Israel to UN: Lebanon declared war
Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 12.07.06, 20:49
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1. FURTHERMORE...........
Tamar ,   Israel   (07.12.06)
The US failed to include Lebanon! IMAGINE THAT FOLKS. Just like they protect Fatah/al-aqsa from the terror list blaming it all on Hamas whom they protect and incubate, they too are protecting Lebanon. Perish the thought anyone accuses Lebanon of courting Hizbullah right on their own DEMOCRATIC soil. As for Annan and his sick comments, the US still keeps the UN in their midst's and worse as part of that two faced US quartet for phony peace. Yah, Bush will protect Israel........'AFTER ' THE STREET AND THE UN AND THE EU AND EVERY DICTITORIAL LEADER IN THE ME. I applause Dan Gillerman for standing tall and speaking the truth against the newest 'lie of omission' by the US government. Thank you
2. Israel has lost its deterrence. Here's why...
Eldad ,   T.A   (07.12.06)
We listened too much to the international community to keep restraint. We pulled out of Gaza for nothing. We ran away from Lebanon with our tail bewteen our legs. We blew up empty houses instead of going after the terrorists. We swapped prisoners for bones and a drug dealer. We refused to go into Gaza despite the numerous suicide bombings. We let quassams rain on our heads and did little to retaliate. We let Hamas win the elections. We let Hezbollah threaten us with missiles. We sent Syria empty threats. We watched the Palis build tunnels and import weapons.
3. Olmert promised to act in a very limited response
Marcel ,   Florida   (07.12.06)
Rice's message to Olmert ;Israel has a limited right to defend itself ,just as we did not alow you to respond to Saddam's 39 Scud's we will limit what youy can do in Gaza and Lebanon. A SURE RECIPIE FOR ANOTHER ISRAELI FAILURE AGAIN ! Israel sets itself up for worse because of it's U.S .enforced weak and limited response. The time for a weak and limited Israel is over unless Israel is headed back up to Masada ? Assad,Abbas ,Haniyah ,Mashal & Nasrallah laugh at Israel with it's hand's tied behind its back by failed U.S. policy which endangers Israel. Israeli leaders are now only permitted to talk a little tough and not much else.
4. Kofi, daaahhlink............
Mary ,   Oregon USA   (07.12.06)
Again we see the de-nutted UN and its de-balled but fearless leader acting big. Kofis calibrations were off, he got called away from his din din to be informed of Lebanese aggression and then he turned it around and makes it Israels problem. Kofi.......come here, I vant to shpeak vis you, Kofi. Vy are you choking on zhat chickin bone, Kofi...........Kofi. Kofi?
5. America and Israel have shown great weakness.
Luke   (07.12.06)
This what we get in return.
6. On a more serious tone......
Lebanon's gov't joins in like a 4 year old child who grossly underestimates IDF and IAF. Their backing of Hissssssblah is their choice. So be it. This is not childs play, no time now for pat on the back, folks. This is real and serious, the last drop of Israeli blood of which will be accounted for, Mark His Word
7. Would you like some terror with your Kofi?
Kofi Annan is a blundering idiot. He is a criminal in fact. What with his implication in the Iraq oil for food fiasco. But Kofi is on my sh*tlist for a different reason today. How darehe condemn Israel in the face of growing terror!!! Israel and the United States should withdraw frm the UN. The body does nothing for these countries anyway. Just takes their money and stays condemning them. Who needs em eh? Well the Arabs do, and their Leftist useful idiots. Kofi only the other day praised the OIC for its work on tolerance (even though the OIC boycotts Israel and calls for its destruction) You know what? People died in Lebanon? In Gaza? TOUGH!!!! I only care about Israel, my dear Israel! If you mess with Israel you get the retribution. You can't be a spoilt brat and cry about it after. To other Israelis suck it up! It's going to get ugly, VERY ugly. But the more we wait and try to negociate, the more these terrorists scum get more brazen in their attacks. IT WILL NOT END UNLESS WE END IT FOR THEM I know, one shouldnt deal in absolutes but when a group of people condemn me and my feelow countrymen for trying to live, then you have another thing coming. I will not roll over and die I will not march into the sea I will not give you one inch of my home I will not give you one shekel to buy rockets and guns I will not appease you and try to make your life more comfortable at the expense of my own. Kofi Annan, STEP DOWN. North Korea shoots a missle and the world shrugs. Iran is illegally pursuing nuclear technology, the UN yawns. Darfur is still a hellhole as is Somalia, yet not a peep from the UN (and the EU and leftists). Yet Israel a sovereign nation(!) defends itself and that is despicable? It's time we hardened our backs and faced the problems and not shy away. Olmert has said he is tired of beating the enemy...Well I am not. If you don't want to be prime minister Olmert, I will.
8. Move the UN to the bottom of the ocean.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Santa Monica, CA   (07.12.06)
9. Don't move UN to ocean, I like to dive there.
Jaque Cousteau ,   pau pau   (07.12.06)
Don't move UN to ocean, I like to dive there.
10. #5 U.S weakens Israel purpously
Marcel ,   Florida   (07.12.06)
Don't put the U.S. and Israel on the same level . One is a hypocrite who does as it pleases without care or restraint. The other is the vassal pawn who is threatened and pressured by a devious friend to follow it's failed policy of catering to the Arab Islamofascist nations. All you have to do is look at the U.S relationship with Wahabe Saudi Arabia and it's interference with Israel every time it goes after the Islamic terrorists. America will burn in hell for this evil against Israel under the lie of being a friend and ally.
11. The Lebanese government ignored the UN decisions
A Bethlehemite   (07.12.06)
Hah..Cant believe Danny Gillerman said that..what a freaken hypocryte. Israel has been ignoring UN resolutions for years. Especially sec council res 465 which declared settlements illegal in 1980. Take a hike you one sided moron
12. #7 for PM!
Ann C. ,   MO, USA   (07.12.06)
Great response 7. Well said!!!
13. ıdf must act agaınst terror
14. And the Arabs call Israel arrogant?
Shai ,   Israel   (07.12.06)
They're always mouthing off about UNSCR's that they read to conclude that the WB and Gaza are Palestinian lands, and thus any place a Jew lives there is "occupied". This isn't what the UNSCR"s say, but that's what they claim. So they take every opportunity to claim Israel is arrogant for not leaving those areas. At the same time, the very same UN confirms that Israel completely withdrew from Lebanon, but in this instance such a proclamation from the UN doesn't serve Arab interests. So they ignore it, and claim Israel still occupies Lebanese land. As Bugs Bunny would say, "Get the I-ruhn-ee of that bub"?
15. # 7 I agree
American ,   Jew   (07.12.06)
The loss of life will not go away, these animals have had a taste of blood, and are enchanted by it. "Allah demands the destruction of the Jewish State, Isreal" They remind themselves five times a day how glorious it will be to kill their next Jew. Sacrifice on the part of Israelis, even the Ultimat Sacrifice, are going to be needed in the coming months to get the terrorists(Militants), before they get Israelis. WTF does Lebonon need to perform resistance, we're outta there. Same old BS propaganda, this is why there will never be true peace. They will just invent a new reason thru propaganda to resist or facilitate an act of revenge. And do so while hiding amoungst "inoocent civilians" Lebonon must be punished ruthlessly for harboring terrorists. G-d bless Israel, and may the sacrifices of Israel and it's soldeirs, not be wasted. Good luck
16. UN Atrocities before against Israel in Lebanon
Gabrielle Goldwater ,   Geneva Switzerland   (07.12.06)
REMEMBER: The UN Atrocities before against Israel in Lebanon Har Dov Kidnapping - United Nations and Israel
17. Support #7!
Z ,   USA   (07.12.06)
It's kind of sad when comments such as these are taken more seriously than a self destructing UN Kofi statement.
18. Israel asks a question
david ,   new york, usa   (07.12.06)
how come the mighty army of israel is frightened by a bunch of hairy illiterate guerillas that call themselves hizbolla??? isael manages always to strike precise shots, such as the ones to eliminate annoying terrorists. use your army to get rid of the hizbollah leaders and not of the innocent civillian lebanese people - unless Tsahal has some secret deal with Hizbolla-Syria about lebanon. so cut the crap and get rif of you know who....
19. Lebanon not responsible
James Wakim ,   NH, USA   (07.13.06)
i don't believe the Lebanese gov. (except the presedent because he's a Syrian puppet) is responsible for the reason that it was just recently freed from Syrian influance and therefore is still establishing it's intellegence network. I agree Isreal should respond by attacking Hezbollah, but they should not blame the Lebanese gov. They should blame Syria.
20. A concerned Lebanese
Malak ,   Canada   (07.13.06)
First off, I whole-heartedly condemn hizbullah's actions, as they are in breach of several international laws and uneccessary. I also understand why israel would want to take action against "lebanon". but there is an important point which seems to be missing here and which perhaps many people aren't aware of. The international community is blaming the lebanese government for the actions because it "failed" to disarm hizbullah but most people don't realize that the lebanese government is not powerful enough to disarm hizbullah without starting a civil war (to say the least). Hizbullah, in conjunction with syria and iran, has immense power in lebanon, unfortunately. If you ask the average lebanese person what they think of hizbullah's actions, they would tell you that they do not approve of such "war-like" acts. The saddest part is that the average lebanese person is not the decision-maker, we only pay the price for syria/hizbullah's actions. Any lebanese person who thinks this move was "good" for lebanon does not really care about lebanon but has ulterior motives, for which we all will pay the price. =(
21. Israel's claim: A giant's sorry excuse 4 stepping on an ant
Lady ,   Riverside, USA   (07.13.06)
When two strangers who are your enemy enter your home, do you let them roam free or do you capture them? And when you capture them inside your home, do you then release them back to their gang, who has tortured your people, imprisoned them and whose aim is to destroy you, your home, and your children? of course not...Its basic. So when the Israeli government talks like this and acts like they do,,, they appear so uncivilized. This could be resolved so easily, Israel returns captives to their home and Hizbullah returns their captives to Israel... gosh, who'd a thought of that one?? But of course, that can't be acceptable to Israel... any excuse to wage war, what seems to be Israel's favorite activity.
22. 19 James Wakim : You still believe in Mikey Mouse cartoons
Gabrielle Goldwater ,   Geneva Switzerland   (07.13.06)
as well .... thinking they are real ???
23. We Are The Aggressors
Menachem ,   Tel Aviv   (07.13.06)
Give me a Break, we are hold 1.7 million people ransom over one soldier. We are making threats of turning the clock back 20 years on a country over two soldiers!!!. Am I the only one that thinks that we are WAY overboard in these stupid actions. Maybe if we ever released any of their prisoners they would live peacefully with us. But instead we act like savages and they respond like savages. For all the Israelis living in sheltered America saying that we must sacrifice to win, its pretty easy to say that when you don't live in Israel. You are the true cowards, they ones who talk hard when they have nothing to lose.
24. Who's to blame? Who cares!!!
Lady ,   Riverside, USA   (07.13.06)
People,,,, does it matter who is to blame.. who cares!!! If we have to blame , then we must blame both sides... its not like any one side is sitting idle and taking abuse, each side has its agenda... Israel and Hizbullah are enemies. Point is, use of force (ie war) is not the answer.... and since when was the capture of foreign militants an act of war??... it seems the presence of the militants in a foreign country is th act of war??? And I agree with Malak...this can't be good for anyone, Lebanon included.
25. #7., You are 100% Right
Annie ,   Ofarim, Israel   (07.13.06)
We as Israelis need to stand strong and proud in our fight against Hezbolla, Hamas and other assorted Scum. Anyone who can't see that can just shut up.
26. James Wakim
steven ,   france   (07.13.06)
Do you honestly believe your words??Of course Lebanon is responsable..The israelis left Lebanon A few years ago;and have since allowed the Hizbollah to settle in nice a cozy,on their terretory,with absolutly no worry of being disturbed..They attack Israel,at will,and you now say ,the Lebanese are not responsable..As far as I know the Syrians"Are out of Lebanon",But I agree with you Syria and Iran are paying and supporting the Hizbollah,But the Lebanese,have also the responsability,to their sovereigne state..and as the Hizbollah are attacking Israel from Lebanon..Israel has the right to defend her borders and citizens ,No matter where and who dares attack her borders..The UN and the World entire has blamed Syria for many things,But has any one done anything..The Un especially ,The UN are the BIGGEST HYPOCRITS,of all.. It is all very unfortunate for the Lebanese people,but If they do not take their responsabilities..Who Will??
27. Malak
steven ,   france   (07.13.06)
Unfortunately as we saw when Hariri was murdered,there were over 1 MILLION supporters for Hizbollah,And 1 MILLION,is a very large amount even for Lebanon..Why do the Lebanese people not insist on ousting the Hizbollah??It can be done;;if you really want to..If the Lebanese really believe what the Hizbollah says,regaurding them Protecting them from Israeli agression,then they are more fools than I thought..Israel has left Lebanon;a few years ago..aand you know as well as we all do;Israel has never attacked the Lebanese people,for no reason..;Every attack,has been in response to an attack from the Hizbollah..and since 1982,what reason has Israel to attack Lebanon???.Don't you think its about time,the Lebanese people started taking there responsabilities,we saw your capabilities,after the murder of Hariri..The millions of people in the streets.Denouncing Syria;Do the same again but this time against the HIZBOLLAH.;Before its too late.
28. Coffee cloud - the a-hole
Talula ,   Israel   (07.13.06)
Annan is just a slimy cheap little crook who only holds a job in power for his own benefit. He has only condemned us for everything we do. But, like, who cares? He will shoot himself in the foot one day, and I hope it's sooner, rather than later. He's a disgusting unfair, one-sided blind man and should be kicked out the UN on his ass.
29. The bottom line - Radical Islamists dont want peace
Guru ,   Jacksonville, USA   (07.13.06)
It shows by the provocative acts of terror on Isreal,India and the US that radical islamists dont want peace, they dont like to see any nation progress, they dont like to see women getting empowered. They are against everything that stands for Freedom, equality and liberty. Its time for great nations like Isreal, India and US to join forces and end this war on terror, least it should be too late.
30. Its the end of the world as we know it!
Tatiana ,   miami, US   (07.13.06)
Sit back........Talk about it.........because war in this world will never end. Now that Israel's involved, I know I am going home to my papa soon! Pray, repent, and love, and see how God changes your life.
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