Doctors: Haredi baby strongly shaken
Aviram Zino
Published: 05.07.06, 22:56
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1. Lock Him Up!
Marvin Gutfreund ,   Brooklyn, NY   (07.05.06)
This man will be convicted and sent to prison for a long time.
2. Did the Father Have Brown Eyes?
Edwin   (07.05.06)
If so, your headlines should have been: Bown-eyed man's baby strongly shaken.
3. #2 is correct
Blue Pinky   (07.05.06)
Ynet is trying to paint all Haredim in the same light. Just because one guy is a nutcase does not mean all Haredim are.
4. to: nr 3 Pinky
Leon ,   Grand Rapids U S A   (07.06.06)
Then why did the Haredim rush at the beginning to deny, abfuscate, and harass the prosecution without even trying to listen to the facts ???
5. #2 is NOT Correct.
Ronen Noy ,   Israel   (07.06.06)
Haredi men first and foremost consider themselves Ultra-Orthodox, so why shouldn't we?
6. jew
rob ,   nyc, ny   (07.06.06)
can you imagine the uproar in ynet if a jew in france did the same thing big headline of "jewish baby strongly shaken"
7. Agree with number 2
MIK ,   Stamford, CT   (07.06.06)
Y-Net never loses an opportunity to bash Haredim. This reporting is biased and not acceptable.
8. #4
Blue Pinky   (07.06.06)
That is a legitimate issue, they were completely wrong to try to do that. The reason they do it is because of the mistrust and religious bias usually shown to them, so they mistrust in return. Not that it makes it right in any way. But it also doesn't mean that all Haredim beat their kids because one lunatic did.
9. Why bother with a trial?
Kyle ,   Southpark, CO, USA   (07.06.06)
Just give some rope to the talkbackers and have a good old fashioned lynching.
10. Is it possible that he simply was not aware of the implicati
Gidon   (07.06.06)
11. i agree with 9 its certanly cheaper
ariel   (07.06.06)
12. Haredi youngsters are often naive...
Meir Moses   (07.06.06)
The pressures of being a naive 19 year old father, perhaps deeply troubled, and the tragic consequences of a moment's madness results in these occasional dramas. It also happens with secular Jews, of course and all humans for that matter.
13. Enough with the "Hareidi" already - #2 is right.
Karen R ,   USA   (07.06.06)
Not only that, the guy isn't even your average Hareidi - he belongs to one of those fringe-type groups who isolate themselves from the State of Israel and everyone else who isn't "religious" enough for them. Why don't you specify "secular" when you write about child abuse cases in the non-Hareidi sector? The problem is unfortunately universal, not the monopoly of any one social group.
14. So sad:( Poor baby:(
I wish I was the baby's mother, this baby would still be alive and so loved.
15. Only in Israel
Lee ,   New York   (07.06.06)
Only in the State of Israel is the ethnicity of the baby worthy of a headline. Get real: every group has a few disturbed individuals in it. Judging from what has been presented in the news media so far, I am not yet convinced of the father's guilt. In the U.S, at least, one has to be convinced beyond a reasonable doubt. The vague answers of several physicians is disquieting. Perhaps the father shook the baby and accidentally harmed the baby--it's still abuse, but of course with mitigating factors. As a physician, I have seen cases which seem certain to be abuse yet the parents were acquitted, and vice versa. We dont have all the facts, and no one should rush to judgement...Not even the headline writers for YNet.
16. A higher standard
Shlomo BenLaib ,   Los Angeles USA   (07.06.06)
Those who publicly demonstrate a purported adherence to a higher standar must be measured by that standard. The putative murderer is a fake / phony who wears the garb or religion. He bring dishonor and disgrace to all Haredim. Shame on him. And shame on those who cover up and defend this despicable act.
17. Dead Infant
Mary ,   Canada   (07.06.06)
I think that most of you are missing the point. This man has allegedly killed his child. This is not an attack singling out Orthodox Jews, it's about an attack on a helpless baby. What a shame that any individual could succumb to this behaviour.
18. Unbelivable
Eli M. ,   Monsey NY   (07.06.06)
The topic is Observant Jews or chiloni there is such hate from the chilonim against the torah observant its just sickening. at another topic today some very nice brother wants to send all the observant jews to Gaza and you ask how come I don’t move to Israel. look out i am coming sooner than you think. And to the hater beware the venom is killing you. Do teshuva brother.
19. Haradiem
Mike ,   Israel   (07.06.06)
They are sick humans not only do they kill in the name of the tora they preform abuse on helples kids denie them medical care, they dont serve the arms, they dont pay tax all they are is a drain on the country God help us
20. #12 Duh...
Jane ,   Boston USA   (07.06.06)
More than likely, that is precisely what happened. Here in U.S., unless premediated, this action would gather some leniency and the person would get approx. 5-10 years. Otherwise, "I was having a bad day, so I killed you." Not nearly so bad a day as the baby ....
21. parenthood
hanina ,   usa   (07.06.06)
This is such a horribly sad story. How many times as parents we turned around a knocked a small child into the bushes or made them eat up their food even when they were full and they threw up. A lack of education and a bad temper caused an innocent to die. There have been other parents who accidently killed their own children. Isn''t it enough that they suffer for the rest of their lives? 19 is too young to have kids. Let him get counceling, let him get education, teach everyone this danger of shaking babies and children and let him get on with his life. He will learn his lesson and he will do teshuva and G-d willing we will all have the ability to forgive him, including his wife and his family. Let this story teach others and avoid any future deaths.
22. To all
Sam ,   Y-am, Israel   (07.06.06)
First and most foremost Leon the word i believe you were looking for was "obfuscate". The fact that this man is a chardi should have no implications i have traveled world wide and have seen Teenage parents and many suffered from a terrible lack of understanding of what a baby requires for a healthy life. The man accused tragically is like many other teenage parents who have accidental killed their babies (this pains me to no ends). The other issue that i would like to address concerns a Talkback that seems to think Chardim are the Humans that Dennie accountability upon a accusation the reaction that was exhibited is typical of most humans and should not be erroneously linked to a characteristic unique to chardim.
23. #4
RW ,   Jerusalem   (07.06.06)
"Then why did the Haredim rush at the beginning to deny, abfuscate, and harass the prosecution without even trying to listen to the facts ??? " YNet and other papers did the exact same thing! Not only did they incorrectly report the case and somehow mis-translate signs posted around Jerusalem, they also don't report the whole thing. Have we seen YNet report on the policewoman who, in the trial, was caught lying about the case to the media? No. Have we heard the reports coming from doctors who also examined the body and do not believe the child was abused? No. Is he guilty? I have no idea, nor will I pass judgement, until ALL the facts come out. My point is, you can't trust the Israeli media any more than you can trust the Arab media in many cases... they both have their goals and will misrepresent or misreport the truth where they feel necessary.
24. Child killer
Talula ,   Israel   (07.06.06)
Castrate him so he will never EVER be able to do this again, then lock him up in a room with no windows and throw away the key. Dirty filth like this, we don't need.
25. Fundamentalists like to claim that they are superior
Dorothy Friend ,   Tel Aviv   (07.06.06)
So what's wrong by noting that they are fundamentalists when reporting the things they do? But you know, maybe we should just let them rear their children by their own standards, provided that they keep there noses out of the way we rear our children.
26. #19 & 25
jman ,   il   (07.06.06)
please don't start this "no tax" issue, just because a small, overly zelous group don"t pay taxes doesn't mean that the rest don't. i garantee you that i pay more taxes per month than most other people. and those that don't are usually of student status, just like any college student that doesn't pay taxes. and you should know with all the money they get for their kids is a small amount of what the gov. wastes our tax money on. most of the money that a kollel gets is from donations and not the gov. statistically speaking there are as many haredim serving in the army, if not more, than leftist anti-haredi chilonim. i, for one, served in a combat unit with many other haredim. one last thing, it's not fair to call all haredim fundamentalists bec. any chiloni who is anti-haredi or anti-torah is also a fundamentalist in his own sense. he is fundamentally against the haredim or torah (being against one does not mean against the other). they should write "a crazed young man" and leave out the haredi part. only a small sect of haredim are rejectionalists, not all.
27. Perfect Example
Mike ,   Israel   (07.06.06)
Just one more example why fundamentalists no matter what religion have no room any where on this planet, they think they are above the law. When they get caught they claim that they are being trageted. Put these people on an island somewhere and let them roat.
28. #26 jman
Mike ,   Israel   (07.06.06)
You just made my point thank you, every time someone questions the motives or actions of the fundamentalists haradie they jump up and scream anti torah or antei haredi, its so typical. First of all friend i'm not anti hareidi i'm anti anyone that claims they are a better jew than i am, or that they dont need to serve in the IDf cause they are learning the Torah, or pay tax due to same reson as above, because my gov waists money does not mean that the haradilm take it, that is the biggest waist and its unfair. I'll remind you that Shash did not realse the medical moneys until there people (haradiem got there monies) thats terosim. When you get free advertising about a sick haraidi killing his son you claim the left is behind it. Your stats on Haredim serving are abit off acording to IDF stats its 1 out of 175 men serve in the IDF. Lastly when your people comit a crime they riot they burn they hit the police, oh and would you say depriving a child of medical care is against the law but you people do it evey day, Its time to come into the 21 century. Shalom
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