A genuine Ashkenazi
Rona Kuperboim
Published: 06.07.06, 13:06
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1. Secular Zionism
Reuven Brauner ,   Raanana, Israel   (07.06.06)
Hey everyone! You want to know what the end of Secular Zionism will be? Read this article. This is where that ideology will lead. Lead? I mean has already led. (p.s. What does this drek have to do with Ashkenazim, ynet? Really, really bad headline for this piece.)
2. ashraf
nuha ,   nablus   (07.06.06)
ashraflak to sell potato and have a girlfriend from rafeedia ,,
3. Who said it was a matter of nationality ?
Jul ,   Paris   (07.06.06)
It's always been a matter of culture and sometimes (most of the time), culture and nationality match. If this arab guy, who happens to be christian (not such a surprise) fits in the israeli society and is pleased to be part of it, great, be welcome and thrive and contribute !
4. without "secular Zionism" there would be no Israel
Seth ,   Washington, DC   (07.06.06)
5. #4 Again the lies continue
Read Perfidy
6. good joke: Israel represents Judiasm
David Rutstein ,   Jerusalem   (07.07.06)
Folks, Even if you tell yourself a thousand times, hear it on the news for years. Reality sometimes intervenes. The thing that pisses off the real observant Jews is that the country is called Israel. It may be best to just change the name of the country.
7. It's true. He doesn't look like an Arab.
Mark ,   Antwerp, Belgium   (07.07.06)
8. #7 - so what *does* an Arab look like?
Karen R ,   USA   (07.07.06)
The answer - like a person. In the US you can find lots of educated Arabs who look exactly like everybody else, just maybe a little darker (like maybe southern Italian- or even Jewish). Come to think of it, both Jews and Arabs are Semitic, so shouldn't there be some resemblance? Jews from Europe had some mixture of other groups, so end up with some blonds, but by and large, the difference isn't so great. Maybe you're referring to dress? A moustache? Most of the Arab men I've seen wear business suits or blue jeans, have their hair cut short and don't wear mustaches. The women dress the whole spectrum, from head-scarves to the spray-painted look. Not wanting to marry outside one's religion isn't necessarily racist. Some people still take religion seriously. Even among Conservative and Reform Jews in the United States there was very little intermarriage until the '70's.
9. haha
lena ,   israel   (07.13.06)
you're all so racist and don't even know. an arab actor with light colored hair gets the spot light and people freak out!
10. A genuine Ashkenazi
Shain Shaheen ,   St. Peters MO, U.S.A   (08.02.07)
I read your article and I loved it it's nice, I just don’t agree with Yousef, he calls him self a Christian and yet living in an adultery with a women not married to, and even if he was married to it would not be right because they wont be equally yoked, Christ commanded true Christians to be equally yoked, you see I have a brother who lives in naharyia since he was 6 and went to school there, and he speaks Hebrew you would not believe he is a Christian Arab and he lives with his Jewish girlfriend and have a son together his name is Shaool now and his son Reza el and have a sister who married to a nice Jewish man but I don’t agree with either , you see you can be a modern and yet be a devout Christian and sin and live pure live, what I dint agree with the most is calling your self a Christian and live this way including my brother and sister, one to call him self a Christian is to live his live in such a way, I know that a Christian is bought with the blood of Christ ,and he is not saved because of what he does but he do these things because he was bought to show his love for Christ , so you are not a Christian or my brother or my sister,
11. Let him live, love and move us
Popaul from France ,   Paris, France   (08.18.07)
Please leave this nice guy live his life and love his Yaeli ! And please, give him new chances to move the French public through other international-range movies ! Shalom / Salam !
12. Intermarriage
Merr ,   San Diego, USA   (10.04.07)
My father was Jewish and my mother was Christian. They married in 1937. I am now 65. When I was growing up, there were more problems in the US between everyone who was not "white." The worst during my lifetime has been toward blacks, then Jews, then Asians and now the big issue is homosexuals/homophobia. I am proud to say that I am a live and let live type of person. It may be because of my inter faith upbringing, I don't know, but peoples' differences don't matter to me. What's in their hearts does.
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