Extremist group: We kidnapped 2 Palestinians
Efrat Weiss
Published: 13.07.06, 18:39
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1. Should Israelis party now, recite poetry?
Trovador ,   Portugal   (07.13.06)
The snow ball is getting quite big... Long live Zion! you are not alone in the world, not all europeans are pro-pals
2. War is here.
Gil ,   Tel Aviv   (07.13.06)
At times like this I feel 1000% in touch with my fellow Jews in Israel. If they call me then I will go and won't think twice. Its the battle for survival and not the first time that we fought for our lives. Am Yisrael Chai!!
3. it's about time the Jews learned the rules of this game
Uzi   (07.13.06)
4. why?
darryl ,   israel   (07.13.06)
do you think you are any different to the garbage that kidnapped the soldiers
5. Kidnapping
YONI   (07.13.06)
Guys your intentions are good however fella's we are jews we dont stoop to their level we dont we are not scum like them
6. Fighting fire with fire?
Arie   (07.13.06)
Perhaps an excellent solution
7. 3 million Palestinians are held hostages
Liela Rafaat ,   Haifa   (07.13.06)
its is nothing new to the people of Palestine, 60 lebanese civilians have been killed so far ...including 19 young children .....the Palestinian and the lebanese blood are united again in the face of this ugly zioinist war machine ..... WHO IS RUNNING FROM THE WAR ZONE .....WHY DID THE HOTEL ROOMS HAVE DOUBLED IN PRICE IN TEL -AVIV
8. Good Going! [sarc]
Way to stoop down to the Arabs' level! Now both groups can claim moral blindness! Shame on the extremist Jews---acting like a bunch of uncivlized Arabs! Shame!
9. Free them! Hopefully it is a prank. JEWS ARE NOT TERRORISTS
Russell ,   Miami   (07.13.06)
As logical as it seems to fight fire with fire, we cannot do this! It is an emotionally satisfying response but cannot be done! Our morality and civilized behavior is what separates us from them. If this report is true, the Shin Bet and Israeli police must act to free these Palestinians as soon as possible and arrest and punish the perpetrators.
10. Sounds like a new group to me
Sam Weinstein ,   USA   (07.13.06)
How can this "extreamist "organization be the same as this article is talking about the name as the indicates it is named after the kidnapped soldier and he was only kidnapped two weeks ago or am I missing something here? I mean if there were other attacks how can it be this group or at least under this name?
11. Although Weiss likes to writes fiction, what a nice story.
Jeremiah ,   Israel, Jewish Land   (07.13.06)
12. Better than This
Levine ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (07.13.06)
What makes us different than the Palestinian Terrorists if we start taking hostages also? As a jewish people, we are supposed to be better than this- not to lower ourselves to the level of terroristists. Even worse than the terrorists, for it was soldiers, not civilians, that were kidnapped, and Israel wants them back, while Hamas will probably leave these people, they are known to sacrifice their own. We are even lower than the terrorists. At least they said they wouldnt harm the hostages. ~Levine
13. Popular "Occupation" Committees?
Arched Eyebrow   (07.13.06)
So now we have popular "occupation" committees to mirror the palestinian popular "resistance" committees? Interesting...
14. Even If True, The Palestinians Wouldn't Give a Hoot Even If
H ,   Jerusalem   (07.13.06)
100 were kidnapped.
15. stupid move
Neil ,   NY USA   (07.13.06)
Do you really think that Hizbollah cares about 2 arab workers? The Iranians rolled over mothers with buses who were protesting their children being sent to the front during the Iran-Iraq war. You may as well have kidnapped a couple of cockroaches.
16. It's About time!
Ari   (07.13.06)
17. oh lord...
my heart sank when i read this...this is only a downward spiral if we stoop to their level.
18. Ahmedinejad is a happy camper
Joe ,   Brooklyn, NY   (07.13.06)
So I think that Ahmedinejad has been searching for an excuse to get involved in the Arab-Israeli conflict, so he can go down in history as the guy who succeeded in destroying Israel. Now, Israel is bombing Lebanon, laying seige to it, and between Lebanon, Gaza, and the presence of Israeli extremist-vigilantes, there may (HOPEFULLY NOT) be some kind of event like Qana, Deir Yassin, you know....that will give Ahmedinejad an excuse to do something crazy. Pray, pray, pray, pray, pray that the situation doesn't escalate.
19. Please explain
Alex ,   LA, USA   (07.13.06)
Why Israel permitted Abbas and the Hamas leader to leave Gaza? Was some Israeli Government official was paid of? Who paid and how much?
20. Why kill civilians ?
Hanna laham ,   Safad   (07.13.06)
Why the mass killing of civilians in Gaza and Lebanon ??? Why the destruction of basic civil needs / electric /water /airports /gov. buildings / Universities / schools .....Israel started the destructive bombings of vital sites ....that don't fit the civilized image ISRAEL enjoys in the eyes of the CIVILIZED world , sons of ABRHAM please give the kids a chance , killing is not the answer to your security needs .
21. Why kill civilians ?
Hanna laham ,   Safad   (07.13.06)
Why the mass killing of civilians in Gaza and Lebanon ??? Why the destruction of basic civil needs / electric /water /airports /gov. buildings / Universities / schools .....Israel started the destructive bombings of vital sites ....that don't fit the civilized image ISRAEL enjoys in the eyes of the CIVILIZED world , sons of ABRHAM please give the kids a chance , killing is not the answer to your security needs .
22. attention to No 7 to rifat rafaat
eliaou ayache ,   achdod-israel   (07.13.06)
why did u live in haifa if u dont like israel , go away , u received multiple medical and jobs in israel ;so then why u dont feels israeli like all others israelis"drusim"bedouin"christians, etc.."respecting medina israel so if u dont like , sorry u dont merit to have the nationality israelis , u must be expelled out from israel to jordania if u hate like that israel , why did u stay in israel !! I am berberic jew native in algiers and i can tell us ""berberics or kabiles" hating too many the arabs nation islamics .. shame to u for spoke like that , its a insult to israeli nation and the jewish nation , u merit to be out of israel you and your brothers arabs of israel lines and the territories !! anyway zal for israelis people "soldiers and civils wisely assassinated by hamas-fatah-djihad hezbollah" hachem is with israel for fire all arabs in middle east .. am israel hai
23. stupid action
yoel ,   switzerland   (07.13.06)
Israeli government needs full support during these bad days. As it was said for Lebanon yesterday, Israel is responsible for what happens inside its territories. I'm afraid those kidnapers will just endanger soldiers' lives. Instead of focusing on the ennemy, Israel will need to mobilize some of its forces to recover these abducted pals. Also remember that those workers are civilians and innocent.
24. I'll be impressed when...
Unimpressed   (07.13.06)
I'll be impressed when they identify and kidnap members of actual terrorist organizations rather than random Palestinians, which is not a very impressive feat, but liable to create large amounts of blowback and outrage. One has to understand the utility of violence - what it can and can't accomplish - as well as the fact that it has to be applied precisely, and with due consideration of the consquences and gains in play. If they were to announce they had kidnapped two members of Hamas' military wing, for instance, I would be impressed by not only their dash and vigor, but their technical accomplishment as welll. Better luck next time guys. As it is, who did you grab - someone's grandma?
25. Gil
Yakir ,   Swiss   (07.13.06)
very brave of you. for me its the same. i was in a special unit and i told my 'mefaked' to call me if he needs me on field. im ready to go
26. Stupidity: just what we need now
Russel ,   Tlv   (07.13.06)
When Yids start behaving like arabs ther's no hope.
27. Should Israeli party now
Djaza├»ri ,   France   (07.13.06)
All the zionist entity is a pseudo-jewish, true extreme gang that will be crushed sooner or later. At this moment you'll remember that you came from Italy, Russia, France etc. and you'll get out your ID cards to do back to these countries.
28. Stupid - Sinking to their level
David ,   Yerushalayim   (07.13.06)
Perhaps these childish morons should read another piece o YNET: "Moral high ground secret to IDF strength"
29. Arabs Taken Hostage
Judy ,   Lexington USA   (07.13.06)
What's the point? Arabs have no respect for human life. The terrorists live among the civilian population and don't care if children are killed. They use that for world sympathy. And guess works. Leave these two working, productive Arabs alone. Don't harm them. Let them go. The terrorists don't care about them. It's only bad press for Israel. Long live Israel!!!
30. Not Extremist In The least. Hope This Report is true
What is 'extremist' about an eye for an eye? In my estimation this should have been done long ago. One fights fire with fire, not with piss.
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