Report: London attacks mastermind linked to Israel bombing
Published: 09.07.06, 08:57
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1. Ban non-arab Muslims from Israel
James ,   London uk   (07.09.06)
Why are muslims allowed to visit Israel during the intifada? Are the security establishment so fcking stupid that they think Musilims from the UK or Denmark want a holiday in the Jewish state? The idiocy of the Israelis beggers belief. No doubt Avi Dichter will say 'but we can't becuase we're a democracy'! Which actually makes sence seeing as if we can't save Jewish lives for the same reason.
2. that's riduculous
Jack ,   Tel Aviv   (07.09.06)
James, Do you not realise that the third holiest site in Islam is in Israel? Muslim men are also permitted to marry Jewish and Christian women if they wish. Finally, Israel is an interesting country to visit. Is this enough reasons to allow Muslims into Isreal?
3. To #1
me   (07.09.06)
Why nuslims allowed to visit England? I guess from the same reasons!!
4. Israel-London link
Yerushalimey ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (07.09.06)
I wonder whether this will make the British feel a kinship for Israelis - or find it simply another reason to condemn the Jews as usual...
5. #2 Jack
Yisraeli   (07.09.06)
You may not be aware but thats absolute nonsense re 3rd holiest site in Islam is Jerusalem. Thats pure modern day fiction and brought on by the polticisation/religeon of the conflict. Jerusalem is not mentioned even once in theyre Quran. Many notable figures of Islam never even visited the place let alone make pilgrimage for centuries even under arab/ottoman rule. Besides Mecca and Medina there are other places in Iran like Om and a few others. Jerusalem doesnt even rate at all, only by those wishing to try and deny any claim of the Temple Mount by Jews. Those are the facts. and dont let a muslim try and give you the hogwash about mohammeds accention in Jerusalem the mosque of the 'far place' let alone Barak his horse tethered at the Western wall, these were all creations by the Syrian I think called Ummayed to attract centre of Islam to Jerusalem instead of Mecca, as they controlled Jerusalem and not Mecca.
6. World suffers because of Israel
Peter Morris ,   New Zealand   (07.09.06)
Look at any so called terrorist action and you always find the Israel motivating factor. Clearly Israel is doing something wrong if the rest of the world has to suffer. Surely its about time for a change in policy. Repeating the same rhetoric like Israel has a right to defend itself is etc is no longer credible.
7. T0 #6 - Wrong, world suffer because of narrow minded like U
me   (07.09.06)
I don't know what religion you are belong to but i a sure you that if it's not muslim you are not safe. Even the Koran says the muslims can live in peace with the rest of the religions only under the muslim wing. Why cant they live side by side with the rest? Why the islam have to be the ruler religion? A religion that teaches that if its not the islam way so there is no way doesnt need to have human consideration. If they want to kill Jews because of their believes, you better watch out if you are christian because they have their eyes on you too.
8. Peter Morris
Caligula's Horse ,   Solomon's Stables   (07.09.06)
You are a sad person, if you believe that by sacrifising Israel you will gain security then I suggest you look up what happened to the last person who sacrifized a country in order to appease his enemy.
9. Israel to blame
anne ,   bournemouth Uk   (07.09.06)
Those who beleive what the Islamists say - that they are violent because of Israel, that it is because of Iraq or Afghanistan, that it is over oil - are kidding themselves. What's worse, that blind refusal to see the reality is going to lead the world into a whole lot of trouble. May I suggest, Peter, that you listen properly to what these guys are saying. They believe that anywhere a Muslim lives is Muslim land, and on that basis they lay claim to the entire globe. Islam must be in control or it is humiliated. Humiliation is mega for these guys, and they are humiliated if they have to show papers to any non- Muslim. To justify their stance on Israel, they say there was never a temple in Jerusalem - the jews and Christians are liars. And of course, they have the monopoly on truth cos all of us are liars - we must be because we do not worship Allah. You cannot appease these guys till you give them everything - and that includes all of the freedoms that (I hope) you value. Go to Al jazeera - there's an article there by an (American?) Muslim journalist talking about the Iraq problem. He talks glibly about how the Sunnis will never let the Shiites be in control (they are native there, and in the majority) and how there will be bloodshed for many years to come. This is Muslim against Muslim - if they can't win they will still fight, and use road bombs, suicide bombers, hostage taking and any other disgusting method they can to do it. They need to change. We should insist on giving the kids education when we give them money. They need to hear that there is a different way - and then if they don't want it we need to find a way to keep them and us apart - they do not want to play by our rules right now.
10. To Peter Morris
Gene ,   Israel   (07.09.06)
So Peter, what do you suggest? Kill all the jews and destroy Israel? Wanna' join the party? Israel has no right to defend itself, huh? You want us to say "Hey arabs! Come and kill us!" You would feel much better with us gone. But guess what - this time we will fight for our right to live. You may come to Gaza and join the arab gangsters if you don't like the idea.
11. Why "Peter Morris" is wrong - #6
Kate ,   London, UK   (07.09.06)
"Look at any so called terrorist action and you always find the Israel motivating factor." Muslims are responsible for acts of terror all around the world and only in a few instances is Israel the motivating factor. Their list of "grievances" are as numberless as the grains of sand on a beach: Chechenya, Kashmir, Iraq, Afghanistan, Sudan, the West, Jews, Christians, liberal ideas, democracy, freedom etc. etc. etc. If the world is to be safe the Muslim world must engage in reform and somehow drag itself out of the middle ages and then join the rest of humanity in the 21st century (even the 18th century would be a definite improvement).
12. Too much sex with sheep will rot your brain #6
Bunnie Meyer ,   Santa Monica, CA   (07.09.06)
The islamic filth in Chechnya shot children in the back as they ran from school. The islamic filth blew up trains in Spain, killing random people. The islamic filth in Somalia killed native Christians. EVERYWHERE you find terrorists, you find islamic terrorists, NOT Christian terrorists, NOT Jewish terrorists, NOT Hindu terrorists, NOT Buddist terrorists, ONLY islamic terrorists. islam cannot be called a religion, it is a violent cult and nothing more.
13. Brits will blame Israel for teaching Tube bombers how to bom
Alan ,   SA   (07.09.06)
14. They hate all free societies
Larry ,   Eastbourne, UK   (07.09.06)
If this report is true then it's hardly a surprise. Islamic terrorists hate all free societies, they hate their liberalism, they hate their success and they hate their achievements. So while they may hate Israel the most, they also hate the USA and the UK and as a general principle any democracy. The constant criticism of Israel by the British government did not secure exemption from terrorism for British citizens. Islamic terrorism is indivisible, as I've said before. Incidentally, the expression "British Muslims" is an absurdity even if it is technically correct. The expression "Muslims who happen to have British nationality" is preferable.
15. what do you say about that ellen p?
stephane ,   france   (07.09.06)
16. Peter Morris is right
Steve G ,   Kew Gardens, USA   (07.09.06)
Hey, Peter, I couldn't agree with you more about illgeal occupations. The Maoris want their country back. Now! Your boat back to England leaves in an hour. Take all of your fellow occupiers with you in steerage. Enjoy the shuffleboard!
17. To fight Injustice , we will get less terrorism
sam ,   London   (07.09.06)
There is a lot of injustice in this world. Both Palestinians and Israelis should have the right to live in peace. Israel don't obide by UN resolutions. They should be no double standards. We hear about Palestinians being killed almost every day.
18. We should not ignore the history
Moses ,   Leeds   (07.09.06)
Somebody said that most of the killings in the world are done by muslims and Arabs. It is not true, Just look at the history. Lots of western countries colonized African and Asian countries and killed millions of their people in their known countries. Why people don’t refer to the IRA, ETA or the Mafia as Christians? Where the Nazis who killed many Jews Muslims or Christians? If you don’t know, Nobody has killed as many human being as the Christians did
19. Wake up, World!
Tzama L'chol Nafshi   (07.09.06)
There is no such thing as a peaceful muslim. They are all violent. Think about it... only mohammad was revered as a military leader. Jesus? Buddha? They were pacifists! Come on, people! Wake up! The muslims are laughing at you. They burn down your churches, synagogues and temples and you only whimper a pathetic protest? You draw some harmless cartoons and they explode in rage? WTF?! Why are you tolerating this behaviour? They don't let you preach to them and you let them preach their hatred among you?? They howl their prayers from their mosques without regard for the peace and won't let you wear a cross when in Mecca?? And we remain quiet in the face of this bunch of barbarians who're still stuck in the middle ages (go check their calender). I don't get it... why must we be so polite to people who don't respect or bother with common decency. Iran likes nukes so much? i suggest we give them one. Deliver it right to the ayatollahs. Let's be nice and drop it in their laps.
20. Sam
Jane   (07.09.06)
They are killed because they are terrorists and in some cases because the terrorists are hiding amongst them. For G-d sakes, man, terrorism is not a negotiating tool. The day terrorism and absolutism stops, peace will emerge. Get it through your head. We don't want war. We just want to live our lives in peace. But we are not going to be complacent in the face of ongoing terrorism. The choice lies, as it always has, with the Palestinians, their leaders, and their Arab brethren.
21. #18 - Moses
Jane   (07.09.06)
What you've said is true - to a point. If they could, the Muslims would kill the second 6 million - every Jew in Israel.
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