day they hung up Palstinian flags as a sign of protest. These same Palastinians are rocketing our Southern cities..... So I believe every word !
10. These people are SO bored
Liz   (07.05.06)
And that is nothing........wait til after 4th of August, the day after Tisha B'Av, the time they call "ben hazmanim" when the yeshivas are closed. That's when they really take to the streets, burning garbage cans in teh middle of Meah Shearim street etc (and yes, I have seen it with my own eyes, and no it was not a pleasant sight. Will these people never learn that the laws in this country are meant to protect all its citizens, including themselves. There is an obvious reason it is illegal to hire palestinian laborers, and by hiring them they are endangering themselves as well as breaking the law. God forbid one of them should be attacked by an illegal palestinian they will be the first to riot again and scream blue murder and wonder why they are not being protected. If they dont want to keep the law of this land they should go and live somewhere else...........
11. "They, Chareidim"
Eli M. ,   Monsey nY   (07.05.06)
y. nyet no news Its a Mechayeh there is something to write about those "black hats those ultra-orthodox those chareidim" I could see the foam spilling from this writers mouth when he got something to shmear "They, those, bla bla bla chareidim" when you read this story you would think that the police where beaten to a pulp. and the rats are coming out of the holes and spill more gas on the "those chareidim". You get my point? if some one breaks the law he shall pay his due. Please let there be a little more accepting of each other and not be so judgmental.
12. did police order Haredi to join the army or get a job?
Seth ,   Washington, DC   (07.05.06)
13. Who is the wimp?
Edwin   (07.05.06)
I simply don’t believe this story. It smacks of biased, hyperbolic reporting. As #6 points out, it is unreasonable to believe that after been beaten up by several dozen riotous Ultra-Orthodox, only one policeman was slightly injured. Religious Jews must be wimps! Or, are the policemen wimps?
14. Anti-Haredim
Reuvan ,   London   (07.05.06)
This is just another Anti-Haredim article which the israeli media regularly print. The hate towards the Haredim is almost as bad as the hate towards the arabs.
15. # 2
nu ,   Israel   (07.05.06)
Ever been in Mea Shearim? Ever seen people there insulting tourists, visitors, burning garbage (that the municipality has to change afterwards at the expense of my tax?) Ever seen roads closed on Saturday? Or young haredim throwing stones at passing cars (same as Palestinians do)? First see then write!
16. anti semitic literature
yoni ,   jerusalem   (07.05.06)
In all of my reading of the haaretz and yediot achronot i dont think i have heard one good story about hareidim. not once do they actually talk about what the religious have to offer and never do they mention that all jews used to be religious at one point in time. its about time the jewish people wake up and stop hating their own roots. dont be suicidal and hate yourself. to all non observant people out there: go and learn - study about your history find out what judaism is see how we are nothing without the torah. we dotn exists without the torah. it is our claim to existence we must start to think and study abou tmeaning and purpose ot just feed antisemitic articles to our children.......
17. Meanwhile, in Tel Aviv
Kyle ,   Southpark, CO, USA   (07.05.06)
If border police had come to arrest an illegal worker in a secular Tel Aviv neighborhood, YNet would be crying all over the place about "police brutality" and the poor helpless innocent illegal "just doing the work Israelis don't want to do."
18. #15 and freinds
Eli M. ,   Monsey NY   (07.05.06)
NU NU Yes i've been in Meah shearim many times actually 4 times last year alone that’s from New York. I love to see the chesed and kindness and everything else good. King David says “Ureyi btuv yerushalayim” see only the good in Jerusalem. I do my shopping and spend my money in Yerushalayim. the only problem its getting harder to park so I walk more. Yes the streets are closed for driving on shabbos so all the people can walk in peace just like Tel-Aviv. Dear NU NU I invite you to come to me for a shabbos and have delicious food and good singing a little island of peace and you will have a different view of those Ultra orthodox. NU? Are you going to communicate with me? Shalom al Israel, Eli
19. Disgusting illegal behavior - then whine about....
Andy   (07.05.06)
truthful coverage of a community that allows itself excesses in the name of Torah Judaism. Sickening....
20. Haredim
Naftali ,   Vancouver, Canada   (07.05.06)
I grew up Haredi so I know them well.. They are an embarrasement to the Jewish people. The police should treat them like terrorists as far as I'm concerned.
21. #18 next logical question is
Talula ,   Israel   (07.05.06)
Why don't you go and live permanently with them.
22. What Secular Israelis Need
Yaakov Noach ,   New York USA   (07.05.06)
is to spend some time in a real goyish environmnet, and I don't mean in Flatbush, where it is like they didn't leave home, but in the BIble Belt. Then maybe they wouldn't be so eager to hate their fellow Jews who are more religious than they are.
23. #18
Eli M. ,   Monsey NY   (07.05.06)
I don’t have to live with "THEM" or with you. i live where i live and I tolerate and love my fellow brother the leftist. The invitation is still standing. by the way that’s what I do in my spare time I reach out to my fellow Yiden especially the not yet observant and spend a shabbos and enjoy it and they come back for more shabbatons. ps. the rest of the time i run a successful business in NY and employ all kind of people from the right to left and in between
24. #20
Eli M. ,   Monsey   (07.05.06)
Shame on you. you are an embarrasement you are a "Malshin"
25. To No. 2, Kay
NYC girl   (07.05.06)
If you've seen films of "police barging into synagogues to beat up men as they praying" you've apparently fallen victim to a load of b.s. Naturei Karta agitprop.
26. #2 Kay Canada
Mike ,   Israel   (07.05.06)
Dear Kay I'm so sick of these religious jews giving the rest of us normal jews a bad name its time for Israel to throw them out send back to Toronto, NY or where ever they came from better yet send them to Gaza i'm sure they would be hapier there.
27. #5 Keren
Mike ,   Isreal   (07.05.06)
Your sitll babeling away crazy stuff keren you realy dont make and sence whats so ever please stop
28. What Israel Needs
Mike ,   Israel   (07.05.06)
Secular Israelis need to lay down the law with the hardiem, its simple keep your ways do as you wish but dont you dare preach your ways on to others dont dare in the name of the tora not go to the army pay tax all you do is complain stop your stupid behavor this is 2006 stay in your spots and behave other wise youll be sent back to NY where you belong as for Eli and yaakov stay there its better for you there, i feel so ashamed to be a jew when the haradiem do stuff like this shame on you
29. ok mike,I see you want to talk to me.Let's talk then
keren ,   sao paulo   (07.05.06)
Tell me mike,why do you think I am "babeling away crazy stuff". Please,explain your point of view and why you disagree with me. Who knows you can broaden my thoughts. Please,I am waiting for your arguments against my post. Let's discuss the way intelligent people do.I love it,and hope you are brave enough and smart enough to face a good discussion. I am online...
30. To Keren
Mike ,   Israel   (07.05.06)
Where do i start, first the Palis are a huge problem but cetainly not the biggest the Haradiem are just as much a problem as they are. They dont obey the law of the land rather there own law, they do not obey the courts, the army or any other legal body. They do not serve in the IDF the are a drain on the goverment due to gov money going to them so they can suport there 8 or 9 kids now if one of them comits a crime and the police come to investagate they riot and hurt them. My point is they are not above the law or as they think they are better jews than any other jew as they admit and claim. They refuse medical care for there young even if it means death to the child they rather leave it to the hands of God. They do not alow any and i mean any outsider to come in there comunity. They are a threat to out way of living more so than the Palis. They are a threat to the country. Think who would fight the palis if we where attacked certainly not the Haradiem. So before you defend a point try and learn and then base your opinion i welcome that.
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