Ship struck off Beirut shore; four crewmembers missing
Roee Nahmias and AP
Published: 15.07.06, 08:25
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1. They love to talk
Jacob ,   DC   (07.14.06)
Arab Machismo blah blah blah These madmen are dangerous though, war sucks, good look to everone in Israel.
2. Dont attack Syria Iran pulls the strings & must be hit
lemar ,   UK   (07.14.06)
3. Hizbollah is flexing it's muscles.
They were prepared for this and are well armed and stocked! Soon Israel will hear the roar of waking Hizbollah tiger!
4. hıt the head of hızbullah
5. thıs ıs very dangerous sıtuatıon
6. us-england- ındıa canada austarlıa must warn ıran and syrıa
ısraeL   (07.14.06)
thıs ıs a war whıch must be won by jeWısh peopLe
7. kıLL nasrallah l am beggıng to haLuTz
sarah ,   ısraeL   (07.14.06)
8. thıs ıs the result of ıran
9. ıran provacates ısraeL
10. The world...
You know what sadness me the most, is that in one week the world is going to forget who started this violance and will blame israel as it usually does. So i say to israel who cares what the world thinks finish your objective eliminate hizbullah and take over stratigic points in southern lebannon then the people of israel will be safe from these hizbullah terrorist
Rose   (07.14.06)
Learn what Jacques Chirac would have done. Jacques Chirac: I'll Nuke Terrorist Attackers "The leaders of states who use terrorist means against us, as well as those who would consider using, in one way or another, weapons of mass destruction, must understand that they would lay themselves open to a firm and adapted response on our part,” Chirac said
12. Getting Attention off the Nuke Monkey
DD ,   Knoxville, USA   (07.14.06)
Iran may have had them start this to keep the pressure off from the world concerning their Nuke program. Either way, Israel, kick butt, take names and finish the job!!!!
13. Nasrallah
Brod ,   USA   (07.14.06)
Israel should raze this thug as soon as possible.
14. Searching for 4 soldiers in the sea.
Mike ,   Beirut   (07.14.06)
We will prevail.
15. Open war
Sam ,   Virginia, USA   (07.14.06)
Israel has always fought in the open. It is the cowards in Hizbullah, Hamas, etc who fight from behind human shields
16. Palestine, Lebanon
Pride ,   Palestine, Lebanon   (07.14.06)
i can see somebody is shitting their pants...i hear pampers or huggies are very obsorbant,lol theres something u guys never will understand,these guys live for their after life,they dont care if they die and they know ur shit scared that u might loose urs, well good luck on that but i wont count on it though :)
17. The only Road to Piece
Nick ,   USA   (07.14.06)
Obviously, the only way piece will come to the middle east is by Israel getting their nose broken once or twice. Israel fair to realize that Hizbula ia not the poor Palestinians organization with preemptive weapons so they can easily flex their muscles at their civilians and cut off their essential supplies to surrender to all Israelis terms and conditions, with no ability to retaliate. Huzbula is capable of responding to the depth of Israel, causing both economical and civilians casualties as well. As this war with Islamic militants continue in the north and the south, I can see the strategy to deplete the IDF both militarily and politically. There will come a time soon when every family in Israel will be crying , wailing their kids and grandkids, and Public opinion will turn against Israel hopefully to the point of no return.....then and only then, Israeli people will wake up to what their government accomplished for them, and how much innocent blood you have on your hands, in the name of the Torah and g*d , the posting machos will disappear and the real call for piece will come, with voice of humiliation and begging, hopefully others will be able to forgive you then…
18. Show em what you got Israel
Stillkatn ,   Minnesota, USA   (07.14.06)
You cannot deal with these lunatics with the exception of killing them. You folks are the chosen - SMOKE EM!!
19. All this because 2 soldiers were captured?
Bob D ,   Australia   (07.14.06)
Whats woth this israel military, they're always bragging about being high and mighty. Yet Soldiers are being kidnapped left and right, israeli capital cities are under rocket attacks, and warships are being sunk? One would think that the IDF was fighting a superior force. WTF
20. that prisoner swap is looking better and better
Alan ,   USA   (07.14.06)
21. #16 Happy to oblige
Matt ,   USA   (07.14.06)
Always happy to send another religious extremist to his paradise ASAP. It's just too bad that the smart extremists don't seem to be in a hurry to get to "paradise".
22. Take Off the Gloves: Destroy Hizbullah
Jerry ,   NYC, USA   (07.14.06)
The IDF is pussy-footing around. Invade South Lebanon, sweep it free of Hizbullah rockets, and kill every armed combatant in site.
23. read this
dione ,   usa   (07.14.06)
time to put isreal in it's place. they are nothing but school yard bullys in a global playground. thank the bush family for the peace and christian love flowing throughout the world right now.
24. Mideast War
Phil ,   Illinois USA   (07.14.06)
Let us pray that Almighty God sends his Son again to return this world to his Kingdom very soon. There is no other solution.
25. Lebanon WILL PREVAIL
T ,   Michigan   (07.14.06)
this is the first time israel is facin such a strong hit back, im proud of being lebanese
26. Tel Aviv should come next
Muhammad-Ali ,   Montreal   (07.14.06)
We should revange.
27. I think you're confused
Jay ,   Chicago USA   (07.14.06)
The Israelis are the cowards who do routine door to door house searches using Palestinians as human shields. Thank God we see the day when they can now be hit from a distance. Let them now taste that which they have doled out for so long - rockets crashing into their homes and killing their women and children in their beds. It's a new day.
28. ww3
bob ,   us   (07.14.06)
29. let nasralla swallow a missle end
alan ,   frisco   (07.14.06)
30. test
Hunter ,   test   (07.14.06)
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