16 Palestinians killed in Gaza battles
Ali Waked
Published: 06.07.06, 17:53
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1. yeah haniyeh, we'll see by trmw ...
you WILL surrender.
2. Israel is determined to Lose
Marcel ,   Florida   (07.06.06)
If Olmert were serious about ending the threat from the Palestinian's there would be multiple piles of seized weapons from the dead terrorists there. Without a round up of all these weapons Israel will lose this war. It's a war Israel is fighting to lose. Giving the enemy enough time to run and hide ,to fight another day at their choosing. Olmert the defeatist hasn't even thought of this round up of weapons because he is too busy apologizing to the terrorists of Gaza because Israel has to defend herself.
3. #2
Israeli   (07.06.06)
I dunno what are you smoking. But nothing will satisfy you except nuking them eh? We're attacking them on the left and right, we do take their weapons, we blow their weapon warehouses, since the start of this operation only palestinians terrorists had died. We are now reconquering our areas. What more do you want? ghettos? concentration camps? ... This is not a computer game.
4. To #3
we..we... and don't forget to mention ..we are killing their civilians from children and women deliberately and nobody is stoping us, so what do you need more #2
5. One occupation solder was eliminated now.
Adam ,   Gaza   (07.06.06)
6. Ismail Haniyeh must be a brother of Baghdad Bob
Gabrielle Goldwater ,   Geneva Switzerland   (07.06.06)
same illusions - take this guy out so we don't have to listen to his crap
7. 2 Marcel. one gets the feeling You Hate Israelis really
Gabrielle Goldwater ,   Geneva Switzerland   (07.06.06)
your post point directly to this since ALL you do is bash Israelis for NOT blowing into your horn - of full blown war Now why and what is your reason as a Christian to want to see Israel in a war on all grounds this smells of an agenda you have
8. So far...
Hiram Al Masry ,   Tel Aviv   (07.06.06)
the international community is preferably interested in seeing terrorists groups of all kind stopping their terrorists actions.... When is the " arab nation" flying in to help Hanniyeh ?
9. #911truth
BandarBush ,   USA   (07.06.06) #911truth Come discuss with fellow Americans
10. Israel will never live in Peace
Adam ,   Gaza   (07.06.06)
Simply because it was planted on the occupied land of Palestine. The thief is always afraid of being caught and that the case of Israel and its colonial objectives. Sooner or later, the situation will be reversed and the rights will be returned.
11. Haniyeh (kelb)
Mike ,   Israel   (07.06.06)
Funny how the palestinians are asking for international community to "stop the collective punshment" all they have to do is hand over Gilad unharmed and stop the firing of missels into Israel, also really funny when they fire a missle into Israel i dont hear them asking or sayin collective punshiment on Israel. Look Haniyeh you and your people will die a slow death only because you dont give a damn about your people the only cause you fight for is your back account, your lower than any form of life i can think off.
12. Haniyeh will not give up
CDH ,   Calgary, AB, Canada   (07.06.06)
There is no way he will give up as long as he is safely away from the fire fight. Move him into the war zone and things will change. And I don't blame Israel from reoccupying Gaza if rockets continue to be fired from there, if I were a Military leader, I would do the same thing. What would happen if England began firing rockets into Germany, or North Korea into Japan, Military offencives are inevidable. This is a battle that Israel may never win. Palestinian's will continue to fight while there is a cause to fight, training younger and younger individuals how to HATE the Israelis. This will always be a downward spiral. You know seeing this all from the other side of world seems almost like a bad movie or a video game, but I realize the fear and anxiety to those living in Israel or the Gaza Strip. And my prayers go out to both sides that the offensive will end soon.
13. #2, Who lives safely in Florida
Bob ,   Jerusalem, ISRAEL   (07.06.06)
Instead of fighting a war to the last drop of Israeli blood, why don't you get off your butt, buy a ticket and come over here and actually do something to defend Israel, instead of hiding out where it's safe and throwing stones at the Israelis whose lives are at risk? On second thought, stay in Florida. We don't want you.
14. Declare War
Michael Ghostwolf ,   Bella Vista, AR, US   (07.06.06)
Israel needs to Declare a war, invade and totally destoy Gaza. Having won the land in a war there is no further discussion of "occupation". Use the vacant land as a buffer between Israel and Gaza.
15. #4
Israel   (07.06.06)
And we'll keep pounding them until they will give us our soldier back. Don't want casualties? don't kidnap soldiers, don't attack our cities and don't provoke. What did you think you will get in return? candy?
16. #10
Israeli   (07.06.06)
For how many years you've been saying that? ... dream on.
17. # 16
Adam ,   Gaza   (07.06.06)
Ok we will dream on as Gapotinzky and Hertzel were dreeming more than a century ago.
18. Jewish terror is out in full force today
American ,   USA   (07.06.06)
19. Israel get ready
Oqua Tangin Wann ,   Plant Mars   (07.06.06)
Because here in Mars we see a harsh Plastenian retaliation in Tel Aviv and Jersulem.
20. 17 Adam: keep on dreaming your only dream you can ever have
Gabrielle Goldwater ,   Geneva Switzerland   (07.06.06)
to make your feel better Only one problems dreamers wake up to a hell of a reality one day -
21. 18 American: what kind American ? is your name Ahmed ?
Gabrielle Goldwater ,   Geneva Switzerland   (07.06.06)
Listen to Arabs that have woken up You cannot bear facts that disturb your brainwashed education ??? Is that the fact ? and : Walid Shoebat website - From Hate to Love So what about Wafa Sultan: (a MEMRI clip)... by listening to this - it is in Arabic and subtitled in English. Wafa Sultan, which was interviewed in chain Al-Jazeera in Qatar: She warns the islamist radicals and their idea: Don't miss this and pass along ! what about Dr. Ali ......... What about Nonie Darwish tells it like it is What about Brigitte Gabriel Interview Fast Connections: Slow connections:
22. 16 savages killed...
Jason Asman ,   Boston   (07.06.06)
Keep getting rid of the "scum" - great job Israeli Defense Forces
23. #17
Israeli   (07.06.06)
The only difference is, Hertzel and Jabotinsky didn't try to take Israel by force. They used diplomacy. If you had used the same method you would've had your land today. But you chose force, and force you shall receive.
24. Adam ya habibi
Please remember that your existence depends solely on our good will, consider yourself a Dimmi who doesnt have to pay jaziya.
25. To #10
me   (07.06.06)
What occupied lands? You better get your facts right!! The jews where here since God promised the land to Abraham a long time ago before there was a religion by the name of Islam. So who is occupying whos lands? The Islam started some where around CE 570–632 hundreds of years even after Christianity.Judaism started over 5000 year ago. So how can you say that The Pal have been here before. The Arabs started sitting in the holy land some where around CE 661-683 so in a matter of occupying better go and read and set your facts straight
26. # 25 donot use fanatic story to justify colonial occupation
Adam ,   Gaza   (07.06.06)
27. marcel
darryl ,   israel   (07.06.06)
nah marcel doesnt only hate israelis he is a facist that hates himself
28. The murderous acts of a rogue state
Mr Palestine ,   Palestine   (07.06.06)
The disproportionate actions of the Israeli army of occupation are clear violations of the human rights of the Palestinians and can only be described as war crimes. They are a hopeless expression of the israeli sate failure to achieve neither peace nor security for its citizens. A new way, the end of occupation, is the only way. Also, I am very disturbed by the pathological hatred many israelis posting comments on this site harbour against fellow humans not just Palestinians but also fellow moderate jews. This culture of hate, racism and intolerance now defines the jewish state.
29. #3 # 4# 13
Marcel ,   Florida   (07.06.06)
As you know ,if I went to Israel now ,the chlem leaders of Israel would treat me worse than the treat the Palestinian terrorists. I'll go when Peres ,Olmert and the left are are gone,gone.gone to hell. That will be a day of celebration for Israel !! The hellenized Jews gone forever ! Baruch Marzal and the other brave Zionists have a cursed self loathing un-Jewish leadership who oppress them. BOOB , You wrote ; Instead of fighting a war to the last drop of Israeli blood, why don't you get off your butt, buy a ticket and come over here and actually do something to defend Israel, instead of hiding out where it's safe and throwing stones at the Israelis whose lives are at risk? On second thought, stay in Florida. We don't want you I don't care what you want or think , Hashem is the one who concern's me . You are nobody ,just another dumb sheep headed for slaughter because you bow to foreign idols. When the idiots who rule Israel quit their limited and restrained defeatist games against the Palestinian's .. When Israel's settlers are treated as the heroes they are and the leftists criminals with their failed schemes are arrested and removed from power then ......... When the corrupt and devious politicians quit arresting and intimidating the right and begin to arrest the peace now fifth column traitor Jews in Israel ,then...... When the Idiots who rule Israel quit rewarding the terrorists by throwing the settlers out of their homes and quit appeasing the Palestinians then... When a strong Jewish leader arises who dosn't bow and surrender to U.S.,EU..,U.N. demands and defends Israel by DEFEATING the worthless Palestinian's ,than I will go there and fight. Until then you are rules by cursed and evil leaders who sell out Israel and opress the righteous remnant of Israel.
30. The occupation army has decided to kill some prisoners today
Marcel   (07.06.06)
No Negociations = War = Israelis casualties the israeli leaders prefer to keep control of the land between the river and the sea at the price of some attacks from the oppresed indigenious people. The occupation must stop, without a palestinian state the israelis will never enjoy security.
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