UN blames Israel for Gaza humanitarian crisis
Associated Press
Published: 09.07.06, 08:23
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1. return hostage and stop kassams - end of violence - simpe !!
michael ,   tel aviv & london   (07.09.06)
2. Last Balcan war - bombing campain against Serbia
Benjamin ,   TA Israel   (07.09.06)
I don't remeber UN ojecting bombing electric plants during last Kosovo conflict. And car factories, TV stations (with civilian personnel killing), bridges. All those were considered legitimate targets then.
3. palestinians should repair damages they caused to Israel
Laurence Bentolila ,   Givatayim Israel   (07.09.06)
I am dreaming ! A UN agency said Israel must repair the power station it destroyed !! This agency didnt' urge palestinians to repair damages they caused to Sderot or Ashkelon ? NO comment !!
4. kassams and sderot misery never concerns the UN, only arabs
Bezalel ,   T.A.   (07.09.06)
once again the world body shows its double standard...only when arab lives are made worse off, never israeli lives (sderot, ashkelon, etc) does the UN issue a statement. perhaps if Israelis showed more concern for their brethren down south would others too?
5. Am i dreaming?
me   (07.09.06)
'brought increased misery to hundreds of thousands of people??? What about 200,000 israeli citizens who lives under the threat of KASSAMS? Where was the UN when 2000 KASSAMS where shot on israeli land?? The UN are a bunch of hypocrites
6. the UN can shove it know where!
linda   (07.09.06)
the UN should speak when rockets are falling on sderot BEFORE soldiers went in. they should have talked when soldier was kidnapped within the Israeli borders BEFORE the army had to take action! Israeli kids are hungry too because Israel has to fight 24/7 the Pals instead focusing on economy only like any normal country! The UN is a group of chickens. no balls!
world   (07.09.06)
8. "children suffer most..." b.s. pali kids want to be shahidim
Vic ,   USA   (07.09.06)
i for one am sick of hearing about the arabs here! they brought this on themselves, they recieve the highest aid percapita and waste it on weapons to bring more doom on them selves. lets here about SUDAN, Somalia, Iran real problems! not some stupid pathetic people who keep on murdering lieing and blowing them selves up. its time the world stop crying about these cry babies and start worring about bigger Real problems! these terrorists do not deserve a state!
10. humanitarian crisis
joe ,   L.I. NY   (07.09.06)
#2 you are right---but you forgot the US blasting civilians in order to kill ONE arab bastard, and the british in ireland, and the french in africa, and the russians (only 10+ millions),and the chinese under mao,north korea? we will find out later. I am not counting the mulims who, from infancy, have killed, tortured, pillaged,raped openly against one another & foreigners. even today, the hypocrite muslim mothers weep (on tv) over their dead but, joyfully hand over their children so they can be formulated into hamburgers(tnt belts,etc.)in the name of the " merciful " . the media loves it. the UN did not blame the arabs for buses, schools, malls, hotels,blasted to pieces ----they were only jews. no humanitarian crisis there, since the arabs have a substancial % of votes and, in spite of the billions $$$ in revenue, give only enough money to their terrorist brothers (which they despise), so they can continue their carnage. Please don't show UN headlines condemning the muslims, talk is cheap. what have they done to stop it ? nothing to date. my advice, IDF continue with your job to the end.
11. UN
steven ,   france   (07.09.06)
I am totally outraged by the Hypocracy of this statement made by the UN.Are they forgetting what their role was and was NOT during the Balken war???and many others,How in heavens name can this "World"organisation,now "DEMANDE anything,Especially from Israel,when they know explicitaley who is really to blame for this Mess..?How dare the UN insist that Israel repair the damage to the Electrical power plant,or what ever... Not once did the UN take their responsabilities,in ORDERING the Palestinians "Hamas" to stop using the Pals civiliens as human sheilds,for their attacks on case you are unaware of this fact,these morrons use the population to attack the IDF,they use their properties to fire their rockets into Israel.The Hundreds of rockets fired on Israel ;and not once did the UN ORDER these Terrorists to stop.. Israel warned them time and again to stop ,or there will be retaliation. But these stupid Palestinians Hamas etc decided that Israel was only trying to scare them..well now they are seeing that this was no smoke screen.. As degrading as it may sound,the Palestinian people have only themselves to blame,for they chose this TERRORIST gouvernment ,and now they must reep the consequinces... AND THE UN HAS NO RIGHT TO JUDGE ISRAEL FOR THE SOUL RIGHT OF WANTING TO PROTECT HER CITIZENS.FROM TERRORISM. HAVE WE HEARD SUCH BLATENT CONDEMNATION FOR THE MASSACRE IN DARFOUR,?FOR THE DEFAMATION BY IRAN?AND THEIR THREAT TO WORLD PEACE?A LITTLE TAP ON THE HAND IS WHAT WE SEE. UN ,YOU ARE ALL COWARDS HIDING BEHIND THOSE 2 LETTERS THAT YOU THINK GIVE YOU ALL THE POWER IN THE WORLD TO CONDEMN WHOM YOU WISH BUT UNTIL YOU CAN PROVE TO THE WORLD THAT YOU ARE THE POLICE OF THIS WORLD,YOU HAVE NO LESSONS TO GIVE,AND LEASTLY TO ISRAEL.OH AND BY THE WAY,ISRAEL LEFT GAZA OR ARN'T YOU AWARE OF THIS FACT,?
12. Bla bla bla... bla bla bla....
Caligula's Horse ,   Solomon's Stables   (07.09.06)
We really dont care!
13. Y-net
tony ,   paris   (07.09.06)
Is'nt it about time you showed us a few pics of the Israeli children suffering from Palestinian rockets???or are'nt they DRAMATIC enough..Yes we now that Children are being hurt ,but do you have to throw it down our throats ,???Like those "Dramatic pictures of the palestinian girl reacting very dramatically to the Gaza beach incident?The murder of the Young Israeli boy ,kidnapped by the Hamas and executed,virtually the same day,How much couver did you accord him or his bereaved familly..?I am certainly not asking for "Blood pictures"But sincerely I find your articals more and more Biased,or is it for the Talkbacks that you do this??Please spare us this" may I say pro-Pals publicity.".you will surely be less critisized,for your "Articales".
14. UN vs human rights LOL
Avraham ,   Netivot   (07.09.06)
The Useless Nations under Koofy Annal is the last one to talk about human rights. Oil for food, rapes in Sudan & all over Africa, corruption, & the list goes on. Who needs these jerks? Ban them from Israel!
15. Children suffer most? Ofcourse they do
the children stand behind terrorists while they target the IDF. Instead of being responsible parents the Palestinians are sending their kids to the street in a middle of gun fights. Has it ever occured to them that they will be much safer at home than behind an armed thug?
16. No-one gets it.
Talula ,   Israel   (07.09.06)
It could all stop tomorrow if they gave us back our boy and stopped launching rockets. Why won't they do it? because they would look like a bunch of failures in the Arab world for backing down and gaining nothing. Therefore, they will INSIST that they get something back. These people murder their own family members in honour killings and now it seems they are putting the life of every single Palestinian at risk, just so they will not be seen as walking away with nothing. However, it is a war, civilians count for the highest number of casualties, in any war. Our only mistake was that we did not go in an hour after Gilad was kidnapped and after the first rocket was fired. We gave them plenty time to plant landmines and other deterrents. This entire situation could have been over and done with had we have acted sooner. I love my country, but we could have done things better. Our only mistake was that we did not go in an hour after Gilad was kidnapped and after the first rocket was fired. We gave them plenty time to plant landmines and other deterrents. This entire situation could have been over and done with had we have acted sooner. I love my country, but we could have done things better.
17. Israel is too shy
Francois ,   Paris & Montréal²   (07.09.06)
Israel should tell to UN scums that unless they stop their Israel bashing, they will be expelled from territories occupied by Arab settlers.
18. Yes, urgent action needed, release Gilad TODAY! Stupid UN,
Bunnie Meyer ,   Santa Monica, CA   (07.09.06)
terrorists should have rights but not the kidnapped soldier? Move the UN to Syria where it belongs.
19. Who blew up the power plants?
Palestine my love   (07.09.06)
Who blew up bridges and blocked aid from entering? Who uses artillery and aviation in urban areas? No electricity. No water. No food.
20. #19
Talula ,   Israel   (07.09.06)
Blowing up of bridges is the first target of any army, that's number one. Why do you (and the rest of the world) think Israel has to feed you? I thought you wanted us out? What's this selective need? We don't supply Lebanon with electricity and water and food, why do we have to supply you? You want your own terrorist state, you want to kidnap Israeli soldiers, fire rockets into our country and you still think we should feed you and supply you water and electricity and aid? You are firing rockets from villages where people live. And then you moan that we target them? See, we don't target the homes, just the launchers. Really, how stupid are you? Do you even think before you write something here.
21. Morally Challenged Ethics
richard Hitchings ,   methil   (07.09.06)
"Has Been Tailored to Avoid Civilian Casualties" ...Tailor made Collective Punishment and Devastation of The Gaza Gulag... Reveals The Ethics of the Morally Challenged....
22. 21El-Sicko Hitchings: the Marxist Lover Commie suffers again
Gabrielle Goldwater ,   Geneva Switzerland   (07.09.06)
from an attack of serial Jew hate your agenda is a total joke why not go to some site that Loves your diatribes and LIES you only impress terrorist supporters so go and take a long walk on a very short pier
23. 19 Palestine: Stop lying about NO food and NO aid
Gabrielle Goldwater ,   Geneva Switzerland   (07.09.06)
Your people have forced Israel to defend herself against your vile terror attacks - qassams - kidnapping etc... You cannot attack a sovereign State and demand they let their peopke be attacked without retaliation. STOP TERRORISM and you have peace.... Despite this Israel still cares about YOU 1st - when asked at the Geneva Intl. Red Cross - They praised Israel for the flowing humanitarian support and that the Red Cross has NO - I repeat NO problems to enter into Gaza with all aid........ and all material They confirmed . NO long lines - no problems of ambulances passing nor huminatarian aid So what LIES do you dish out. The Red Cross once more confirmed IDF news is correct - and same was even on my Geneva TV You forget we see LIFE what really happens and what YOUR Lies are all about......... Did You hire Baghdad Bob as propaganda tool ? FACTS <<<<<< which says: The crossings were opened on Sunday, July 2 and Tuesday, July 4. On Tuesday over a hundred trucks carrying medical equipment and provisions were allowed into the Gaza Strip. The trucks carried products such as oil, wheat, sugar, corn, and more. No humanitarian crisis in the Gaza Strip Eleven tankers carrying 440 thousand liters of diesel fuel, two tankers carrying 100 thousand liters of benzene and eight gasoline tankers were allowed into the Gaza Strip through the Nahal Oz crossing. From indications from the field and in view of these supplies, it is quite evident that there is no humanitarian trouble and no humanitarian crisis in the Gaza Strip. By IDF estimates, with the current influx of goods there will be no shortage of supplies in Gaza for the next two weeks even if the IDF is forced, against its will, to continue operating against terror organizations there to bring home the kidnapped soldier and stop terrorism and rocket attacks against the people of Israel. The IDF opened the Karni crossing to allow critical supplies to reach the Palestinian population in the Gaza Strip, despite repeated terror threats against the crossing. It is plain to see that the motivations and actions of Palestinian terror organizations stand contrary to the interests and needs of the Palestinian population. Again confirmed by the Red Cross - which is the first one to bash Israel but actually praises the cooperation of the State of Israel
24. UN is silent when-----
donsaliman ,   Nahal Oz, Israel   (07.09.06)
An Israeli get murdered by an Arab,the UN is silent. When a Israel artillery shell hits an empty field,the UN comdemns Israel. When a war crime,like sending Kassams into Israeli cities,on schools,homes with the intention of killing citizens,the UN is silent. When the Arabs say time and time again,destroy Israel, the UN is silent. I ask the UN, why are you silent on Dalfur, the answer is, you are too busy putting blame on Israel. So like Caligula's Horse , Solomon's Stables writes "We really dont care!" Very well put.
Linda Rivera ,   New York   (07.09.06)
Bible, Leviticus 24:17 "If a man takes the life of any human being, he shall surely be put to death" Black Africans are the indigenous people of Sudan and are the majority population. The black Southern Sudanese Christians explain what "peace" means: If you agree to become a Muslim, you will have peace. If you reject Islam, you are at war. From 1955-1973, 1.5 million Christians were slaughtered by the Arab Muslim government in Khartoum. From 1983-2005, two million more Christians died from Khartoum's jihad. Murdering infidels is not considered a crime. Non-Muslim infidels are regarded as not entitled to human rights. Hundreds of thousands of Christians have been raped. Hundreds of thousands of Christian children and women taken for slaves. In the refugee camps, the Islamo-Fascist religious supremacist Khartoum government requires refugees to become Muslims in order to receive food and water. The genocide has resulted in the largest population of refugees on earth since the Second World War. The jihad in Sudan against Darfur's black African Muslims by Khartoum's racist Arab Muslim regime began in 2003. 400,000 black Muslims are dead. STOP Genocide - STOP Slavery - FREE the Slaves Bible, Exodus 21:16 "He who kidnaps a man, whether he sells him or he is found in his possession, shall surely be put to death"
26. #20, Talula
Palestine my love   (07.09.06)
Look, I know Palestine has never been a country in the history of humanity, I'm just saying that I don't think the world should hold us accountable for our actions....thats all.... after all we have never been a country so this is all new to us. Be patient....its only been a hundred years or so....hopefully in the next hundred years we will learn to be responsible for our actions, then you can hold us the meantime.....stop moving forward with your lives building things and developing things....wait for us to catch up to you before you go on with your lives.....o.k.?
27. UN
Joshua ,   Florida   (07.09.06)
Mayor Bloomberg should evict the UN from New York and invite Harrod's to open a Dep. Store instead.
28. #20 #26
Palestine my love   (07.09.06)
#26 is obviously spoofing American weenie pigdog. #20 You control borders, airspace and everything. How can Palestinians make a living and buy food, when they live in one big ghetto? I agree that rocket launching isn't that great idea, but Palestinians are angry over occupation and this is their way of projecting that anger to Israel.. It's like anger management for Palestinians.
29. Israel Should Simply
Reuven Brauner ,   Raanana, Israel   (07.09.06)
withdraw from the UN.
30. to #28
me   (07.09.06)
What occupation? In 1948 when Israel was declared by the UN, the plan that was given to the arabs was that the GAZA strip and SINAI will be under Egypt, the west bank and half of Jerusalem to Jordan, Golan Heights to Syria and northen Galile to Lebanon. But what a surprise, the surrounding arab countries didnt like this plan they wanted more and started a war and in war the winning side conquer lands. It's too obvious that because of the arabs stupidity and greediness the situation is as now. ISrael isnt occupying any lands, Israel is the owner of these lands, Israel didn't started those wars, Israel agreed to the UN plan. But unfortunately the arabs only know how to whine. They start a war which they lose in it and then cry to the world to ask from Israel defending itself. The arabs should suffer the consequences for their actions.
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