Likud MK: Hamas, Hizbullah sense Israel's weakness
Ilan Marciano
Published: 12.07.06, 14:08
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1. shaken deterrence ? no, it's zero deterrence
Marcel ,   Florida   (07.12.06)
Israel's left and their illegitimate offspring Kadima are reaping the fruit of their weak policies ansd appeasment's They have strengthen the enemies of Israel by their peace at any price agenda. All their effort has accomplished the exact opposite result. The enemies of Israel willl not back down . Israel under the rule of appeaser and weak,weak leader Olmert has it's defeatist P.M. to blame for allowing hamas and hezbollah to remain as a threat. Incompetence and weakness mark Israel in the eyes of the enemy. It's failure to make a pre-emptiveattack against both reveals Israel's weak and re-active state. It's time for the IDF to take over ,to save Israel .
2. Their right - we projected weakness
Shai ,   Israel   (07.12.06)
Just read the responses on these talkbacks from the Palis and their supporters. They all, to the last of them, think our withdrawal from Gaza and Lebanon was a sign that they beat us. The lesson to be learned from this is that, while applying proportional force (meaning, don't use a nuclear bomb when conventional weapons will do the job), that his term "proportional" means whatever it takes to win decisively, but not more than that. A decisive win is one that leaves the Arabs with absolutely no doubt about what should have been clear already, and that is that their moves will cause them severe and permanent losses.
3. Because You Want to Negotiate
Jews Lover ,   AFRICA   (07.12.06)
Hizzulla feels it is good business to kidnap hence Israeli govt. is about negotiating with Hamas on the first Kidnapped soldier.
andrew ,   miami,fl   (07.12.06)
5. Our only weakness is our tendency to worry about avoiding
civilian casualties among the enemy more than the enemy worries about their own civilians This being the case: GIVE THE BASTARDS HELL!!!!
6. Your right
Shiloh ,   Israel   (07.12.06)
We do project ourselves as weak, and the arabs know it. That is why they continue their nonsense. When you say, "respond with restraint, but it will be painful" says that Israel really does not know how to handle arabs. Well you handle them with unrestrained response. Then and only then they will get the message
7. Effie Eitam is 100% right and should be Defense Minister
aaron ,   ra'anana   (07.12.06)
8. To #4
Francois ,   Paris & MontrĂ©al   (07.12.06)
They want war, so what? They are wrong to want war. What if they want war and you refuse to fight them? you will get more fightings, more deaths and more casualties.
9. deterrence
Bielski Brothers ,   nyc usa   (07.12.06)
Israel must exract a heavey price for the abductions. We must destroy just enough of the enemy's life so that they may think twice about the future. It doesn't matter that the genral population will hate us. It will matter to them that there is no electricity or fresh water.
10. Israel will show it's reall power soon...
Ophir   (07.12.06)
11. one state
mark ,   jerusalem   (07.12.06)
The verdict is in. The experiment in Gaza has proven that Arab leadership has no interest in creating a peaceful society living alongside Israel in harmony and tolerance. Therefore, we hereby declare that the occupation and administration of the West Bank has been terminated. The entire West Bank without exception is declared to be an integral part of the State of Israel. The Palestinian Authority is hereby disbanded. All quasi-governmental agencies, militia groups and organizations and entities hostile to the Jewish State of Israel are ordered to be disbanded. All weapons are to be deposited with local police and military authorities. Residents of the West Bank who accept the authority of Israel will be candidates for permanent residency and/or citizenship. Others will be removed to the Gaza Strip with appropriate financial consideration. The Jewish State of Israel will be governed by local authorities elected in district elections over the next two years. The civil and religious rights of all peoples will be respected. Arabs who have escaped from the West Bank into pre-1967 Israel will be welcome to return to their homes on the West Bank. An era of prosperity, social reform and political stability will come after the removal of the current violent, corrupt leadership. It is time for sane unilateral actions. Oslo, Camp David, Roadmap, Two-state solutions have failed. A permanent solution is required. Further information and details can be found at
Linda Rivera ,   New York   (07.12.06)
Global Islamic terror state one has been successfully installed in Gaza with an Al Qaeda and Hizbullah presence, and Iranian Revolutionary Guard units training Fatah and Hamas in the Jew-cleansed areas of Gaza. Since the Gaza surrender, more weaponry has been brought into Gaza in ten months than in the previous 38 years. In those ten months southern Israel has been hit with more than 5,000 Kassam rockets. In the Jew-cleansed areas of global terrorist paradise Gaza, IslamoFascist religious supremacists enjoy complete freedom to attack and fire a daily barrage of rockets on the defenseless Jewish civilians in Sderot and now Ashkelon. U.S. EU, UN, Russia and Israel's leaders are determined to duplicate the success of Gaza with the installation of global Islamic terror state two in Judea and Samaria and parts of Jerusalem, bringing Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Netanya, Ra'anana, Kfar Saba, Afula, Hadera, Tiberias and the international airport within rocket firing range of the Islamists. Will Jews continue to accept being murdered and never-ending war, or will they surround the Knesset and demand that their barbaric enemies are defeated? They call the war against the Jews, the peace process.
13. Hitzbullah and Iran
MIK ,   Stamford   (07.12.06)
As long as Iran continues to support Hitzbullah, there will be terror. Israel must now realize that the real war is not with Hitzbullah but with Teheran. The time has come to neutralize the evil regime in Iran. Israel must act decisively to destroy that country and its nuclear capability. In time the world will understand. Im ain ani le me le!
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