Ramon: Realignment more relevant than ever
Ronny Sofer
Published: 11.07.06, 00:53
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1. disengagement was a disaster
david ,   miami usa   (07.11.06)
disengagement put hamas in power and completely energized the palestinians to destroy us. and that thing about the Qassams being less of a problem now is absolutely BOGUS: the disengagement meant giving up on defending israel: they have an open border to smuggle from egypt, they have a hamas government that uses every ounce of its energy to destroy us and they now know that we can be defeated. they are swarming like sharks tasting blood in the water. it was the stupidist thing imaginable
2. Realignment
Ben Franklin ,   USA   (07.11.06)
Olmert should be forced to resign. Israel should not commit national suicide by withdrawing from the West Bank. This Government of Israel must go! Fast!
3.  no confidence vote -Olmert govt. collapses
Marcel ,   Florida   (07.11.06)
In Israel they scrapped the bottom of the municipal dump to get Olmerts government of national failure, Ramon and Peretz will help bring down Olmert and his court of clowns.
4. "Realighnment" what a nice word for a CAPITULATION
Nebojsa Yitzchak M ,   Toronto   (07.11.06)
Realignment of 1/3 of the country to where? "higher grounds"? Mesada? the ultimate REALIGHMENT point? SOVERENITY of the country is not open for a debate it could be only defended. France was an empire before the WWII it had its share of IDIOTS so country was EASILY “realigned” into the Vichy and “occupied” France. Now France was overrun by the German forces, and it did not have much to offer on the “negotiating table” with its German “partners in peace”.. so it was IT. France wanted to hang Marshall Patten for his treachery. Now who overrun the Israel in order to be forced to make a Vichy part out of a WHOLE Israel? No one but the local idiots? A major question, if this government succeed to delegitimize its international borders that it held for the last 40 years, who is going to “legitimize” its “pipe-dream” into internationally recognized borders? And who is going to DO “RECOGNIZING” the very same fell ‘as which told you to erase 1/3 of your country and to give to the Arab enemy? UN? US? USSSR? EU? UAR? Gog-Vmagog? If your friend told you to commit a suicide in order to PLEASE YOUR ENEMY, would you still hold that he is your friend and seriously contemplate a suicide? Gaza-strip DEBACLE will live in infamy, LAW ABIDING JEWISH CITIZENS were uprooted from their land and communities, flourishing and tax paying citizens were robed of all their possessions and thrown into the streets LITERALLY. Those citizens were paying 500 MILLION US DOLLARS EVERY YEAR AS A TAX REVENUE into the coffins of Israel. Hell bunnies farm OSLO and Camp David created COSTS Isreal 15 BILLION US DOLLARS A YEAR EVERY YEAR since 1980’s (surrender of Sinai) Giving the Sinai was for the “reason” not to have the hostile border with Egypt? Now it is a historical fact that war in 1967 strated for the very same reason we are facing right now AGAIN, infiltration trough Gaza of terrorists, explosives, weaponry and ongoing terrorists operations against Israeli soft-targets (civilians). So after Sinai was given WAS IT BETTER for Israel on the “long run”? After giving the Gaza and uprooting the Jews from there is it better for Israel now? Policy of “NO NEGOTIATIONS WITH THE TERRORISTS” how many Jews lost their lives during those policies, and how many lost their lives by letting Israeli government into PARTNERSHIP (“partnership-for peace”) with those murderers PLO was is and will always be murderous organization which was created with the sole purpose of eradication of the Jewish population from the land of Israel. Rewarding the MURDERERS with the land of their victims is ultimate abomination of JUSTICE. Paying for murder is partnership in crime.
5. Ramon, you must be smoking crack.
Jeremiah ,   Israel, Jewish Land   (07.11.06)
6. not forbidden to have a bit of sechel !
yoel ,   switzerland   (07.11.06)
These stupid ministers should face to the real situation they are facing. I have this bad feeling they are watching the situation through the prism of their own policy. Whatever it happens, it has to serve their own opinions. How sad it is, it's a wrong message they send to people like me who'd like to make Alyah... Anyway, after rockets fired from Ghaza, are you ready to provide more basements for firing more rockets? Just continue in this way, and there will be no more israeli territory to defend ! The only thing we can ask to palestinians is stopping violence by exchanging territories. By giving them for nothing, we will never end violence. Where did israeli tanks position themselves during this Gaza standoff? On the former settlement's positions. Who would say they weren't strategic positions?
7. Leave the West Bank, qassams will proliferate. Leaving
Bunnie Meyer ,   Santa Monica, CA   (07.11.06)
Gush Katif was a failure, there is more violence now. Leave the west bank and qassams will be as thick as flies. Dump elmert and the "realignment."
8. What drugs is he taking???
Zvi Lando ,   Israel (I think...)   (07.11.06)
There is no way to react to this article... isn't taking hard drugs illegal in Israel?
9. Where Ramon goes the sun stops shining
Caligula's Horse ,   Solomon's Stables   (07.11.06)
Where he steps grass dies, from where he drinks fountians dry up, whatever he puts his hands on turns into crap There is no reason to believe the disengagment reallignment congegregation whatever will be any different.
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