Opinion  Alan D. Abbey
Hizbullah and Hamas play their hole cards
Alan D. Abbey
Published: 14.07.06, 11:52
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1. Terror has an address
ayatollah ghilmeini ,   Franklin USA   (07.14.06)
Hamas and Hezbollah are independent of Syria and Iran as East Germany was from the Soviet Union. Acts of war demand a price so high to the offending country that they never do it again. Bombing Iran and Syria, sending the Israeli navy to sink tankers leaving Iran (hit them in the pocket book!) that is the message means that killing Jews must have very high price. Hit Iran's pipelines and oilfields; if possible, kill Ahmadinejad, killing a would-be Hitler is almost as good as killing the real one. Now is a very good time to let the Jihadis know Israel is not weak.
2. Hezballah
Desmond Taylor ,   Houston Texas USA   (07.14.06)
Israel should rain fuel-air bombs on every inch of Lebanon.This would kill all the terrorists and explode their weapons. To hell with World opinion.
3. We're behind you
PD Quig ,   San Jose USA   (07.14.06)
I pray for Israel. Godspeed to do what needs to be done to protect your citizens from the merchants of death.
4. to all Israelis
Hisham ,   Saudi Arabia   (07.14.06)
All of this war actions coz of two terroristic soldiers prisoned in the battle field? how about 10 thousand of Palestinian hostages in the Israeli prisons? How about the children and women who have been killed every day by the IDF (it is funny that the army which is specialized in striking and attaking uses the word "defense") how about the big prison which is called Gaza? how about the millions of palestinians who have been kicked out of their country by the "choosen people of God? it is the time to wake up and smell the coffee, it is the time to admit that u just like a cancer in the middle east, it is the time to know that u will never know that when u kill any Arab person u kill with him the hope of peace in the middle east
5. Ignore the World do What you Must.
Kimberly Peacock ,   NY United States   (07.14.06)
I am usually considered a Dove. However, there is a time when there can be no room for negotiation. Israel and Frankly the western world can not afford to have the same patterns of history to play out. The entire history has win the battle and never finish the war. The war has never been won. The opportunity and the time is now! I have a question for everyone reading to ask themselves. Would Britain and the US consider anything but the total defeat of Germany and Later japan acceptable? No! Israel and the world cannot afford to not win this war. Let me state what the objective is in my opinion. The utter and complete destruction of the capacity to wage war and have a goverment opposed to Israel in the region. There can be no nuclear capacity in the region. There can be no missle capacity in the region. Anyone preaching hate against Israel must be terminated. One bad apple spoils the bushel! War is not something done out of anger but a solemn sadness. A knowledge that it must be waged in order to have a peace and end the bloodshed. As a liberal the only thing worse than going to war is that one fails to have the dtermination and fortitude to win it. It would mean that all those who lost their lives in the conflict sacrificed themselves for nothing. My opinion is that now if Israel does not do what they know must be done then they have on their hands the blood of every future combatant of both sides. They should be held accountable to the world and to God and to History!
6. Hamas, Hezbollah and their hole cards
Steve Heafey ,   Alamo, Calif. USA   (07.14.06)
Please Israel, take off your gloves and get down to serious business. Hamas and Hezbollah want to destroy you, along with their handlers, Syria and Iran. What we have in store for Iran (the end of their government) will come later (maybe 1 year) but do what you can, without hesitation, to knock the hell out of the twin H's. We dislike them as much as you.
7. to Hisham
Kenny ,   Michigan, USA   (07.14.06)
Arabs calling fellow human beings a "cancer" and engaging in propaganda rants while ignoring all the problems in Arab society that cause hatred of other religions is a perfect example of why there is no peace. Your own society's centuries of wallowing in ignorance and hatred (not you as humans) is the real cancer.
8. Fascism has a methodology
Jeff Goldstein ,   Washington, DC   (07.14.06)
"if possible, kill Ahmadinejad, killing a would-be Hitler is almost as good as killing the real one." how very - Hitler like. In fact, invading and destroying other country's infrastructure is more akin to Hitler's crusade than to "defence".
9. Hisham
Evanie   (07.14.06)
ll of this war actions coz of two terroristic soldiers prisoned in the battle field? >Yes. As you've told us many times before, "we love live, you love death." Well, here it comes. how about the big prison which is called Gaza? >How about permitting some to move to Arabia? it is the time to know that u will never know that when u kill any Arab person u kill with him the hope of peace in the middle east .Well, I don't know if you meant to say what you said in that passage, but I agree.
10. Hisham is pathetic
Roger ,   Omaha, USA   (07.14.06)
When the Palestinian Arabs elected Hamas to be their leaders, the die in Gaza was cast. This is reaping of what was sown. Israel unilaterally withdraws from Gaza and what does Hamas do? Shoots rockets at Israel and grabs a soldier for hostage. And the world expects Israel to do what? Nothing? Iran, Syria, Hamas and Hezbollah all want a war of annihilation. Looks like the are getting their wish.
11. H & H show------
N. Carroll ,   London, England   (07.15.06)
A dangerous article as can be seen by the hate- filled responses from the selection of American crazies. No wonder there is trouble with such blinkered people. Israel has got to look at the situation without this racial hatred which ruins your judgement. Bet you don't publish this ! N. C.
12. Hisham, buddy
Abu Garwa ,   NYC   (07.15.06)
Hisham, do you have a brain of your own, or did you just copy & paste from the Al-Jazeera/ Hamas/ Hezboallah websites? What makes Israel, Israelis, and the Jews in general a "cancer" in the eyes of the culture to which you belong is their RESILIENCE, their ability not only to survive, but to thrive amidst the old, backward ways of the Arabs. Look within, Hisham, and see that your society yearns for freedom and advancement, too. Instead of letting your corrupt, despotic leaders brainwash you into hating Israel, look within.
13. **Needed: Serious attitude adjustment!**
Mike N Orlando ,   Orlando, FL USA   (07.14.06)
The arab mindset in the middle east is so skewed I don't believe I can truly understand it from a feligion of "peace". I can't name a single act of peace on the world stage by a muslim group. Maybe I am just not informed of them. If there are some please someone tell me. What I have seen is the total desire for Israel's destruction. We are talking about a country that has now been in existence longer than most African nations(jk). It has existed for about a half century or so. If the Palestinians wanted to have a better life then they should have gotten over the piece of dirt taken from them and tried to move on. Instead they chose a path of despair and poverty. It has become fashionalbe for people in the world to sympathize with them. I do feel sorry for the average Palestinian whose name has been hijacked by terrorists whose only concern is their own agenda. All of these groups that are upset with Israel are not lifting one single finger to assist them. In the meantime they use their name as a front for their holy war against another religion. I wonder if that is why the vast majority of all conflicts currently on Earth is between a muslim group and a group of another religion. So much for a peace.
14. to hisham
simple man ,   los angeles, usa   (07.15.06)
well you can say what you wish however look at all the arab lands how they have not only eliminated all the other minorities, but also other sects of islam look at your saudi arabia, first it started cleansing jews, then it came to christians, then to hanbalis, then to shafeis, now to shiites, and keep going on... then you sitting there and talking about justice my friend, go to www.faithfreedom.org and read for your self , i promise first it is painful, but there is enlightment
15. To #4
Gail ,   Israel   (07.15.06)
Well, let me add and remove one word to those "10 thousand palestinian hostages..." It's 10 thousand terrorist palestinians, and if they are there is because they already killed many many people. About the women and kids... who told them to go out of their houses when there's a conflict outside?? Who told them to host terrorist in their houses?? Nobody. And if Gaza is a prision is because its people made it that way. They had and have the choise of building a city there, to build a life, but no, instead of invest in education, they invest in terror; instead of invest in work they invest in self-exploding training; instead of invest in building schools, houses and roads, they invest in building tunels and persist in the attack to Israel. If the palestinians wouldn't explode that tank and kidnap that soldier, nothing of this would be happen. If from the Lebanon they wouldn't start shooting projectiles and attacking the Israelies, everything would keep in calm... Believe me, nobody kicked out nobody from nowhere. Palestinians are where they suppose to be. What do you pretend? go and take a look how beautiful is Israel, how modern it is, how much the israelies have built in so short time, how the people behave, how everyone wants to success, how many jewish in the world have made history and have gave just good things to the humankind. Now go and take a look how the palestinians live; what have they done to the land they got? absolutely nothing. And you talk about "killing the hope of peace in the Middle East, well I have a question: What kind of peace are you talking about when the ONLY ONES in the world that make a continuos terror, a continuos attacks, a continuos suicides and continuos problems are the terorists
16. Israel compared to Arab nations
David ,   Hardeeville USA   (07.15.06)
Forgive the brainwashed Arabs who grew up in poverty of their own forefathers' making. Go to war and kill their terrorists, but forgive their ignorance. What's REALLY crazy is how many U.S. and European citizens are WILLFULLY IGNORANT enough to criticize Israel for "human rights" violations when their Arab neighbors are being ruled over by the most violent, lying, and connivingng "religious" leaders in the history of Islam. The so-called "Palestinians", and "Hamas" (the word means "violence" in Hebrew!), and "Hizbollah" -- they are all going to have to GO! OUT! Sooner or later, it's that simple. If you're going to FIGHT, then OUT you'll go! The G-d of Israel has booted you out before, and He's going to do it again soon! May He have mercy on the ignorant.
17. they will screw you
yohan ,   amsterdam   (07.15.06)
wait & see
18. #11
Leo ,   Paris   (07.15.06)
Whoha! A voice of reason from Londonistan! I suppose it was your country's peaceful and tolerant ways that lead to 7/7 (and there is more to come!). If European bleeding heart lefties do not wake up to the mortal danger that is Islam it is only a matter of time before all of Europe descends into a new round of religious wars. Islam is a wolf in a bllod-stained lamb skin. There will be no peace in the world as long as Islam is around. Go Israel!
19. The war
jim harkenrider ,   U.S.A.   (07.15.06)
Israel needs to clean up the 2 terror groups, then go to Syria & Iran & teach them the lesson of a lifetime. You go Israel.......... the world is watching. The United Nations is totally toothless, so pay no attention to them. They are too busy stealing things from the rest of the world for their own personal benefit ie oil for food. to be effective. The free world {if they would be honest} is totally supportive of what you are doing............Thanx for the opportunity to have my say.................jim in Tennessee {Bush country ! }
20. No choice!
Sidney ,   USA   (07.15.06)
Hezbollah delenda est! Anything short of complete victory is defeat. Barak's retreat from Lebanon was correctly seen by Hezbollah as a victory. It raised Hezbollah's prestige in the Arab world, encouraged further action against Israel, and served as a model for Hamas. The stakes are simple. If Hezbollah is not destroyed now, Israel faces a much more costly war in the near future. Either Lebanon will be free or run by Hezbollah. Iran will take a big step toward hegemony over the entire Middle East. Whether nuclear Pakistan will allow its fellow Sunnis to be so subjected is questionable. "Some have greatness thrust upon them". Sadly, this is Israel's role. Failure means blockbusters over Tel Aviv.
21. to hisham
z ,   lebanon   (07.15.06)
hisham my man, i have been skimming through this website and reading the opinions of others. well to be honest i read a lot and not a single one is with arabs or islam. thats not the point, what i am trying to tell u is that this website is part of the israeli propaganda that they use to manipulate the west and the east. this propaganda which they aquired from their killers the nazis, and using it against us. i bet they did not see themselves slaughtered in wwii or else they would know what it means to be hated by all people. and this adds to some of the opinions that deny the reality of the holocaust. trust me man dont bother talking to people who monitor your views to see if they are suitable to be published and allow pathetic israeli's to write bad and explicit about our religion and community . i guess most of the people writing to this website need to be enlightened because they are provoking hatred while they see themselves as civilized people, and this does not make them better than what they claim we are. thank you , all of you writers for the nice and vivid images u r traffiking among each other. god or hashem bless u all
22. 7-14-06 Hizbollah column
Bob Wilson ,   Raleigh, NC   (07.15.06)
I am so grateful for your insights on this in contrast to the usual pablum we get in the US media. Will be following your website regularly to get updates on the situation. Interestingly, your thinking parallels that in a recent column in STRATFOR.com: Isreal is determined to take apart Hizbollah this time. Have a great day! Bob Wilson
23. . . .
J.C. ,   USA   (07.15.06)
It's sad to say but true.. but the only way the conflict in the Mid East will EVER end is when the leaders who follow the false prophet are slain. Now is Isreal's chance to do just that. It's absurd; you withdraw from Gaza and give up territory you've conquered in past conflicts, and these lunatics still aren't satisfied? But then, Islam literally means submission, and terrorists aren't happy until everyone is kissing their asses.. out of fear. Instill the fear of God in them then. Take out their leaders, destroy their criminal networks.. but do what you can to help the civilians, lest you find more 8 year olds with bomb vests..
24. It's About Time!
Rowdyhatinwalt ,   Richardson, TX USA   (07.15.06)
It's about time the IDF turn over stones in Lebanon and squash these roaches! And Iran, I'd keep my mouth shut and my hands in my pockets if I were you!
25. to gail
z ,   lebanon   (07.15.06)
well u sounded reasonable in some of what you wrote, but dont you think that most of you israeli's are missing a very important part of history. that is normal, trust me since you repress all the massacres and slaughters you did in the past, and try to show the world how civilised you have become. trust me i dont have anything about jews or about the jewish religion in the ends all religions ask for peace, and u and me can not deny that all religions misused what god asked them and used it to destroy each other. so no one in this world is better than us all of us are wrong since we do not think in a human way but where our benefits are. and you israeli's are the best in this since you have been the reason for everything bad in the modern world, you destroyed everything and now claim to be underattack of unarmed civilians. and as for what happened in lebanon, the way you are fighting us will bring u nothin than shame trsut me. am not with hizbollah, but how can u fight people whom you destroyed and killed them for years and years. they definetly hate u and despise your existance because you showed the worst image of human kind while dealing with us. i cant blame you because you always been apart with no where to live, the lowest in the human race and now you have the power and the "land" that is not yours and claim that all of this is of your belonging. this is bullshit, please read histroy and find out what you did to us and why we hate that much. and when i mean history i mean a decent book not a book that you read in school or what your daddy told you. well gail it was nice talking to you, please do not be offended but that is the truth live with. we will fight and fight because you never listen to the voice of reason all what you listen too is your ego and fake identity. please tell me what difference is making when bombing lebanon, not a single hizbollah man died, 20 israeli soldiers died, you are destroying our country and we are destroying your too, so where is the point of all that. you will never enter the lebanese land cause you know it will be a masacare and that is what your government said, you will lose so much people that you wont believe it. so why dont you pressure your country to do smthg right and cease fire so that we can figure smthg out with out the loss of blood and infrastructure. regards,
26. Enough Said
Robert Humphries ,   Gaffney USA   (07.15.06)
Who started this mess anyway? Hope those criminals in those prisons are worth dieing for! That is what is going to happen. Israel roll on! Enough Said!
27. To Z
Gail ,   Israel   (07.15.06)
I agree with some points you've describe, I agree inocent people shouldn't pay for the guilty; but you can't deny that who choses terrorist to drive a nation, knows very well it has a high price and what to expect. Why don't you pressure your own people to stop supporting terrorist? why don't you stop this unreasonable "holy war". They always say they want peace, but I think they really don't mean it; otherwise they wouldn't start this attacks again. For twenty years you claimed from the israelies to leave Lebanon, and israelies left. But what have you done all these 6 years? nothing. You just let this Hezbolla terrorist group to take the control of the country, you let them get to the government, you let them build guns and to hide them in the houses of civilians that already became their partners. You had the chance of control all your place, but you missed it. Now you ask for help, why didn't you do it before? you could prevent all this. You wrote "...and try to show the world how civilised you have become...". Yes, we are civilized... is it that hard? the day that everybody will become civilized, only then the history will change for good. Believe me, I also want all this to be finished very soon.
28. We must remove Hezbola from history - they must disappear
Dudu ,   Kfar sava   (07.16.06)
29. okayyyyyyyyy...
jessica ,   newyorkcity,new york   (07.16.06)
i think that hezbola's intention was to get prisoners out of the israilie prison,they wanted to make a trade.israil has 9000 innosint prisoners in the prison,but hezbola didn't over react like israil did only after TWO soldiers!! compare,2 to 9000,and they are innosent.everybody always talks about how 2 soldiers were "kidnapped",when nobody really talks about the innosent muslims in the prisons.jews have no evedience on any crimes they did,SO SHUT UP. by
30. Jessica NY let us know when you wake up from
whatever substance you ingested recently. In any case, FYI there's just no such thing as an innocent arab prisoner (at least not in Israel). Also, learn how to spell!
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