Olmert: We were attacked by a sovereign country
Ronny Sofer
Published: 12.07.06, 14:54
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1. I t is time for the israelis to pay....
FADI ,   WEST BANK   (07.12.06)
2. Peretz what's the plan? You gonna shoot more empty fields?
Jeremiah ,   Israel, Jewish Land   (07.12.06)
That'll teach them!
3. Vacancy
in Sderot for manager of local fruit and veg. market, Tnuva.
4. Peretz/Olmert - talk little, do much
Shai ,   Israel   (07.12.06)
Get started and stop talking about what you are going to do.
5. gıve tıme to hızbullah 24 hours
6. 24hours uLtımatoM ıf not release our soldıers kıLL nasrallah
7. Another battle in war
Ken ,   SA   (07.12.06)
This is another battle in the ongoing war of militant Islam against the West - New York, Madrid, Sinai, London, Moscow, India, Amman, etc, etc.
8. The situation is worth then they tell us
Shlomo ,   North Israel   (07.12.06)
The next few hours will make it clear that the situation is worth then they tell the moment
9. Fadi #1
Chris ,   Warsaw, Poland   (07.12.06)
Fadi, open your eyes. Any escalation of the conflict is against arab people, have you not learnt it yet? Just think, you can have peace in 24 hours by releasing this soldier and stop shooting, that's all. Within 2 years you can have a free country on 90% of WB&Gaza without any agreement from Palestinian side, and probably 100% of this area (maybe with some mutual exchanges) with an agreement. Hamas should stop shooting and recognize the existence of Israel - you will have ZERO civilian deaths, will have work, trade, tourism and money from EU+USA. Open your eyes...
10. You Asked For It
Rick ,   USA   (07.12.06)
I am not a Johnny-Come lately when I utter these ugly words. Israel deserves what she is getting right now. The Israeli electorate put a weak wristed government in looking to appease and comfort her enemies with unilateral withdrawal. The Olmert government wii continue this folly until the Israel has suffered enough killings, bombings and rocket attacks. Face it. Israel has no allies. She has plenty of enemies-and until she puts the bottom of her boots and crushes their skulls there will be no peace....and no hudna. Stand Up before it is too late, and the nadir of the Jewish state is sapped.
11. Threatening Lebanon is useless
Francois ,   Paris & Montréal   (07.12.06)
The Lebanese government is a puppet of Syria and Iran. Strong action must be taken against the puppetmasters.
AVINU   (07.12.06)
13. to no 9
Are you dreaming? who told you israel is going to ever give Palestinians what you thought they would? this is not even in their worst nightmeres! Israel never gives anything unless they have to. USA too! UK is too! If no-one resisted USA in Vietnam, they would have been there now. If no-one resisted Hitler, he would be everywhere now. If no one resisted Great Britain before, they would have been still colonizing large areas of the world. Get history's lessons?
14. Situation is terrible
Arik ,   Haifa   (07.12.06)
All Northen part of Israel is in flames. Total mobilization. Forget about 2 soldiers. We all going into Lebanon back. It will be very, very bloody.
15. Stop talking
mike ,   phila, PA   (07.12.06)
this goverment is sucj a paper tiger. Peretz is a wimp and Olmert, still wants his sep policy. First how did this happen, they new hiz was on the north and listen to Iran talk. Syria's talk. ISRAEL WAKE UP, YOUR WIMP BEHAVIOR IS CAUSING PROBLEMS. DO SOMETHING NOW, NO TALKING NO THREATS, MASS EVERYTHING, AND TAKE OUT LEBANON AND THEN POINT WHAT YOU HAVE AT SYRIA. ITS TIME, TO LIVE OR DIE
16. To #9 chris
FADI ,   WEST BANK   (07.12.06)
why now??do u want me to believe that if we stop our resistance israel will leave us live in peace and give us liberty??? we are under occupation since 1967,and we have got?? i will tell you: more than 30000 dead more than 600000 jailed more than 300000 wounded settlers incraese from zero to about 300000 our land is destroyed,our trees are cut our life is corrupted by more than 500 chech points our parents and children are humiliated everyday etc.etc..... dont u think that we are humans and we love life and we want to live as all people in the world do? do u think that we enjoy this terrible life? come andvisit the west bank and i am sure u will be surprised!!!!
mike ,   phila, PA   (07.12.06)
When will Israel understand, this is the grand plan the iran/syrian/hamas have set for them. when will Israel see that this is the start of the muslim war against Israel. You ran from Lebanon and Gaza and they attack you. Get it? Understand it? They are coming after you. You left and or you ran aways and now they are coming after you. YES ISRAEL IS BEING PURSUED. the sleeping, (for a longtime lion) MUST WAKE UP NOW, AND END THIS ONCE AND FOR ALL.
18. To #13
Chris ,   Warsaw, Poland   (07.12.06)
IL gave back Sinai, IL signed peace with Jordan, IL has ALREADY given sth to PA without any warrants and talks. The minimum was not to shoot from the area which was given to PA for free! They tried - they have the problem now. I'm not going to discuss with you all 1948 events, Oslo and Camp David/Taba talks. Arafat could have a state since Dec 2000/Jan 2001 but spoilt talks (remind you his speech in Davos), Barak risked his renewal in elections and lost. Even these days Olmert publicly says IL will withdraw from WB. Which occupying regime says such things? Don't you see simple facts?
19. Time for Basar Asad to pay.
Benjamin ,   TA Israel   (07.12.06)
Return kidnapped soldiers or get missile in the window.
20. #16 Fadi
Chris ,   Warsaw, Poland   (07.12.06)
First, your areas are under occupation after the war started by arabian countries, let's stick to facts. (It does not mean that I don't wish you free Palestine in future!) Fadi, Israel has unilaterally withdrawn from Gaza - this is proof that IN PRINCIPLE this country WANTS to give you back your areas, step after step. Don't you think that the minimum condition was STOP shooting at IL from Gaza territories? What drowns the Palestinian Nation is actions of terrorism groups - don't you see that? Israel cannot give Palestinians the rest of their land as long as the only legal PA government refuses to recognize the existence of his neighbor and fires rockets at its territory - it is so simple... Olmert says publicly that even without talks IL will cancel settlements inside WB and withdraw from 90% of your lands - just stop this path of terrorism and sit by the table - you will get the rest 10%. Fadi, think for a moment as an Israeli: the logics of the demography of this region stands for the existence of the Palestinian country. Which I wish you from all my heart.
21. Olmert - present situation
Naomi ,   Herzlia   (07.12.06)
Why doesn't the Government & Army create a complete media blackout on the military situation in the north and re Gaza and censorship on the Israeli Media. They need to read history and see what Thatcher did regarding the Falklands. It is as though we are telling our enemies everything they need to know and more besides.
22. Paying the price for folly
Yakov, Ph.D. ,   Ashkelon   (07.12.06)
We have spent years in the Oslo bamboozle and withdrawal from Shmaza teaching the Islamic terrorists that we are weak, indecisive, demoralized and beaten. Now we are paying the price and it appears to be a tragic price that we will pay.
23. UN
Sasha ,   USA   (07.12.06)
Ms. Livni is going to call the UN and ask for mercy. Don't call them, let them call you and ask for mercy.
24. "Southern Lebanon" is
Reuven Brauner ,   Raanana, Israel   (07.12.06)
actually Northern Eretz Yisroel. It has the same holiness to us as does Shechem and Raanana. This may the opportunity for us to reclaim this land once again for the Jews, afterall.
25. Forget About that State
Dave Levi ,   Burbank. USA   (07.12.06)
There are two basic problems here, first of all, the Palestinians, and Hezbollah, who can inflict some damage on Israel...but do not threaten the State. 2nd, are the surrounding countries, like Egypt, Lebanon and Syria. Syria is openly involved with exporting violence (supporting Hezbollah), while Egypt is laying back and watching (while beefing up it's military). Iran of course is coming on fast. The strategy is simple, wear Israel down, hostage by hostage, suicide bomber by suicide bomber, etc. Israel should look at Iraq for a clear vision of the future of the M.E., which is a basket case in total (w/o oil where would they be?). Israel has some the ability to wipe out the Strip, or Hezbollah or Damascus in hours. The question is, do they have the will or the foresight? All those who want war, remember, war may come to you in spades. We in this country are getting awfully tired of the loud mouths.
26. To Fadi, West Bank
Fadi, didnt Israel pull out of Gaza last year? They didnt move back in until the Qassams and the kidnappings. Why wont you get what you want? There are no settlers in Gaza, there was no army in Gaza, and Olmert has publicly stated he will do the same in the West Bank. Further, you had everything offered to you on a platter in 2000 - why not take it? Please, explain it to me - if your people want peace and to prosper - why not take your land and stop attacking. The same cycle keeps happening. In 1947 you were offered your own state - you chose war. In 1967 your arab brothers chose war and attacked. Every time you lose. Why keep doing this to yourselves?
27. Livni ,turn to U.N. -You're insane Livini
Marcel ,   Florida   (07.12.06)
Livini shows more of Israel's weakness by saying Israel can't and won't deal with this.WE ARE TOOK WEAK TO DEFEND OURSELVES SO WE WILL RUN TO OTHERS TO DO IT FOR US. Stupid left having learned nothing from recent history of relying on west during the holocaust of Germany is too fearful to DEFEAT the enemy. It's time for the defeatist weak and surrender left to get out of Government and go back to their homes This is the solution of the left ,turn for help from those who are solidly against Israel.
28. Paying the price
Arie   (07.12.06)
The lebanese invited hezbullah to be their 'guests and allies". Syria provides the armaments. Both countries will now pay the price for their support of terrorism!
29. Give assad the ultimatum
Arie   (07.12.06)
The soldiers are returned IMMEDIATELY or he is to be retired with "extreme prejudice"
30. Israel declares war !
Well I think we should do very well considering we have a President who is an alleged sex pervert, a Prime minister, whom nobody really wanted in the job, an alleged taker of bribes,and the jewel in the crown of course is a Minister of Defense who is barely capable of operating a stall in the Carmel market. Good luck soldiers of Israel, We are all with you, and you should be safe in the knowledge that your leaders are the BEST ONES POSSIBLE.
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