Ahmadinejad warns of 'Islamic explosion'
Dudi Cohen
Published: 07.07.06, 18:41
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1. Islamics are getting nervous, good
2. I see the monkey is still chattering...
Yonatan ,   USA   (07.07.06)
3. Yeah, yeah, whatever...
Allan ,   Delray Beach, FLA   (07.07.06)
...where are the brave Irinian soldiers when it's time to come to the aid of their beleagured Palestinian bretheren? Hiding with their heads up their asses, that's where. They know that if they attack Israel, those same asses will be handed back to them. So let them make noise. That's all they're capable of doing anyway.
4. Ahmadinejad sees Olmerts weakness
MARCEL ,   Florida   (07.07.06)
And he see the time is right to pluck the tired fruit. Olmert has put on a good stage show for the average israeli but he does not fool anyone watching closely. Those who watch closely see that Olmert Peretz are more talk than anything else . They say alot of things they do not mean to carry thru . They lie most of the time as they capitulate to outside pressure, This is what Ahmadinejad see's and this weakness of puppet Olmert encourages him to pluck the sickly fruit ,Israel Don't worry ,Hashem will come to Israle's rescue inspite of the weak and spineless leadership of Israel which ahs failed to end the Hamas threat out of FEAR.
5. Bring it on fool... countdown to Armageddon
Remember you ,   muslims lose   (07.07.06)
6. ıslamıcs mıLıtans are satanıc peopLe
7. we jews , our braın can destroy aLL ısLaMIC mıce
8. ısLam= TERROR
9. TERROR SUPPOrters barked
10. Ahmadinejad's Canards
Dan ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (07.07.06)
It would be difficult to find a leader of a major country whose statements are filled with as many falsities, dispariging remarks, and inciteful speech as Iran's notorious President. Ahmadinejad seeks to deny the greatest human evil that has befallen any people, de-ligitemize the 3 millenia connection that Jews have with their holy land, and to obfuscate the reasons behind the current conflict in Gaza with the aim of further inciting the worlds' billion muslims towards more terrorism and hatred of the west. Clearly, Ahmadinejad and Iran's sinister elite are not just Israel's problem. The west needs to confront this gathering threat immediately before its nuclear and ballistic collaborative effort with North Korea brings us to the brink of immense human suffering.
11. The caption to that photo looks like it should say:
"But Teacher, you said you loved me, and I let you..."
12. Islamic explosion
Nachash Tsefah ,   Tel Aviv   (07.07.06)
Yes, an Islamic explosion is coming - when someone bombs them!
13. And the world STILL does not react!!!
Ram ,   London   (07.07.06)
14. Twenty Million Dead Muslims......
dave kafir ,   dallas texas usa   (07.07.06)
Twenty million dead muslims is what it is gonna take before this type of islamist idiot figures out the free world will not allow islamist oppression...well.... except for europe. Islamists have been chanting "death to everybody" for twenty years. Nobody but islam does this. Islamists, watch out, you keep chanting for death and it will be your own. The "explosion" will be a 2000lb JDAM on your bigoted head. It is really sad the islamic world will kill its own people just to divert attention from the fact that they are the most pathetic countries in the world.......when will islam wake up? It might take 50 million dead muslims, as stupid as they are.....
15. We really hope for an explosion in the Islamic world
Caligula's Horse ,   Solomon's Stables   (07.07.06)
Prefferrably a large one
16. Islamic explosion it wii be as loud as a
ERIC.... ,   Israel   (07.07.06)
fart .thats all they have bad air and bad breath.The western world better wake up..
17. israel = terror
ameera ,   palestine   (07.07.06)
najadee is a great man beacuse he want destroy all jwish " lying of holokost " ..... you are still lying .... all of you must go to hill
18. their president shops at WAL MART
aaron ,   ra'anana   (07.07.06)
nice jacket, dude
MAHMOOD ,   LONDON UK   (07.07.06)
Having read most of the talk-back,it appears that the demonstration in which President Ahmed Nijad took part stirs lots of criticism and the habitual usage of foull language some of the regular writers are used using foul language,you are not going to cause any harm to him........these are clear signs for Israel to take stock of its position as the repurcussions that are to follow will cost Israel a lot.
20. juDAism = TERRORISM
21. Run Ahmadinejad, You Little Satan
Cynthia ,   USA   (07.07.06)
He fools no one. The Iranian people hate him. Takes away their rights and isolates them. They ask why he is more Palestinian than the Palestinians. He marches for the Palestinians and treats his own people like dirt.
22. First they should take a shower..
Nebojsa Yitzchak M ,   Toronto   (07.07.06)
Perhaps the stench is making them so angry..? Or is it other way around?
23. When is the last time...
hiram ,   tel aviv   (07.07.06)
the world heard of a Jewish or Christian terrorist blowing himself or herself up to defend a cause ? .....what does it say right there ? Good Old Leopold Von Sacher-Masoch would have a lot to say about Islamic terrorists and Islamic approach to martyrdom !!!
24. jews also were in march
Shah Zada ,   tehran, iran   (07.07.06)
many iranian jews participate in marches and activities against the zionist entity i was talking to an iranian jew the other day, he said that zionism is the worst thing that ever happened to the jews and many iranian jews hate it in ishkenazi israel and love to come back to iran and that iranian jews are 100% behind the great leader ahmadinajad Allahu Akbar
25. they bite eachother as scorpıonS
26. It will probably be an implosion,but
jason white ,   afula,israel   (07.07.06)
I hope he is right about omelet and his regime not lasting.
27. Ram, I'll tell you why
Harris ,   Petersworth   (07.07.06)
I'll tell you why. It's because they deserve to be attacked.....It's that simple. Kidnapping, and rocket fire.....They're not roasting marshmellows. And the kids run around because they want to see the tanks, and APCs. The reason....Even the kids love violence. They want to see one of their friends get shot, and run around with their bodies and blood on their hands. They deserve to be punished. Until they realize 600 rockets after we withdrew is not the way to peace, there's a good probability, we will continue to need to re-enter the Gaza Strip.
28. #24 shah zada
Yisraeli   (07.07.06)
your a clown and play make believe. we know only too well about the remaining Jews in Iran and how they REALLY feel. They fear the muslims and have to play along. Many try to leave Iran but theyre families left behind they fear for. If I was stuck in Iran I too would say zionist is the worse thing in the world that way you wont look for excuses to slit my throat and my childrens. you buffoon.
29. islam is indeed about to explode
Mo   (07.07.06)
like a ballon, we will hear some big noise and see some fragments
30. Ahmedinejad
Joe ,   Brooklyn, NY   (07.07.06)
I don't know whether to laugh or cry. This guy cries about imperialism, and yet denies that a non-Muslim majority country is allowed to exist in the Middle East. He is hostile and terroristic (yes, that is a word), claims to represent the will of Muslims, and his popularity is an embarrassment to Islam and its followers. I've always hated racism and admired Martin Luther King, and if it weren't for the fact that I pride myself on seeing all people as equals, I would be more hard-pressed to not begin to make extremely negative generalizations about Muslims as a result of seeing that so many Muslims admire this little piece of trash.
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