IDF bombs Hizbullah stronghold in Beirut
Hanan Greenberg
Published: 14.07.06, 07:43
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1. i want to see if the arab are still jumping!
henry ,   nyc   (07.14.06)
3. Level Beirut
infidel ,   haifa   (07.14.06)
Please go ahead and level everything so that nice clean buildings can replace the old ones.
4. why is the U.S. always RESTRAINING Israel
Marcel ,   Florida   (07.14.06)
Rice & Bush again call for Israel and not terrorists restraint. The reason is so that Israel does not defeat those intent on her destruction. This standing U.S. policy is always maintained to make sure Israel does not embarass the Arab world again with a quick and humiliating defeat. There is too much at stake for America to be loyal to any one small nation, especially when they are Jews. The dubious ally,America always effectively ties Israel's hands since their surprising defeat of Syria,Jordan and Egypt in 1967. And Israel always falls for this ruse. I received an email for a deluded Israeli today who found a convinent excuse for why Bush was limiting Israel's response to Arab agression across their border. He Wrote; "the Bush Administration is restraining Israel because the Administration is having a time of it in Iraq and with Iran." That's rubbish Yom Kippur was supposed to be a decisice victory for the Arabs,as the U.S. hoped it would be. The 1st Bush administration restrained Israel from responding to Saddam's 39 scuds during the first U.S. move on Saddam. This began the bleeding of Israel's now non existent deterrence against her Arab neighbors. It's just more of the same U.S.Policy against Israel. Israel's most serious tactical error has been to rely on the look out for their best interests. You still have not awakened to the dangers of U.S. calls for restraint and Iraq is just another red herring excuse to tie Israel's hands again. The world as a whole is troubled when the Jews defend themselves. They would much rather like to see them quietly head to slaughter without fighting or protest and this is why France and so many a crying against Israel's supposed disproporinate use of force. Wake Up Israel ,this is not the time for restraint . It is time to tell Bush to restrain himself from interference in Israel's attempt to revive deterrence with her neighbors.
5. Follow the roadre programmed! to Assad
And make sure the Hellfire's a
6. make it look good
hanina ,   usa   (07.14.06)
Keep up the good work brave Israeli soldiers. Maybe if you make it look real good Hashem will want to join you.
7. GO GO GO IDF !!! :D
GO GO GO   (07.14.06)
8. Satan
Colin ,   Jerusalem   (07.14.06)
Let the anti-zionist's rot in hell. may no Israeli's be harmed while we take on the worlds enemy
Ryan ,   Chicago, USA   (07.14.06)
Israel has killed at least 50 civilans since the crisis started yesterday. It destroyed the airports, bridges, highways, and blockaded the seaport. Israel is saying its trying to avoid the scenario in which the hostages are taken to Syria or Iran but Israel knows well that hizbullah have the ability to transfer the hostages even though the roads and bridges are destroyed. Israel is using mass punishment to refrain people from supporting Hizbullah which won' work. It uses the same tactics with the Palestinians, and the Palestinians just keep on supporting the resistance elements more and more. Israel's only way to free their soldiers is through negotiations and negotiations only. Enough killing people on both sides . Enough blood has been shed in the past 2 weeks. Almost a 100 Palestinians, 70 Lebanese and 2 Israeli civilans have been killed so far. ENOUGH !!!
10. what
david ,   USA   (07.14.06)
what do you call this?
11. Definition of War
Bob ,   San Jose US   (07.14.06)
War means death and total anhilation. If someone attacks me or a member of my family or kidnaps my means war. No holds barred. The problem is that the civilians of these backward muslim states have no respect even for their own Muslim neighbors so why should anyone else. Read your history books.....Muslims attack other Muslim and everyone else. And this has been going on since the inceptin of Islam...religion of hate and death.
12. US/Israel
psa ,   Lancaster, PA   (07.14.06)
The US may say in public that Israel should restrain, but you know in private the administration is saying go for it!!! Just like when they IAF/IDF took out Saddam's nuclear reactor, All though the US ought to be doing it out in the open instead of worrying what the Europeans will say (after all the Europeans need us more then we need them).
13. Extraordinary claims, let's see the proof.
Gene ,   Raleigh, USA   (07.14.06)
Hizbullah denies firing into Haifa, why would they if they did? Israel say they have proof, so...let's see it. The world has seen Israel false flag many time to achieve her goals.
14. All praise the IDF
jF ,   Nashville   (07.14.06)
Hizbullahs time has come. Let them all die!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
15. Israel
J ,   Boston, MA   (07.14.06)
Why does the US always support Isreal. Clearly they have gone too far this time. First they bomb a power plant in the middle of a sweltering summer, then an airport, now a highway. The US needs to open their eyes and see what the rest of teh world sees. Isreal is a bully.
16. #9
Chris Bennet ,   Richmond, Va   (07.14.06)
I hope Israel is just getting warmed up. 50 years of absorbing terrorist attacks to its civilian population has finally come to a head. The Syrian, Palestinian, and Iranian people are worthless anti-semetic hate mongers. They add no value to the world society, and their casualties mean nothing to the sake of world peace. Let Israel roll on, and I hope that the Iranian government gets involved militarily so the United States can join this true war on terror. Mark my words, if this escalates to full scale war, Syria, Lebanon, and Iran will be toppled in two weeks. You know it and I know it. And Mahmoud Amandinejad knows it too, and that is why he will cowardly support hizbullah from afar. Bring it on I say. Let this war take place and watch freedom prevail!
17. Either Israel Will Prevail Or Islamic Terrorists.
Adina kutnicki ,   US   (07.14.06)
Pummel the Lebanese neighborhoods that house Hizballah until there is NOTHING left but dust. Have no mercy, otherwise all be will lost in this major face off. Victory is the only option. No more 'limited conflict doctrine'.
18. Ryan from Chi town
Monica ,   New York   (07.14.06)
clearly negotions wont work, Ryan
19. Islam = Terrorism.Islam has killed millions of civilians
Ricardo ,   Denver   (07.14.06)
Allah wanted to kill millions of men women and children? I think not. Islamic terrorists have taken over the movement and must be dealt with!!!
AVINU   (07.14.06)
Hizbullah is not just an enemy of Jewish people,but of the entire Western world too !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
21. #9
David Joseph ,   Orlando Florida   (07.14.06)
Are you talking about the thousands of civilians and US soldiers killed in Iraq? Well man, war is hell and there is no justice in war, at least until after the war is ended. Eventhough if your in the wrong area at the wrong time..well.
22. stop apoligizing for terroists
Brett Wilcox ,   Atlanta Ga.   (07.14.06)
23. #9 ryan Hezbollah need's a break ?
Marcle ,   Florida   (07.14.06)
You play with fire ,you get burned. Lebanon suffers for permitting hezbollah to attack Israel. All the excuses that Lebanon is too weak are lies. Your call for negotiations is too late. Wer know the negotation game you islamist play You know that the this cult of death wants to destroy Israel ,so it is time for them to be destroyed. The time for talking is over ,now it is time for hezbollah to go to hell
24. A message to the IDF
Lebanese christian ,   Damour area   (07.14.06)
Please free our beloved tortured country from these crazed mullah-followers. Free our land from these bloody syrian and iranian agents. we want to live in peace. Please take caution to focus your attack where they are and not attack christian areas. we support you and bear you no ill will. May god bless you.
25. Ryan
Marie Thorne ,   New Orleans   (07.14.06)
Ryan - tell us the truth - you belong to one of those anti-jew cells in Chicago. I'm on to you and your cowerdly buddies.
26. true shame
Mark ,   Baltimore, MD   (07.14.06)
The true shame of the entire situation is the absolute poverty and thieving leadership in the arab world. If they actually sent kids to school rather than the firing range, they might realize Israel and the US want to live in peace and without fear. nobody wins from war and the arab nations cannot beat Israel b/c of Big Brother. If they'd teach the kids to read maybe 60% of the people wouldn't live in poverty- which is a complete embarassment considering Arafat's Swiss bank accounts. If Iran enters this situation, it gives the US an excuse(with UN approval) to demolish the reactor sites. Obviously, the nut jobs are out again making threats b/c they don't want and can't handle change. wow, a democracy in Iraq might lead to a free Iran????? People thinking, working, and not being controlled. truly frightening
27. Finally IDF Good job.
Jim ,   Tampa, U.S.A.   (07.14.06)
This little dog has been nipping at my heels for years as I walk to work. I didn't want to hurt him since he is so small and insignificant. One day he bites a chunk out of my calf and I kick the wothless little mutt into oblivion.
28. Marcel
Mary ,   Oregon USA   (07.14.06)
Don't get too upset about C. Rice's comments, that's her job. She is the mouthpiece for restraint. Not Pres. Bush. This is not the way the whole USA feels, that Israel should show restraint. She has, and the idiot arabs cannot handle the quiet. They cannot sleep at night unless they plan to see destruction tomorrow, even if it is their own. They are the innovators of the SUICIDE BELT, remember. And it is the SUICIDE BOMBINGS WHICH KEEP THE SO-CALLED PALESTINIAN ISSUE A-L-I-V-E.
Mary   (07.14.06)
I love how the Northern Commander for IDF say's, "WE MUST REMAIN PATIENT; THE OPERATION BEGAN ONLY 24 HOURS AGO." YES, YES, YES!!!!
30. Response to #9
4theIsraelis ,   Smyrna, USA   (07.14.06)
Yes Ryan, you are correct. The only way to get Hamas and Hezbollah to negotiate is to demand that Israel stop killing innocents. I propose that Israel immediately stop sending suicide bombers into markets, firing rockets into apartment complexes, and stop sneaking into Palestinian territory to kidnap people. Oh, wait a minute. That sounds Stupid because it IS. Israel is NOT the aggressor here. They gave land back to the terrorists who then used that very land as a staging area for rocket attacks. Israel has EVERY right to defend itself. When terrorists make an aggressive move at Israel, they know that the response won't be a letter of protest to the UN. It will likely be an Apache gunship. The terrorists also know that the world appeasers will condemn Israel and label the terrorists as the ones who were wronged. You are in my prayers Israel. And God IS on your side. I pray for the safe return of your soldiers. Godspeed.
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