Yaalon: Sharon planned pullout out of personal distress
Published: 06.07.06, 10:55
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31. He said it then
Yariv ,   Tel Aviv   (07.06.06)
He lost his job. He said it then many times. Ha'aretz even published an article a year ago asking him ti be very quate and not speak before the expulsion of Jews. Natanuyaho indeed was quate until the last moment by he was against expulsion always, and Sharon's people could even killed him if he were lauder. People that supporeted Sharon's cheme simply hate Jews. Now they say: We suffered when it was peace in Gaza. Now you don't have ajob, house and must suffer". read their messages.
32. a couple of crucial, but answerless, questions..
יוסף סירוצקי ,   jerusalem   (07.06.06)
Where was the israeli media until now that a point of view - not ot say information - as important as this was not given any exposure whatsoever, outside some obscure lubavitch magazines. And has anything changed since then? And if the palestininas hadn't miscalculated their moves - and Olmert carried on with his "convergence" (sic..conversion?) where would we be ....who are the 'watchdogs' of Israeli democracy..have they been fed poisoned meat?
33. the withdrawal from Azah
Ida Nudel ,   Israel   (07.06.06)
When one of the most respected general is accusing the previous government by conscious and deliberate misdeeds, every normal society demand an open and public discussion of the goverment`s mistakes or deception. If Israel is a democracy, why people are afraid to discass the issue. The voice of general Yaalon must be heard by the nation.
34. #33 withdrawal from aza
joe ,   L.I. NY   (07.07.06)
why are israelis afraid to discuss the issues? very simple. fast cars, pizza,booze,lots of vacation,24hrs/day on cell phone (while working)uncompetent govt., huge/bloaded bureaucracy,let someone else do it. much more, TNTC THATS WHY!!!!!!!!! the irony is that israel is telling the palestiniens that their problems is because of their poor judgement in electing a "democratic" govt. you could say that the same goes for israel.
35. #18. "No to violence" was a sham.
Secular Israeli   (07.07.06)
The only violence back then was police horses stamping on demonstrations of the opposition. The only incitement was screams of despare from the right which saw it exactly like it came about, 5 years later, - thousands of jews killed and wounded by Arab friends of our stupid leftists, drugged up by their own illusions. The assasination, as anyone with an ounce of brains surely knows today, was perpetrated by people on a payrol. The only question remains - whose?
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