State: Israeli-Palestinian conflict a war
Aviram Zino
Published: 07.07.06, 12:41
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1. The world is upside down!
Greg ,   Florida   (07.07.06)
Israel should pay arabs for damages while defending themselves from attack. The UN is pressuring Israel to stop defending itself rom rocket attacks. The world is comdeming Israel for trying to get a kidnapped soldier back. The Eu continue to let in muslims whose goal is to destroy their way of life. Eu insists that Islam is a religion of peace. The world must be upside down!
2. Upside Down?
Joe ,   Duluth, USA   (07.07.06)
Greg - Why do you frame this as secretarian violence when the facts are that land was taken from the people in the area and they just want it back. You could insite violence in any people by commiting these crimes against them. This is the truth- If the US had created Isreal in South America you would have Latin American Catholics to deal with. Sounds to me like you are using racism.
3. WAR
4. to Joe #2
Mike ,   Atlanta, USA   (07.07.06)
"the facts are that land was taken from the people in the area and they just want it back. " The key word is "just." Jews into the sea! Mach schnell!
5. 1 Greg,Florida : So Islamic Terrorism from Arabs for over
Gabrielle Goldwater ,   Geneva Switzerland   (07.07.06)
77 years - that is OK in your estimate. No Arab has to pay by any means for their aggression ? Israel defending should in your mind pay the aggressor ? You got somewhere something back to front Or worse - you support in general Terrorism and murder against Jews - and demand - NO defense on the Jews part ?! That's called Racism and Anti-Semitism - In your idea They never need to address what The Terrorists owe anyone ? When they commit constant terror attacks - murder and mayhem Now educate yourself before posting rubbish Lets start for example with the Hebron Massacre against Jews in 1929 Now lets go to other Terror facts against Israelis - plus Americans in Israel A History of Terrorism in Israel STOP TERRORISM, the most large list of Islamic terrorists attacks Now lets see what Arabs say and want: Esp. Hamas Kill a Jew - Go to Heaven: The Perception of the Jew in Hamas in it's own words PA Promoting & Glorifying Terrorism There is plenty more examples - but first digest those
6. #2 Joe
Allan ,   Delray Beach, FLA   (07.07.06)
You're naivite of the situation is appaling, yet you try to make yourself sound educated by phrasing your response to #1's comment in the context of a secterian conflict. You could not be further from the truth. The conflict is an existential one with the Jews and Israel standing to lose everything. I will not rehash what has been said here thousands of times. Suffice it to say that the so called "conflicted land" in ancestraly Jewish. The Palestinians have no legitimate claim to it. They were offered on a number of occassions, in the past 60 years, the opportunity to have their own state in areas comprised of other than the entire State of Israel. They rejected the offers and chose conflict. What you see before you is the result of the that choice. So, please, in the future, before you spout your ignorance learn the facts as they truly are and not as Palestinian propoganda would have you believe. Than you can make an inteligent comment.
7. Joe, God want the Jew to get all of his land back
And they will over your poor helpless droves bodies when they all come from the north to remove Israel from the land...You all are being drawn like a fish on a hook.
8. #2
Give the USA back to the indians, will ya?
9. #5 - Gabrielle...
Put on your glasses. Greg was supporting Israel.
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