Dozens of US citizens leave Gaza
Associated Press
Published: 08.07.06, 10:36
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1. with our blood we will redeem our land...
mike ,   israel (formerly usa   (07.08.06)
however when the noise starts to disturb our sleep, we're outta here.
2. @ # 1. Malicius creature
Ragusa   (07.08.06)
Boy you are one unsympathetic bastard - or maybe an average Israeli?? These are mostly people, US citizens, visiting family in Gaza. Why should they stay in a warzone? One minute you are mocking palestinians, who do not take of arms, next minute you are sopping over the death of a few soldiers. You and your Brothers in Hate in Gaza are the reason for this never ending conflict.
3. Funny
Christopher ,   Uk   (07.08.06)
The Pals are always complaining that American Jews are living in Israel. Who the hell do these Pals think they're fooling? We know the Palis have invited American and British sympathizers to make "aliyah" to Gaza. In addition they've got Arabs from all over the Middle East squatting in that Gaza sh*thole b/c it's better than 99% of the Middle East...and then they have the NERVE to complain about who lives in Israel...hypocrites!
4. good one no. 1
5. American Gazeens
steven ,   france   (07.08.06)
Well now ,this is new;"Americans living in gaza;or going there on holiday??Man i've seen it all now..if there are American jews wanting Israel to stop their actions against the Pals,"this is a good thing" then surely there are Americans in gaza who should want the Pals to stop agressing Israel??NO?
6. 2 - it's spelled "malicious"
mike ,   israel (formerly usa   (07.08.06)
call me unsympathetic, but poking fun at the murderous incitement that goes on 24/7 is not hateful. if you could read what i wrote i was mocking those who chant the murderous slogans. and who knows? maybe some of those "people, US citizens, visiting family in Gaza" have participated in those rallies. entirely possible/probable. regardless, lighten up.
7. Funny the BBC cant find any Gazans with American accents
Alan ,   SA   (07.08.06)
8. Mike, formerly usa
right on the mark dude, you rock.
9. "US citizens, many of Palestinian origin"
Larry ,   Eastbourne, UK   (07.08.06)
I'd guess there must nowadays be countless millions of people who falsely claim to be of "Palestinian origin". What was their origin before the concept "Palestinians" was invented in the 1970s? A whole mythology has been built - and widely accepted - based entirely on lies.
10. Sorry No. 2 - Gazans asked for this war....
Andy   (07.08.06)
and Israel has been restrained in its response. Release Shalit and stop bombing Sderot. Its really is that simple. Then, maybe, just maybe, negotiate with Israel for a State. Terror will always be met with war from Israel, but peace will be met with peace. Its been shown over and over again. So no, don't expect Israelis to be upset for Gazans. Israelis are kinder and more restrained than any other people in their position on earth would be. If the Palestinians had Israeli fire power they would flatten Tel Aviv and you know it. Gazans caused this crisis. So don't boo-hoo and don't call Israelis unsympathetic when Palestinian mothers rejoice of over their own children wearing bomb belts. The values of the two people are clear right there.
11. Ragusa, your obviosly not serious correct?
Jacob Goldfarb ,   DC   (07.08.06)
The Arabs are the creators of hostility in the region. You know this is true. irrefutable They are the ones to turn the spicket off. Occupation of what land? Your cowardis excuse for exterminating the Jewish people is called occupation. Jews bought the land, swamp land, and the Ottomans SOLD the swamp land. When the Jews turned swamps into an oasis, the Arabs wanted it back. The British owned the land and gave it to the Jewish people. Some land was lost during the hostile action of the surrounding Arab countries, and Jerusalem was liberated from occupying Arab hands. Go home and cry yourself to sleep. The only occupation is you Arab folks who came from Syria, Jordan, and Egypt who immagrated in 1912-1945. Israel is never leaving, and the Arabs who pray in my opinion to a false prophet, will never get the protection from the one true G-d. You Arabs started the aggression, and continue it, only you can stop it.
12. American Palis cut and run - brave lot
Gabrielle Goldwater ,   Geneva Switzerland   (07.08.06)
13. If the UN can get the visitors out of Gaza
Elana ,   USA   (07.08.06) come they can't can Shalit freed. OH, I KNOW...they've been too busy condemning Israel for defending herself!
14. to #13, Israel is not a female, it's sexless
ori ,   Israel   (07.08.06)
so "Israel for defending herself!" should be "Israel for defending itself!". and anyway, a few Sderot residents also left Sderot for a few weeks / unknown time just last week (it was in the news) because of rocket bombing (qussams). so this is only "fair" that Gaza residents are suffering from "their own medicine". of course the "little" difference between the two cases is that Pals are targeting Sderot people which are CIVILIANS (no military there). and IDF is targeting the militant rocket launchers who hide and fight from Gaza's CIVILIAN populated areas. (risking their own people). conclusion: both Israeli civilians and Pal civilians are leaving their homes becasue of Palestinian militants.
15. ONLY 65 OUT OF OVER 150?
Arik Silverman ,   MIlwaukee USA   (07.08.06)
More information is needed. If there were 150 requests to leave, that could include families bringing the total to way over 150, while only 65 have left. And it took TWO WEEKS to process the requests. This is really scandalous. It points to a double standard of treatment by the US government.
16. Stay in Gaza. America doesn't want you here!
Daisy ,   USA   (07.09.06)
We don't need more Arab terror sympathizers in America!
17. Ori
tony ,   PARIS   (07.09.06)
With all due respect,I don't think the Land of Israel will appreciate being called "IT",not very it?At least if The Land Of Israel is referred to as HE or SHE,at least there is more human value NO??Its more warming to speak about the land of our ancestors,as being a living entity,he or she,and not just IT,as you prefer to say..??Is'nt ADAMAH Feminine???
18. Those Arab Americans only visited Family ? what did They
Gabrielle Goldwater ,   Geneva Switzerland   (07.09.06)
really do there ? bring more funds for terrorism ? Etc... I hope since America has all names and passport informations etc... They keep a tag on these loving Palestinians This smells rotten
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