Iran warns Israel not to attack Syria
Published: 14.07.06, 00:52
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1. Blah, Blah, Blah
California Bear ,   Berkeley , USA   (07.14.06)
Let the lunatic droll on like he always does. He needs to worry about his own country the "Ignorant Republic of Iran"
2. Destroy Hizbuallah
Jerry ,   NYC, USA   (07.14.06)
And Ahmad-I'm-a-nut-job will lose his right arm.
3. Iran warns Israel not to attack Syria
nell ,   switzerland   (07.14.06)
Ahmadinejad, when you get elected you talk. An attack on the islamic world? give me a break! and an attack on the non-islamic world? 9/11? you know that date? i personally do, do you?
4. Rice
Betsy   (07.14.06)
Israel IS using restraint! Rice actually thinks she has the right to tell Israel what to do. is she so blind that she doesn't have an inkling of the tremendous restraint Israel is using and has been using for too long?
5. Bashir Assad, the Syrian, IS a COWARD
Laila ,   Beirut, Lebanon   (07.14.06)
Using Lebanon as his backyard War Zone,,, The Lebanese are stupid to accept this and eventually pay the price... How sad !!!
6. Ahmedadajerk Read This !
Ray ,   USA   (07.14.06)
dont worry about huzibulla getting all of the attention... the USA is about to give you a much needed butt kicking, of the ATOMIC variety. For some insight, read Ezekeil, starting around chapter 36.... so you are really interested in aquiring the A-Bomb ? you wont have to wait much longer.
7. Iran the heart of Islam
Marcel ,   Florida   (07.14.06)
It's time to cut the heart out of this monster,Israel ,or will you wait till the cost is too high ?
8. Here comes stupid
Ryan ,   Calgary, Canada   (07.14.06)
I was waiting for this idiot to start running his mouth. Right on time. My hat is off to Israel. They are standing up to international criticism, etc, UN, france, russia, like they can talk though, and they are doing what everyone, including a lot of arabs want them to do, these guys only understand bombs, so make sure you drop your big ones on them, Israel you are making the world a safer place to live in all over, by killing, or crippling these terrorist organizations, hopefully you won't stop there and you will cripple there supporting and harboring nations -- syria and iran, everyone will thank you, I am proud that Canada condems hizzbollah, its about time our government here stopped sitting on the fence, my hats off to all Israeli's, civilians and soldiers alike, stay strong, your courage and devotion are inspiring, Cheers from Canada, I will vacation there and spend lots on your tourism in gratitude of your perserverance.
9. Good Face
Ryan ,   Canada   (07.14.06)
Rice is just putting on a good face for the media, to shut up the tree huggers over here, politcal correctness is killing the west. I think deep down they are extremely happy, which is shown through there veto of that Qatar resolution in the UN. As soon as syria and/or Iran is involved, there will be attacks from the US guaranteed, they got Iran surrounded on 3 fronts, Afghan, Ocean, and Iraq. It's my belief that is why they don't have an exit plan for Iraq, cause they are there and used to the conditions now, and ready for Iran.
10. Rice
concerned american ,   san francisco, CA   (07.14.06)
Betsy- Americans, who've thown unlimited billions at Israel and the most diplomatic cover any country could ever hope to recieve, should get something for their money, don't you think? The US does have the right to tell Israel what to do, concidering the bankrolling of the Israeli military and much more. The US is Israel's #1 ally, not the other way around. No Iraeli action today brings ANY of of their soldiers any closer to home. None-not bombing a cilivlian airport, or roads used for tourists, or bridges- of these actions come close to securing the soldiers. think about it- the only thing proven today is military superiority and th e ablilty to destroy.
11. should nuke busher
jack   (07.14.06)
give iranians living w/in 10 miles of the reactor 10 days to leave, and then nuke it. screw those mullahs and ahmedinajad , single minded obsesssion -- genocide of the jewish people. they need to get their big fat lesson. we need to think about what happened 50 years ago and imagine what we would like to do to those who did that. then we need to remember that iran and hezbollah would like to do the same thing today.
12. Iran, ISRAEL is the sleeping giant
abraham ,   bew york   (07.14.06)
iran i would be very worried right now
13. Iran is the real enemy
Brod   (07.14.06)
Iran is the real aggressor against Israel. Hamas and Hezbollah are their proxies. Iran supplies them with thousands of Katyushas and millions of dollars to attack Israel. Iran has threatened to wipe off Israel with nuke which they are feverishly working on. Iran triggered their proxies to attack Israel to create a diversion from the UN's focus on their nuke work so that they will have ample time to complete their nukes. It is time Israel targets the real aggressor--Iran before the latter reaches a point of no return.
14. Rice
Gilbert ,   Richmond Va. USA   (07.14.06)
You do not understand politics. It's just political talk that's all. America knows what is going on. Rice is not stupid. You need to stand in her shoes for awhile. Here in America she is queen. Gil
15. US to Iran: dont attackisrael
fondi ,   israel   (07.14.06)
16. Iran can destroy Israel
Muhammad-Ali ,   Montreal   (07.14.06)
Iran is not weak and is much bigger than the Zionist entity.
17. Laila is right
Mike ,   Israel   (07.14.06)
Lebanese aer extremely stupid first they let syria use its people and land for war now the Hizbullah i feel for lebanon but this will end Hizbullah will be destroyed along with syria.
18. We <3 Ahmadinejad
Fadi ,   FL, USA   (07.14.06)
I don't even want to think of the consequences that Israel will face if it attacks Syria.
19. # 10 # 14 Rice Gumbo
Marcel ,   Florida   (07.14.06)
Here in america the right see her as an incompetent schoolmarm WHO IS WAY OUT OF HER PLACE. She takes on the anti-Israel stand of the State Deaperment since becoming Secretarty of State. And you morons make excuses for her siding with Palestinian terrorists and always restraining Israel. Working for a failed president who assumed to pacify islam in iraq with democracy and the vote. Iraq is his disaster no matter how you spin it. Rice & Bush and their failed Road Map has rewarded Palestinian terrorism and punished Israel by stealing their land for the nightmare Palestinian state plan which is another failed and cursed disaster. Just as Bush has made shiite Iraq united with shiite iran ,so to has his peace plan brought Israel to disaster.
20. Big Al's message to Iran & Syria
Big Al ,   Hell   (07.14.06)
My loyal sons of jihad,I have a big problem down here and need about 2 milllion of you down here. The sewer pipes are once again clogged and you are requested to go to hell immediately and help unclog the pipes . Please bring your appetites and be ready to eat ,for we have much dung here for you . Big Al -ah
21. the time for talk is over. Nuke IRAN!
jF ,   nashville   (07.14.06)
22. 16, 18: wishful thinking from the Arabs
sk ,   USA   (07.14.06)
Think about it guys. Even Iran doesn't think it can destroy Israel - yet. That's why it hasn't started a direct war with it. Rather, it uses proxies. The last time Iran was in a real war, it fought to a stalemate with Iraq. Incidentally, given that 90+% (~) of Iranians absolutely loathe the regime, Ahmadinijad is in no position to project any force at all. Of course, if he actually has a nuke, things might change, but he cannot deliver it yet.
23. To Fadi & Muhamad Ali
X   (07.14.06)
The muslim world has been trying to destroy Israel since 1948 and has failed at every attempt in spite of overwhelming manpower and at times technical superiority. Today Israel has marked technical superiority , a large nuclear arsenal and the means to deliver them at a distance. Israel's ally,the U.S. is lusting for an excuse to pound Iran and Syria into dust and both of these countries are stupid enough to do this. A combined U.S./Iraeli nuclear strike on both counties wound obliterate them in about half an hour. If I were a leading member of the Syrian, Iranian or Hisbullah governement I would seriously consider making an effort to recognize Israel as aJewish majority state with in safe and secure borders. The alternative is to start practising kissing their collective butts goodbye
24. #16 Muhammad....
DR ,   Florida, USA   (07.14.06)
Hiding in Montreal, cursing Israel...very scary stuff!!! The fact of the matter is that Israel can take out Iran's whole airforce in minutes, probably before they even take off. the fact that you have learned nothing from history only shows your true ignorance. This is a good sign for us, we are dealing with a bunch of Muhammads...we will surely win!!!
Linda Rivera ,   New York   (07.14.06)
and human rights for the world's non-Muslims. The so-called Arab Israeli conflict is part of global jihad to bring every nation under Islamic subjugation. Islamists, communists and fascists, are united in daily, hourly, seeking the destruction of America, Israel, and the world. We are in the Third World War and Road Map architects - U.S. EU, UN and Russia, have chosen surrender! Half of Israel is offered as a gift for a global Islamic terror state! The world sleeps, not comprehending the wicked betrayal - we are all in great danger of losing the precious freedom and human rights we cherish. It is left for Israel alone to stand up to the terrorists. Heroic Israel will defend not only Jews, but the whole world by fighting and DEFEATING the terrorists and REFUSING to give Jewish land for a terror state.
26. muhamid ali; montreal
alex ,   los angeles   (07.14.06)
i didn't know that muhamid ali the boxer moved to montreal? did he get a degree over there?
27. 9/11
Jeffrey ,   NYC, USA   (07.14.06)
To people who know anything about the conflict going on in that region, the date 9/11 has no relevance. You are bigots to bring it up - it is the eternal reason, the lame horse that is trotted out ever time there is justification needed for any atrocity committed against the Arab, Muslim, or Persian world. Check your facts, and check your wounded ego at the door.
28. Rice and Israel's restraint
Jeffrey ,   NYC, USA   (07.14.06)
If bulldozing the villages of innocent people is restraint, then Israel is the model for the world. If the most shameless land grab in the 20th century ("A land without a people for a people without a land") is entirely defensible, then Israel and all who inhabit her are saints. But neither of these is true - Israel has every right to exist as a state, for she is that, but the government and the army have no right whatsoever to kill and bully the people who have lived there since before Israel was ever an idea in Winston Churchill's head.
29. How can Israel's land be stolen when it stole its land?
Jeffrey ,   NYC, USA   (07.14.06)
Think about it - if you steal my property, can you call the global police when it is taken from you?
30. good face--reply
nelsnes ,   canada   (07.14.06)
Good have a problem with this??? If so, you should be quite behind the reality..
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