Al-Aqsa leader: West Bank rocket war is on
Aaron Klein, WND
Published: 13.07.06, 01:48
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1. "Empty threats" and blasting sand dunes
Yakov, Ph.D. ,   Ashkelon   (07.13.06)
Abu Oudai hit the nail on the head with his comments about "empty threats". The Pals didn't have anything to fear and now the failed policies of the Gaza pullout and big talk are going to cost us plenty--mainly our IDF soldiers. Time to scrap the foolishness of "convergence" and face facts- the Gaza pullout has seriously weakened us.
2. How Long O' Israel ?
Ray ,   USA   (07.13.06)
how long will you withhold your hand & protect your blessed & chosen people? complete and total destruction of your enemies is at hand. find peace & assurance in Ezekiel 36. your G-D, the ONLY G-D neither sleeps or slumbers....nor has he forgotten his people.
3. They want to kill all the Jews, take them out, don't stop.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Santa Monica, CA   (07.13.06)
4. Expell all Palestinians.
Drew ,   USA   (07.13.06)
They've left us no other choice. I am sorry for the innocent Palestinians who just want quiet, but they obviously could care less if Israel is destroyed, so kick them all out. At least Jews will live.
5. Israel Awakens from decade of stupor
Marcel ,   Florida   (07.13.06)
Has the average Israeli who voted for all the failed peace efforts of the left awakening to reality now ? Do they realize now that the moslems have no intent of allowing Israel or any Jew to survive on any part of what is now Israel ? There is no substitute for Israel but total and unmerciful defeat of the Palestinian's so that they will no longer wage war against Israel. Victory against Hezbollah ,Hamas ,Syria and Iran is the ACHIEVABLE goal. If ollmert talks failure and defeat remove the loser from office
6. Mohammed Dief at Shifa Hospital
Marcel ,   Florida   (07.13.06)
The terrorists should have no safe haven anyywhere. Hit him there Israel .let them know they have no place to hide or safety anywhere. Or are you just playing a losing game called restrained and limited.
7. palis arve very good
at destroying their own hopes for statehood
8. More Fruits of Disengagement
Jerry ,   NYC, USA   (07.13.06)
Nearly all of Israel will be under rocket fire, from the lands that idiots Sharon/Olmert are withdrawing from, creating a terror state living side by side with Israel. Stop the insanity of disengagement.
9. Rabin's and Peres's names will live in infamy
AK   (07.13.06)
They brought this on israel. What Sharon did only completed the damage. But I still don't understand how after all the failures, Israelis could have voted for Kadima and Olmert. What a total disaster.
10. Anyone still dreaming about making peace ?
Nitsan ,   Israel   (07.13.06)
it's time for israeli defence forces to show there true capabilities and strike, crush and demolish the pals' and hizb'.
11. Attack on Israel and war
Baruch ,   Boston, USA   (07.13.06)
Anyone who thinks this was not co-ordinated is foolish, and anyone who thinks there won't be a wider war is foolish. Iran hasn't been Israel-baiting for nothing. They and Syria are planning to come to the rescue of Hizbollah, Lebanon, and Hamas, thinking that the US is too tied up with Iraq to help. The only really good thing about this is the unanimity of purpose expressed in all the postings so far. Finally most Israelis will understand the uselessness of the left-wing camp and will support Israel dealing a severe blow to its enemies.
12. War is inetivable...
and this time make the job right. Make the Palestinians flee to Jordan and Egypt and kill anyone who stays.
13. Back to the future
Chrisona ,   Chicago.IL   (07.13.06)
I always predicted that Israel would end up having to reconquer and reoccupy "the territories." When the shooting is finally finished this time around, Israel needs to declare sovereignty over the territories and then figure out what to do with the Palestinians. It's the only road to reasonable security for Israelis.
14. To no. 10, Nitsan
Chrisona ,   Chicago.IL   (07.13.06)
Peace for Israel, meaning reasonable security for Israelis, will only come when Israel exercises both security and civil control of the WB and Gaza. Events have proven this.
15. The Problem with Electing Inexperienced Leaders.
Asher ,   FL   (07.13.06)
Olmert is an inexperienced leader, who made the mistake of surrounding himself with people of weak wills so there is room for his inflated ego. Israel needs someone with experience in these issues in this government, not a mayor with a big head and a labor union leader. I guess Kadima will last in the Knesset as long as Shinui did, if they keep up their hard work.
16. Transfer now!
Yerushalmi ,   Jerusalem   (07.13.06)
There is no other solution. Transfer them. We don't want to make trouble for egypt and jordan, so we can just throw them into syria. By catapult, if necesery.
17. wow
larry   (07.13.06)
only solution they are leaving us is to expel them. amazing. and i really think that at this point, the world may make a fuss and a whimper, but with north korea, iran, iraq...the world will be too busy watching everything else go to hell, it will be just another lousy day for the planet. i hope for one it happens, not because i want to hurt them, actually i feel sorry for them and personally would be willing to give them state in entire west bank/gaza with jerusalem for PEACE!! but its not gonna happen. olmert...kick them. kick them now.
18. Rocket Threat by savages
Brod ,   USA   (07.13.06)
The savages are threatening to shoot rockets at Israel's cities, airport and population centers. This is an existential threat. Israel must preempt the savages before they unleash their missiles. This makes it all the more important that Israel should not give away her historic and biblical land of Judea and Samaria to the savages. The latter does not understand peace. They dwell in their bottomless pit of hatred, violence and mayhem. They are a threat to Israel.
19. Prayers for the Israeli's
Floyd   (07.13.06)
May they finally be free from the restraints and able to kick the ass of those who want to destroy them. LONG LIVE ISRAEL!!!!
20. Misery on generations to come
Unbiased ,   NY   (07.13.06)
Israelies lack for wisdome and vision is becoming self-destructive. Don't they see the consequences of their atrocities? Don't they think that those Pals are unbeatable? Don't they see that the solution to give them their rights? Don't they see that their barbaric actions do only bring misery to them and their generaions to come? A fake peace that is tailored to please Israelis is not going to erase the injustice Palestinians have been going through for decades. Don't they see that at some point a Hizballah and Hamas-like groups will emerge in Jordan, Eygept, Syria, and the rest of the muslim world. IT IS TIME FOR A TRUE PEACE, EQUITY, AND COMPENSATION.
21. God Bless Israel
Gianca ,   Italy   (07.13.06)
May Israel quickly understand, with the help of Hashem, what needs to be done, before the cost grows any greater. We, and our prayers, are with you.
22. Unbiased #20
Jimbo ,   USA   (07.13.06)
Yes its time for tru peace equity and compensation! Peace from the Islamic terrorist in spain, london, bombay, west bank, bali, egypt, saudi arabia, france, usa, and all other places they attack civilians to fulfil their bloodlust. The question to answear is who from the pals will decide what that is. Some accept Isreal and can lice side by side but others will kill them and Isrealis forever and ever.
23. dont worry
mahir ,   lebanon   (07.13.06)
hit bridges ok hit aoroport ok destroy elecricity ok but !!!!! we are people wont affaraid even if you destroy lebanon we can build it 1 thousands time but hesbollah you can not cruch them they are people from iron can hit israel any time and you live for ever in shelter as a prison god bless hizbollah will crush you it is time to live palesine ango to hell
24. Empty threats
aline ,   Kfar Saba   (07.13.06)
Who says these are empty threats. I have found that the Arabs might be a lot of things, but they are not liars. If they say they will shoot at us, they will. Furthermore, there is a saying that you get the government you deserve. How many innocent Palestians do you think there are. They voted for a Hamas government and I don't feel sorry for them. They brought it on themselves.
25. Peace in our times!!!
Steve ,   Israel   (07.13.06)
Oh How beautifully this Peace Process of the last 13 years has brought us safety and peace??? The Peace Process is the only way!!!! Let's now get the Road Map going right into the sea??!!!!
26. No you winning a battle, Its the war you must win
Lemar ,   UK   (07.13.06)
Only way for Israel to survive is to win the war not just a battle. Israel must completely defeat her enemies. Do you think Hitler or Japan would have stopped if they had not been absolutely defeated and it took an A bomb to defeat Japan. Israel must turn the Gaza, Syria and Iran iinto Germany 1945 else that is how Israel will become. Its them or us, no compromise as Muslims dont understand that word yet only yesterday Omert was still talking about disengagement from the West Bank, the moron.
27. Israel is being played by the international community
Ibrahim ,   S. Arabia   (07.13.06)
Palestinians and those behind them ARE COUNTING on Israel's restraint and trying to please the "international community". In effect, Israel acts with one hand tied behind their back. Meanwhile the Palestinians and their supporters act with no concern about the "international community". In effect, both of their hands are free. It will be very interesting to see whether Israel will honor its obligation to its own citizens first, or to the "international community". I think this is the same "international community" that somehow had "no idea" that 6 million Jews were being cooked in ovens in WW2. The "international community's" debt to Israel for a crime of that magnitude can never be repaid. Moreover, it is the "international community" that placed Israel in the position it is today, by not clearing the land of Arabs before declaring it the "sovereign state of Israel". They sure could have moved them when they were drawing the borders of Jordan etc. after WW2. I think the "international community" has been using Israel as a pawn in the UN chess game.
28. death warrant
me ,   planet earth   (07.13.06)
The Al-aqsa,Hamas,and all the other murdering entities ,belonging to the Palestinians,have just signed their DEATH WARRANT,Israel wont just be targeting empty buildings this time..I guess this will be the second exodus of the Palestinian people,due to their STUPID,and ignorant,(so called leaders,)These ignoramus,idiots,are going to bring the Might of Israel down on their heads..and they are still listening to these murderes,Gaza and the west bank,will be turned into the Biggest inferno,these arabs have ever seen. But unfortunatly,innocent civiliens will be killed.,but that is not the Al-aqsa's problem,nor the hamas,nor the Jihad islamique,They do not care one inch,if innocent men women and children Their thirst for blood is far stronger;I would compare these Maniacs,to Dracula,being denied blood for A week,Dracula with out blood?? man,what ,a thirst,So can you imagine,these Palestinian extremists ,without blood shed for even a day?????? Just one rocket,comming out of the west bank and youre BOOM.. SO PALS ,,,MAKE MY DAY.
29. suadi Arabia
human   (07.13.06)
#27 Mr. Avraham Where is your town S.Arabia
30. Time is now
todd ,   usa   (07.13.06)
Israel, talks have accomplished nothing. Good will gestures have accomplished nothing. Force is the only option. If they send a rocket into one of your towns, totally destroy one of theirs. Make the penalty for their aggresion so severe they will not even think of attacking you. We in the United States support you.
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