2006: More Jews converting to Islam
Nurit Palter
Published: 13.07.06, 00:20
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1. Sunis? Shiate? Perezites? Kadima?
Nebojsa Yitzchak M ,   Toronto   (07.13.06)
Which branch of the Muslims are they choosing?
2. Why would any woman convert to Islam?
Aviva ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (07.13.06)
convert to Islam? I'd shave my head and go live in Mea Shearim before I would convert to Islam.
3. Talk about Darwin in action <end>
moishe ,   usa   (07.13.06) about darwin in action.
4. Childish racist scaremongering
David ,   Yerushalayim   (07.13.06)
Oooh, so the number of Israelis converting to Islam is expected to hit 70? And some of those are Christians? Sounds like a real scandalous threat to Jewish continuity and the Jewish State to me.
5. 70 conversions to islam?
Meir ,   Atlanta, USA   (07.13.06)
So, there are 70 nutcases out of 5.3 million jews....
6. oha
7. nebbich
8. conversion to islam
Yisraeli   (07.13.06)
the Jewish woman who converts to islam because of marrying an arab always live to regret theyre deed. They frankly live a living hell not in the begining but after a kid or two. then they are just regarded as sexual property especially when the husband adds a few more wives to his collection. She will want to run away but cant, her life will be threatened and her children poisoned against her. Eventually after all the initial roses by her in laws she will be treated with contempt and scorned at after all she came from monkeys and pigs being a jewess. She will live a nightmare of living hell and she asked for it. There are many Jewish woman who testify to theyre nightmare of marrying an arab, blaming foolishness of youth. But I dont feel sorry for them, they turn theyre backs on theyre people, theyre family, faith and religion and deserve all they get. The men never go through that, after all being a man in islam makes you lord and master over chattel of woman there only to fulfill all your lustful desires. I mean even theyre so called heaven is all sex and nothing but sex. So woman who convert to islam enjoy your 'tikkun' for you could not have chosen a worse fate.
9. Aviva #2
Aidel ,   Australia   (07.13.06)
Why do non religious people believe this 'frum women shave their heads' story? How can you even compare lives lived in Mea Shearim to those lived in Arab villiages?
10. Why would any woman convert to Islam?
Munir   (07.13.06)
why would any woman stay in judaism ?
11. you can find life story of many converts...
simple man ,   los angeles, USA   (07.13.06)
and afterward outcomes, also deep undrestanding into the "relition" of Islam, also debates, and a rich archive of articles about Islam in this site your effort would be fruitfull, i promise you
12. To #10
Alex ,   Australia   (07.13.06)
This article you have referred to is not only amatuerish but shows a complete lack of research understanding. To take things at pure face value without researching the meanings and interpretations is a recipe of hate and ignorance. The person who wrote this drivel is an idiot with one agenda - to slander and misinterpret Judaism and Christianity and promote the evil lie of Islam.
13. Very sad to hear
Mikael ,   New Zealand   (07.13.06)
14. Are There Stats On How Many Arabs Converted to Judaism?
emanon ,   USA   (07.13.06)
15. Why wouldn't any girl want the rights of a donkey?
16. Thank you YNET
Dave   (07.13.06)
thank you yediot. if the news wasnt sad enough with todays events you guys had to be such a pessimistic and sickening article to make me feel even shitier than i already was.
17. Pure effect of Crack cockain.
Mike ,   Israel   (07.13.06)
18. #9 Aidel
Aviva ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (07.13.06)
You are in Australia, I am in Israel and I have relatives in Mea Shearim that I visit frequently. I am not haredi but I am datiya. Yes, the women who live there do shave their heads, and they have explained to me that it is more comfortable in the summer than a hot sheitel. Anyway, Natalie Portman shaved her head and now everybody thinks that is sexy.
19. My wife converted to Judaism. I cant imagine not being Jew
David ,   Boston, USA   (07.13.06)
Why wound anyone not want to be Jewish when they know how great being Jewish is?
20. Dana Olmert is probably 1 of the 70
Jenny   (07.13.06)
21. #4, David, so, how many muslims convert to Judaism?
AK   (07.13.06)
Or better yet, how many Muslim women convert and marry Jews?
22. Islam treats women like dirt and......
Dudu ,   Kfar Sava   (07.13.06)
One does not need to complete a PhD in comparative religious studies to know this.
23. Islam - a religion of polygamy & honor killings - No thanks!
Danielle ,   NYC, USA   (07.13.06)
24. to #10
baruch ,   vermont, usa   (07.13.06)
I hope your not passing that tripe off as scholarly...I can make any point if I just take sources out of context...much like the author of that report. Let's hope these converts never get caught in a burning building without their abaya...
25. #21; We don't want people converting to Judahism unless they
realy want to convert. We aren't a missionary religion like Islam that seeks to convert everybody and kill the rest. Even if you want to convert it takes a year and not saying some sentence three times and after that year you need to pass an interview with three rabbis about judahism.
26. #21
David ,   Yerushalayim   (07.13.06)
I neither know nor care how many Muslims convert to Judaism. The more the better. It's up to the individual. Why are so many people on both sides so concerned with trying to run other people's lives?
27. been muslim better then beeing jew
amjad ,   toronto   (07.13.06)
thanks god that iam muslim with respect to all religions...but every body in this world should knows that muslims are the right one to be picked to win the haven...
28. I don't get what is everybody upset about
Yerushalmi ,   Jerusalem   (07.13.06)
The big surge in conversions... Reaching 70 people... Ridicilous number. And most of them women who want to marry arab men. Come on, none of them are religious, or we would have heard about it. Most of them are brainwashed extreme left, and probably few girls that fell in love with arabs. In last 20 years there were two cases of religious jews converting to islam. I can be sure of that because they list those two cases on all of their propaganda (dawa) sites, and no others. One brooklyn hassidic family, you can find an interview with the guy on youtube. The guy is nuts, he says that he wants his children to be shahids. Other case, I actually met him on a shabbat dinner, craziest person in kiryat arba. A guy who used to carry a sword and ride a horse trough hevron... A loonie from god knows what central asian stan, who was angry when people in kiryat arba told him that he can't steal arab horses. He said, "That's not logical, it is a mitzva to kill them but it is forbiden to steal from them," It wasn't only a theory, he sliced up 3 arabs with his sword, but was never charged since he claimed that it was self defence, and arabs could not testyify, I am not sure did they survive. I must say, he found himself in islam, and I actually sleep better that such a crazy person lives among arabs now. I didn't know that such people actually existed. He was really scary. I am far more worried by jews going to ashrams in india.
29. #21 AK
Tami   (07.13.06)
We only want the best of the best, not someone who says "I convert and am Jewish" and abracadabra they are Jewish. We make people learn and study to make sure they are smart people and can learn the ways of the Torah. You need a brain to understand that Torah and all it entails even if you don't plan on being strictly orthodox when you convert.
30. Of conversions and shaved heads
Raymond from DC ,   Washington, DC USA   (07.13.06)
One might be forgiven for thinking those Christians who choose to join our faith community will make better, more committed Jews than those Jews who adopt Islam ever were. So while each Jew lost diminishes our community, these numbers suggest a net gain. Outside of Israel as well, few formally adopt another faith, though many adopt the customs of their partners or create curious hybrids (e.g. Jewbu's - Jewish Budhists). The greater problem is those who simply "drop out" and, over time, are no longer a part of our narrative. On an unrelated point, Aviva (#18) claims "Natalie Portman shaved her head and now everybody thinks that is sexy." Well, no guy *I* know thinks it's sexy! Why any self respecting woman would do such a thing, or even trim it "boy short", is beyond me. And in a world always in need of a little more beauty, such an act leaves the world diminished.
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