Report: Israel gives Syria ultimatum
Roee Nahmias
Published: 15.07.06, 09:33
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1. Neocons "Clean Break Policy"
Peter Morris ,   New Zealand   (07.15.06)
Here it is almost 10 years getting into fruition. The policy that has already resulted in more than 100,000 Iraqi deaths as well as American deaths rapidly getting closer to 3000 a figure greater than 9/11. Should Syria and Iran get hit the way Lebanon has the 100,000 figure will increase ten fold among the region Regardless of how strong the "wall" is or how high tech weapons Israel has Israel will become a target for generations.
wooter ,   USA   (07.15.06)
Get'em boys. IDF's gonna F Bashar up real quick. See what being a bad neighbor gets you... Let your dogs bark in your yard, your neighbor that's sick of the dogs barking for 50 years burns your house down, then hunts the rest of your famliy down for you being an IDIOT. Violence begets violence. Poke the Giant in the toes, he's liable to step on you, or in this case send you too your 72 virgins. I bet they all look like Arafat anyways.
3. Bomb Damascus
Daniel Krygier ,   Israel   (07.15.06)
Bomb Damascus including the Syrian terror regime and Syrian military targets and teach them the consequences of messing with Israel. Israel should send start pointing nuclear warheads at Teheran to make the nazxi lunatic president to shut up or face the consequences.
4. Good for us,not bad for Lebanon !
Eddie Shor ,   Ariel Israel   (07.15.06)
5. gilad shalit - what about him?
6. Isaiah speaks of Damascus
Richard ,   Victoria Canada   (07.15.06)
...when he says: 17:1 The burden of Damascus. Behold, Damascus is taken away from being a city, and it shall be a ruinous heap.... .....and the kingdom from Damascus, and the remnant of Syria: they shall be as the glory of the children of Israel, saith the LORD of hosts.
DEBRA ,   USA   (07.15.06)
8. Gilad Shalit was forgtten........
Hanzala ,   Jerusalem-Palestine   (07.15.06)
9. 5 this has become bigger than shalit-sadly
10. Damascus Must Be Held Accountable
Jeremy S. Slavin ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (07.15.06)
The Syrians should be made to feel the consequences of their support for Hezbollah. Right now, Lebanon is feeling the brunt of Israeli attacks and Syria, a repressive minority-rule (Allawite) dictatorship, is reveling in it. They can cause the trouble and escape the punishment. How long will this be allowed to continue? Damascus needs to be punished - yes, punished, not simply revenged upon - for being the bully on the block who always escapes what should be his Just Reward. The Syrians need to be held accountable. It would be morally justified to focus Israeli firepower not only on the Hezbollah Hydra's body, but on the heads of the Hydra as well (Syria and Iran). Cut off the heads and cauterize the necks, just like Hercules did. Show Syria that the only dividends their crimes against humanity pay to them will be ruin for their horror of a government.
11. Israel is not at war with Hizbullah but with Iran
Lemar ,   UK   (07.15.06)
Anyone who thinks Israel is at war with Hizbullah is wrong, it is Iran that is financing and supplying weapons to Hizbullah who are just the name for the Iranian army in Lebanon. Showdown with Iran destroying its nuclear plants is the only way to stop terror or it will continue indefinately until Israel is destroyed. Better to attack Iran sooner than later when Iran will be much stronger
12. the war
jessie ,   norway   (07.15.06)
Please-please be careful,Israel ! your enemis are looking at you with microscope.they want you to make a mistake they can use against you.they have always used the harm done to sivilians as one of their weapon.that triggers the world and the UN.the war they have started is a psycopatic one.they can't beat your army,they use words and " smaller" actions to trigger you.Lebanon should have disarmed hizbollah long ago.if the west have "inwested" so much in a democratic prosess in Lebanon,why have hizbolla so much power ?TV-station and holding press conferences like they are the leaders of Lebanon. the truth are with you Israel.but remember the sivilians. God bless you.!!!
13. wrong and decieving
anti ,   australia   (07.15.06)
this is all wrong and decieving, it seems and mark my word that the u.s and israel are declaring war and using so called terrorists as an excuse to take over theses countries as they did with iraq, and take all their oil feilds, since the oil is depleting all over the world, this terorist thing is one big smokescreen to invade and pillage the countries of their oil, mark my words as you will see how right i am. these two countries are the most evil of there type, and if they do invade the terrorsits will never stop and will spread to other countries, i ask you one thing, what would you do if another country came in and accused you of bad things and then took the oil which you relied on to survive ? YOU WOULD FIGHT BACK NAIL AND TOOTH.
14. You'll have to nuke us now
Abd'Allah ,   Your town   (07.15.06)
Bye bye Yisrael. You won't see a century.
15. to #1
its much easier in N.Z. where the original colonists massacred the indigineous inhabitants. unfortunately, we are far less genocidal than you
16. #1: Peter
sk ,   USA   (07.15.06)
Peter, sweetheart, your figure on Iraqi deaths is preposterous. The same BS info source that produced the Jenin "massacre" no doubt. Having said that, I support the US decision to drop atomic bombs on Japan in WW2, and I'd rather one million Muslim civilians die than Israel be destroyed (or America, for that matter). The choice would be much tougher if the Western country were New Zealand, though.
17. Very unlikely
skeptic ,   Down under   (07.15.06)
Al Hayat is hardly a reliable source. Do Google search for "Al Hayat" and Israel to see all the latest sensations. Not to mention, it it not the time while the operation is being completed according to the plan
18. It is not rational to involve Syria
Mark Perl ,   San Francisco, US   (07.15.06)
Hezbollah has presented Israel with a golden opportunity to expend itself into uselessness. The optimal strategy is to let Hezbollah launch all its rockets. When the dust settles and relatively little sigificant military changes are achieved, their demoralized unsuccessful ground forces can be mopped up by the IDF. Thus effectively removing Iran's local rocket artillery unit from the scene and sending that strategem into the Arab Worlds glorious military dustbin. By the way, the French are whining about all of this. Another country with a less than spectacular milirary history. At least since Napoleon was sent packing at Waterloo. Maybe the French should stop talking and send a unit to Lebanon... or at least try to prevent hooligans from burning cars in their suburbs a little more effectively.
19. # 1 Leftism & naivety
go hand in hand. We, Israel, are fighting your war. The Neocons and America are fighting your war. If Israel goes down the old addage, "with eating comes the appetite", will apply, and they will continue. Spain will be next and then France and eventually NZ. Without America and Britain, the defenders of the Western way of life, NZ will go down fast, and yes, in this context, Israel is a proxy of America. We are fighting right now the first battle for the survival of the Western democracies. Pray for our success, because it is your success too. Believe me, I know what I am talking about. I suggest to you that you wake up every morning and when you open your eyes say, "God bless America", and mean it.
20. 1 Peter Morris: You are the symbol of the idiotic LEFT
Gabrielle Goldwater ,   Geneva Switzerland   (07.15.06)
appeaser - go back to your sofa and grow up to see reality and real Life Mental Health Warning: the so-called Liberal/Socialists have been known to cause memory loss, mass confusion and psychosis. Should symptoms occur, apply large doses of reality, faith and common sense ......... Idiot you are remember you were the same fool who insisted Israel was planting the Qassams themselves the Men in white coats are ready to come to take you to the funny farm
21. to #19: We saw you, American heros
Georges ,   Lebanon   (07.15.06)
How naive & weak you are... You think yourself in a hollywood movie. Come to the ground and take a good lesson, that apparently you did not learn from Iraq... We are all against dictators and terrorists (like saddam, assad and BUSH). Hezballah is pure lebanese, they are defending their country. Israel still holds lebanese prisoners, still occupies lebanese territories... what do you want them to do? they will defend till the last drop of blood! they will WIN even if they lose the war! Your media is betraying you and all american people that we respect. OPEN YOUR EYES and see the genocide being done at the moment by your allies!
22. 14 Abd'Allah,Your town: watch it YOU may glow in the dark
Gabrielle Goldwater ,   Geneva Switzerland   (07.15.06)
23. 1 Peter and his Buddies the Liberal Left
Gabrielle Goldwater ,   Geneva Switzerland   (07.15.06)
The Liberal Left - In the name of Social Justice - helps willingly without admitting - Terrorism, by raising the white flag of surrender, shouting out loud - appeasement ! (in capitals). For that reason terrorism becomes to the Left automatically finally acceptable, just another nuisance of daily life. To this same Left their views are .....It isn't threatening people's lives every day, and fundamentally it's not threatening the fabric of your life. Why is this common attitude, we see world wide, coming from the Left Liberals ? There is a craving in them for totalitarian systems. History has and still shows this in Europe since the 1930s - and follows us to this very day - each single time with a final sordid end: It kills, murders and causes mayhem, destroying entire societies. But the Liberal Left never wakes up to this before horror strikes - rather accepts same as the inevitable. This final effect of outcome is accepted by the Left, like any dilemma, since after all those totalitarian regimes ...- well, to their thinking - they just do that ... but at least are somehow predictable - The people's suffering and dying is of no consequences - Freedom in the real sense exist not in the Lefts vocabulary, as we fathom each single time. The Left's idea of Freedom is simply just the absence of war, no matter what or how. The Left has not yet comprehended ..... Peace is not an absence of war, it is a virtue, a state of mind, a disposition for benevolence, confidence, justice. The name of peace is sweet, and the thing itself is beneficial, but there is a great difference between peace and servitude. Peace is freedom in tranquillity, servitude is the worst of all evils, to be resisted not only by war, but even by death. (the last said by Cicero) The Liberal Left falls into their common servitude of appeasers - yes, the worst evil of all. Finally the Left excuses Mass Terrorism - Islamic cruelty, demonizing instead the victim as we daily see in the Media - A Media so utterly brilliant in pushing the Left to the forefront - while the conservatives are demonized. That's the Left's so called Democracy and Freedom. The most they will do is celebrate 60 years later conferences with speeches and shout - Never Again - void of any deeds and actions - until the next time. But at the same time urging us to turn the page, since They have said Sorry and gave us a moment of celebrating our losses. That such turning of the proverbial page of mass murder, genocide of humanities roots isn't acceptable to the victims doesn't strike their conscience, isn't embedded in their poor souls. The real lesson is of course not anything like - turning a page .......... There is evil out there in this world and the Left Apologizers connects to evil so very easily and disconnects from the real victim. Their Desire and Romance with the yearning for totalitarian systems - regimes - aiming as They believe for a perfect Utopian future by destroying the Here and Now. The Liberal Left - our 5th column in our society - wanting to live on a perfect planet - sadly enough lives on another planet - far removed from reality - far removed from the Real Freedom. What the Left has yet to understand > The idea of living in a Free Society is a powerful source of strength (strength they some how don't seem to possess) - but it demands a constant willpower to stand up for that Freedom, to conserve it - it is a precious gem, as those know who were/are deprived of it. Freedom is/was not gained via preaching - but via actions - actions that demand strength and character. The Left when it comes to character shows themselves as a 'Society of Fears' which reaches out to appease in order to overcome fear. Whereas this divides them from those who will take the responsibility to stand Tall - stand up to BE and defend A Society of Freedom.
24. Advice time. + what Jordan's King once said
Gabrielle Goldwater ,   Geneva Switzerland   (07.15.06)
Advice time. This time my advice is to Israel. Bomb terrorist marches. I do not see any reason to let terrorist march with masks and guns on the main streets of their local hostages with impunity. It empowers them and intimidates their opponents. Nor should they enjoy impunity during press conferences. Of course, warning leaflets should be dropped prior to such a strategy change warning reporters and the civilan populations of Gaza, the West bank and Lebanon to stay away from terrorist marches and newsconferences as they will be considered legitimate military targets. ............. Israel has been forced into war May be the King of Jordan should remember what he said some time ago - when Jordan was hit by terrorist Zarqawi: "War, ultimately, means tragedy, pain, and sacrifice. The harder, faster, more determinedly, and more aggressively a war is fought, the fewer the casualties 'War Means War, Not Boy Scout Camp' It is a war that does not mean delicacy, but brutality. war on terrorism."
25. The Israeli era of threats gone
yohan ,   amsterdam   (07.15.06)
Hezbullah will screw the Israeli Army, and If egoist Israel goes to adventure, she will pay the bill by Iran & syria & hezbullah. i hope Israel to be wiser and to learn the lesson.
26. shalit
gilad shalit ,   mars   (07.15.06)
shalit balit falit
27. Abolute-dull-ah #14
Russel ,   Tlv   (07.15.06)
Silly boy, think how much we have accomplished in less than 60 years compared to your thousands of years squabbling in the sand and achieving nothing. All you have is oil and it meant nothing to you until we pointed it out. And when your oil is dried up...??? you will still wallow in dirt. ... akbar indeed your people of the sands.
28. Poor peter #1
Russel ,   tlv   (07.15.06)
Us Jews have been targets for generations, old chap. This time we are fighting back and you can't take that.
29. decades of Israeli restraint for what ?
Marcel ,   Florida   (07.15.06)
The burden of Damascus. Behold, Damascus is taken away from being a city, and it shall be a ruinous heap Isaiah 17;1 What has Israel's restraint ,retreat and appeasment brought to them ? The ways of the left in Israel have proven an unmitigated failure and disaster. Islam only bows to brute force. The foolish Arabs took all of Israels efforts for peace as weakness . Now they get a down payment on their fatal mistake of reading Israel wrong. They saw Israel as weak because of their strong desire for peace. Now Israelm ust fingt to survive in this jihad neighborhood. Something peter morris poster #1 ignores as does most of the world. . After losing every war against Israel 48,56,6773,82 ,they forgot the lesson and once again must be reminded that they will always be losers.
30. Syria is already at the border, Iran has finger on button
Moke ,   Finland   (07.15.06)
Israel will not come out of this unscathed.
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