Minister: Slim chance for realignment
Ronny Sofer
Published: 10.07.06, 17:46
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1. Realignment
Choni Davidowitz ,   Israel/S.A.   (07.10.06)
Realignment ! Disengagement! Convergence! Don't stop it. Invert it .All arabs out of Ertertz Yisrael
2. The palis have destroyed the basic concept of realignment
Arie   (07.10.06)
3. To talk of Realignment shows you have no common sense
Lemar ,   UK   (07.10.06)
4. Continue disengagement
paul malykont ,   lows osos, usa   (07.10.06)
Wrong. Withdrawal must continue until the world fully understands Israel's devotion to Palestinian self determination. Only then, if they reject peace and responsibility for their own territory will Israel be supported by the world. If they do choose peace Israel also wins. Chazach, Chazach v'nitchazek!
5. #4 wishful thinking but not realistic
Jenny ,   US   (07.11.06)
we only have to pay attention to world opinion after the withdrawal from Gaza in regards to kassam launching and kidnapping of Gilad. They have NOT sided with Israel and have in fact condemned her using emotional and dishonest slogans such as "disproportionate response" and "collective punishment." Now that we have already conducted the experiment of disengagement and it can rationally be viewed as a failure, there is no need to proceed with the suicide to please the world which will never be pleased with Jews defending themselves.
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