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Auschwitz death camp gets new name
Published: 13.07.06, 16:14
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1. Poles assisted Nazis
slawomir ,   poland   (07.13.06)
"Some accounts say Poles assisted the Nazis at Auschwitz..." I would like to know this accounts. It`s important for me.
2. Who?
Konrad ,   Warsaw   (07.13.06)
"Some accounts say Poles assisted the Nazis at Auschwitz" What accounts? Who says that?
3. Konrad
Ivri   (07.14.06)
Unfortunately for you some of us survived to tell the truth.Poles,Serbs,Ukranians,Croats and more WORKED at the killing camps.See the documentary Shoah.
4. No point
Ilya ,   USA   (07.14.06)
All poles are still fervently anti-semetic. They loved it when their Jewish "problem" was gone even though many protested against Nazis. If a pole asks nice to your face, get him drunk, his anti-Jew bashing will commence.
5. The should have renamed it Gaza
Ruth Gold ,   Haifa Israel   (07.14.06)
How about that?
6. Poles
Sharon ,   Boston   (07.14.06)
Germany and Poland were enemies in WWII, but the Polacks couldn't do enough to help out the Germans. They're all the same to me.
7. Ruth Gold in Haifa
Ivri   (07.14.06)
You are a fake ,just like the Palestinians.
8. Ruth: get lost!
Nataly ,   NY   (07.14.06)
9. # 3 and a couple of questions
Konrad ,   Warsaw   (07.14.06)
"Unfortunately for you some of us survived to tell the truth.Poles,Serbs,Ukranians,Croats and more WORKED at the killing camps.See the documentary Shoah. " I have seen the film. You suggest - what? That in the Former Nazi German Concentration Camp Auschwitz the Poles WORKING there assisted Germans in killing the Jews? I what capacity, if I may ask? Documents, please. Documentary evidence. Material truth, not rumours. No nonsense. Like the number of people (6000) killed every day in Auschwitz during 1944, inserted in the article. Count for yourself, will you. And - you say "unfortunately for you". Why "unfortunately"? I am not afraid of truth. Do you possess some yet unknown and reliable information about how and in what capacity the Poles assisted the Germans in the extermination of the Jews in Auschwitz Camp? If you do, share it please with the Auschwitz Museum, or with Jewish Historical Institute in Warsaw, or with The Wiesenthal Centre, or with Yad Vashem. Go ahead, do not hesitate. Truth should prevail. And - why "for me"? What do you know about me, about my family background? Nothing. And yet you formulate some dark allusions. To tell you quite openly: I don't care a bit about your allusions. And, let me add, one thing that really hacks me off is the tendency of some people to inflate rumours and insist they are nothing but holy truth. Facts do not need any ornamentalizing. They are enough to learn from.
10. Sharon
Greg   (07.14.06)
Why don't you take history lesson and learn how WW II developed, which country suffered biggest loses, who were the four biggest allays fighting with Germany. And one more think derogatory language you use tells me a lot about you and your bigoted ignorance.
11. No point
Greg   (07.14.06)
There is more anti Polonism in NY and Boston then atisemitism in Poland. The notorious use of Polish death camps in NYT and other paper is just an example of it. The documentaries published by PBS show the antipolonism in NY if full light. Sharon writting two posts before my is just a perfect example of it. In Polish language there is no derogatory word describing Jew or American but here, in NY calling somebody Polack is ok. It shows the attitudes.
12. re:no point
truth ,   U.S.A.   (07.14.06)
"All poles are still fervently anti-semetic" When using the word "all" to describe a people you, in defending your own ancestry, display the seeds of the same evil that was in the Nazi's that led them to attempt the extermination of certain other people. Pull your head out of yyour @$$, Ilya. Are ALL jews as ignorant and bigoted as yourself?
13. Is it true that 3M out of 3.5M Jews in Poland killed.Yes/No?
Alan ,   SA   (07.14.06)
In Denmark only a handfull.... Question-Why? Answer(I think)-Local population of Danes didnt cooperate with Nazis. Nazi did have help in Eastern Europe from Liths, Lats, Ukrans,Estons and also Poles(I think) Yes ,many Poles did save many Jews (incl my family). Many ,many Poles were killed by Nazis. But in general the Jews were wiped out in Poland and more than a handfull of Poles did help the Nazis in this Job...(I think) 6000 or 600 or 60 or 6 a day doesnt matter. By the end of WW2 where was the preWar Jewish Population of Poland? Today I like to think that Poland is a good friend to Israel and Jews.(I hope I think correct on this point at least)
14. # 13
Konrad ,   Warsaw   (07.14.06)
Comparison of war-time situation in Poland and Denmark makes no sense. Books are not THAT costly!
15. To Alan # 13
Chris ,   Warsaw, Poland   (07.14.06)
Some othe numbers; soldiers killed during WW2 - Poland: 123 178, Denmark: 1800, civilian victims - Poland about 6000 (half of them Jews), Denmark: 2000. Try to find how many Danes were killed for hiding Jews, someone told me that only 1. The number of Poles killed for the same "crime" is of order of thousand. The reason of this difference was that Danes are Germanic people so racist Nazis treated them as blood brothers. And there were Danish volunteers in Waffen SS Division Viking. Have nice day. K
16. to 13
Nath ,   Montreal   (07.14.06)
The Danes behaved very bravely during the war. But they were germanic people, they were not classified as an inferior race (as Poles were) and they were not treated so harshly. In Poland a man was killed for helping a Jew - not in Denmark. Moreover, the number of Jews in Denmanrk was very small compared to Poland, I think the Germans were too busy with Jews in Eastern Europe to immediately crack down on small Jewish communities everywhere. And yes, you're right, now Poland is one of the most pro-Isreali countries in Europe.
17. Jewish organizations support Poland
Nath   (07.14.06)
What this article does not say is that Yad Vashem supports the Polish government in this matter (you can read about it on the European Jewish Press site) and other big Jewish organizations, like the ADL have published statements saying that Poland is absolutely not responsible for the Nazi camps. Also, I visted the Holocaust Memorial museum in Washington this summer and there is nothing there to suggest that Poles were involved with the operation of the camps. Moreover, they have a very beautiful section on how the Poles suffered during WWII. Maybe some people should pay more attention to what those insittutions say rather than repeating rumors and stereotypes.
18. Konrad&Chris-Still why so many Jews in Poland killed
Alan   (07.15.06)
Poland is of course much much bigger than Denmark. I dont think Jews were too popular in E Europe at that time (or any other time to be truthfull) Maybe you need buy a cheaper book to find this out Conrad . Still tell me where all those Jews disappeared too? 3M gone from 3.5 M or is that statistic wrong.I can tell you of my own fathers family ,many many "disappeared".Their sons I speak to every week.(now late 70's). They tell me all the stories even how they too would have disappeared if not for their Polish Nanny. They tell me about all the E Europeans.I dont need a cheaper book.
19. #18
Konrad ,   Warsaw   (07.15.06)
"Why so many Jews in Poland killed?" I am not going to answer this question. Go buy yourself a book about the Third Reich and its genocidal projects. Visit some Holocaust Museum. Study a bit. I am glad to hear that some of your relatives owe their lives to their Polish nannies. Do the names of those nannies figure on the Yad Vashem list of the Righteous Among the Nations? Here, a link about the greatest nanny of all the nanies of the world, Mrs. Irena Sendlerowa: Concerning Denmark. Read carefully article and talkbacks devoted to war-time attitudes of the Danes to their Jewish co-citizens.,7340,L-3246548,00.html A participant from Denmark writes there: "Lets get the facts straight. The Danish government collaborated with the Germans from day 1. Denmark profited from her exports, which were used to feed the Wehrmacht, when the Wehrmacht was killing hundred thousands of Jews. Danish industrialists and entrepreneurs used Jewish slave labourers in their enterprises in the Baltic and Poland. Did they do that to alleviate the pressure on the Jews in Denmark? No, certainly not. Danish collaboration was not practiced with the purpose of saving the Danish Jews. 6000 Danish men joined the Waffen-SS, with the approval of the Danish government. They participated in the murder of Jews in Poland and other countries. 1940-43 the Danish authorities expelled at least 21 Jews to Germany, among them 3 children. 19 of these people were killed in Auschwitz and other camps. The German occupants in Denmark never asked for the expulsion of these people. Already in 1936 the Danish authorities tried to systemize expulsion of mainly Jewish refugees from Denmark. Shortly before the Danish Jews escaped to Sweden in 1943, Danish authorities seriously discussed interning the Jews in Denmark. Such ideas had already emerged in 1942." [...] "Legends and Myths from WWII Denmark: "
20. Alan # 18
Chris ,   Warsaw, Poland   (07.15.06)
You could ask as well why the other 3 millions (there is a mistake in my post #15-there should be 6000000 civilian victims in Poland) of Polish population died. The first and foremost reason was that there were occupiers who wanted to do it and had the power to do it.
21. Thank you Conrad&Chris-Now go enjoy nice weather outside .
Alan ,   SA   (07.15.06)
22. Get it Right
Yuses ,   Orange County, Calif   (07.16.06)
The first Pole was murded by Nazi's in Auschwitz two years before the first jew set foot there. Over 3 million Poles were murdered the Nazi death camps, and then the entire nation was subjected to the Holocaust of communism.
23. #3 response ,Ivri
Karen Edelman ,   Poland   (06.27.07)
SS-men mainly of german origin worked in the camp.There were also functional prisoners who had no choice and also had to work as capos,blockalters etc.They were german,polish,but also jewish.Don't forget that SonderKommando (People who burned bodies at crematorium,and prepared people to enter it) were mainly jewish.Does that mean that Jews are also guilty?Of course not because they had no choice!
24. You lie in a usual way
Jacek Kucharski ,   Lublin, Poland   (11.05.07)
"Some accounts say Poles assisted the Nazis at Auschwitz,..." Also, the Jewish police in ghettos also "assisted" the Nazis in transportation of Jews to gas chambers. Your statement is a mere defamation, dirty and wicked. Also, the murderers of Jews were of two groups: "Poles" and "Nazis". Those "Nazi" group probably came from Mars?
25. Wicked and Stupid
Jacek ,   Lublin, Poland   (11.05.07)
Perhaps you have not heard there was forced labour in Poland under German occupation.
26. 30 or 40 km to Sweden
Jacek ,   Lublin, Poland   (11.05.07)
In Denmark, they hve ca 40km to the neutral, German-free Sweden. Also, Danes have several thousand and not 3,5 million Jews to be carried ca 40km to Sweden.
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