Israel fears transfer of kidnapped troops to Iran
Published: 13.07.06, 20:46
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1. Transfer of kidnapped troops to Iran
Lee Klimek ,   Cary, NC USA   (07.13.06)
Two very quick points: Whatever is done, Israel must prevent the transfer of the kidnapped troops to Iran. Second, the closing statement of the article submits that Israel created this crisis. This is an insane proposition and is so typical of Asefi who doesn't seem to have a clue what reality is. Let me recap quickly -- terrorists tunnel under the border and kidnap Israelis. Israel reacts appropriately. Asefi thinks that the current crisis was caused by Israel? This guy is nuts! Unfortunately, this is just one simple indication of exactly why there is no way possible to achieve peace with madmen in this area of the world. Let me say it loud, keep your hands off of Israel and all of its people!
2. a good Joke Israel
One Sol. ,   Jerusalem   (07.13.06)
it seems your mossad iving your information from their shelters in Haifa and kiryat 8. say the truth one time and pack your stuff to eastren Europe.
3. Iran or Syria
Fadi ,   FL, USA   (07.13.06)
C'mon, make up your mind. We understand that you have to blame one of the two. Maybe you can blame both, by claiming that the Shalit was sent to Syria and the other two to Iran!
4. #2...pathetic excuse for a person...
DR ,   Florida, USA   (07.13.06)
Your brain is so filled with lies, you have no clue what the truth is or waht reality is. The world knows, however, that ISrael is an honest country sorrounded by villains...people like you, who see things completely backwards. The US is on our side, along with Germany, England, Italy etc etc. Who is on your side??? Syria, Iran, Palestinians??? Get real!!! You are on the wrong side here man. ANd you will lose!!! That's a guarantee.
5. tsahal should do a statement :
stephane ,   france   (07.13.06)
telling to lebanese that from now,any vehicle approaching any point of the lebanese-syrian border closer than 5 km to syria will be hit...because it's very logical that the cowards will do all their possible to send the 2 soldiers in iran(if they didn't do it yet)...israel can see with their satellites any vehicle going in direction of syria.
6. That is precisely why Israel is cutting off Lebanon
Edan ,   Beer Sheva   (07.13.06)
Hermetically sealing it off from the world. We cannot let that happen. That could literally mean WW3 , so I don't think anyone wants that. Actually I retract that last statement, maybe Hizbullah and Iran do.
7. to Lee #1 Crisis is definitely a result of Israels action
N B Shalom   (07.13.06)
When they expelled Jews from gush Katif and gave the territory to the arab terrorist it was translated by the all arabs as major weakness and thus Hamas gained, continuous Kasams in Israel, emboldened to kill and kidnap Israely soldiers and to were its today misile in Haifa. If they will not be crushed we are in trouble.
8. tsahal should do a statement :
Djazaïri ,   France   (07.14.06)
Be more precise : zionist satellites can only see vehicles going towards Syria. They're blind otherwise like zionists use to be.
9. Edan do you really believe a few bombed roads will stop them
Caligula's Horse ,   Solomon's Stables   (07.13.06)
You think they cant overcome a little crater if they wanted to? Believe me, if they want to they can easily bring them to Syria and from there to Iran, Somalia, Sudan, Algieria, pick any rational peace loving Muslim country you want.
10. 3 Fadi cannot follow the triangle it is beyond his limitted
Gabrielle Goldwater ,   Geneva Switzerland   (07.14.06)
Linda Rivera ,   New York   (07.14.06)
Treason and maliciously endangering IDF soldiers' lives by Arab MKs is allowed in Israel whilst patriotic Jews are punished and jailed and regarded as ENEMIES OF THE STATE. It is urgent that demonstrations are held outside the Knesset and outside Israeli consulates world-wide to protest that Arab MKs are allowed to commit treason - collude with the enemy - repeatedly call for intifada against Israel - and encourage global jihadist religious supremacists to kidnap IDF soldiers. And to protest the persecution and politically-motivated, unjust jailing of Jewish patriots. Arab MK: 'I Advised PA to Kidnap Soldier' Jul 09, '06 / 13 Tammuz 5766 by Hillel Fendel Knesset Member Wasal Taha, corresponding publicly with internet surfers on the Arabic-language IslamOnline site, said he repeatedly advised PA terrorists to battle and kidnap Israeli soldiers. According to a report in Maariv newspaper on Sunday, Taha told surfers on Thursday that he repeatedly advised the PA Arabs to stop shooting and targeting civilians, and to concentrate on IDF targets...
12. 2 One Sol.: You have an obsession see a doctor
Gabrielle Goldwater ,   Geneva Switzerland   (07.14.06)
13. kidnapped troops probably are in Tehran by now!
14. Which country is peaceloving.???
d ,   usa   (07.14.06)
Algeria... not bad... the rest.. are you for real... where do you live.. in an imaginary world... Sudan, Somalia, are for sure in major crises... and Syria... are they not one of the major causes of instability in the region.....
15. France...
d ,   usa   (07.14.06)
Interesting... didnt France take land from Germany after the second world war??? fill me in maybe Im clueless on that one.. or is it just that someone that wins land in a defensive war should keep some of it...
d ,   usa   (07.14.06)
I think in almost any other free country in the world this would be considered technically treason.. freedom of speech is OK.. but if there is a documented case of a call for intifada against Israel then these or any of those in Israel should be ejected from the country....its only common sense
17. 8 Djazaïri,France : The blind person is YOU
Gabrielle Goldwater ,   Geneva Switzerland   (07.14.06)
Read the official IDF and FM reports that are daily on their websites
Truth ,   USA   (08.09.06)
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