Report: Israel gives Syria ultimatum
Roee Nahmias
Published: 15.07.06, 09:33
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TMH ,   Dayton, USA   (07.15.06)
If the USA was after oil, it would not permit democratic elections in Iraq. It would declare Marshall Law and rule by edict. As for the USA's motive being oil depletion...patently absurd. Reports are that world oil consumption is at an all time high, with oil producing nations supplying those record levels of oil for consumption. The argument for higher prices is not "we are producing far less because of depletion", but rather "we're having trouble keeping up".
62. Stop the bully
Sam ,   USA   (07.15.06)
Stop the bully called Israel from breaking international laws killing hundereds of Lenanes civilians in the process and walking all over the UN secuity council resolutions.
63. Muslems and God
Christian ,   USA   (07.15.06)
God said in Genesis the children of Hagar would be at war with his brothers, and that he was a wild donkey of a man...that will never change. This is in God's hands.
64. Damascus Heap of Ruins
joe donaldson ,   montgomery USA   (07.15.06)
Isaiah 17:1 (Amplified Bible) THE MOURNFUL, inspired prediction (a burden to be lifted up) concerning Damascus [capital of Syria, and Israel's bulwark against Assyria]. Behold, Damascus will cease to be a city (July 19, 2006?) and will become a heap of ruins.
65.  "Clean Break"
Victor Pease ,   Chicago, USA   (07.15.06)
I'm sure the Left will have a big party when the 3000th American soldier dies in the war on terror. Answer me this: How many died at Pearl Harbor? How many died over the next 5 years? Were you against Nazis killing Jews? Why aren't you against Arabs killing Jews? I don't think this should be fought to a cease fire and an improved status quo. This should be fought to an unconditional surender by the barabarians. There is a better answer than war, maybe, and war is terrible, but it is the only way these things ever get solved between men. Peace happens in between times.
66. Destroying Israel and America
Robert O'Leary ,   Seattle, USA   (07.15.06)
Israel will always be a target until it learns to destroy its enemies. In 48 hours, Iran, and Syria can be rendered effectively harmless for a generation. Its too bad your brand of stupidity mixed with "moral equivalence" prevails. Your solution, like many in my country is to tacitly accept the killing of Jews and cry "havoc" when the State of Israel responds. Continuing the violence until the muslims have a weapon to kill millions. The same arguments prevailed prior to WWII. So be happy - you'll get to see us die.
67. #13
faith ,   SA, USA   (07.15.06)
Read the bible's old testament sometime. this isn't about oil. this is about ishmael and isaac. God gave the land to Israel centuries ago and it will stay as theirs. No country is strong enough to fight against, God. Judgement is in the process for us all.
68. Bomb Damascus and Teheran
Scott Alan ,   USA   (07.15.06)
All I can say is it's about time and I support what Israel is doing 1000% WAR is the ONLY THING terrorists and and their allies understand, so utterly destroy them completely and leave none alive to fight another day.
69. Nukem All
Nukem All ,   USA   (07.15.06)
I hope Israel does nuke all you. Send all you abdallahs to your 72 hair virgins as soon as possible.
70. Coming together now
Sonshiya ,   neither jew nor arab   (07.15.06)
The Jordanian King said the war on terrorism should be fought like a war -- fast, brutal, all-out -- this is not a pussyfooting boy scout camp. We need to put an end to these terrorists and their enablers. Fast, brutal, all -out. That means taking out Hamas, Hezbollah, Syria, and Iran. Would be great if every civilized nation who are sick of these terrorists messing with our daily lives, would participate in a massive coalition. Israel is now speaking in the only language the terrorist understands and respects - brute force.
71. To #31
David ,   USA   (07.15.06)
#31 the right wing christians in America who haven't a brain in their heads are the reason you're able to democratically respond on this site with a computer in front of you.
72. Not about taking their oil
zyxx ,   Canada   (07.15.06)
Re: Previous poster. Its not about the US and Isreal taking over the oil fields. If that was true, the US never would have given back Kuwait after the first gulf war. Its more about protecting Democracy against facist Islamic radicals who want to force their way of life on everyone else.
73. For Peter Morris
Stephen Strachan ,   York, PA USA   (07.15.06)
Stay in New Zealand, Peter. Judging from your comment, you're perfect right there down under...pretty much as useless as tits on a bull as far as Israel's concerned. Have a nice day.
74. Fighting terrorism
Fred Perkins ,   USA   (07.15.06)
We stand now where we stood in the 1930s with Europe pushing for "negotiations" and "diplomacy" while the governments of Iran and Syria broadcast their intentions as clearly as Hitler announced his in Mein Kampf. The Europeans then wanted "peace at any price," and have forgotten the lessons of that conflict. Putting off the war that is coming with Syria and Iran will not decrease the number of deaths to come. It will simply allow them to increase their power, to make it necessary instead for many more to die. Just as they were willing to sacrifice the Czechs in the 1930s, they are willing to sacrifice Israel now. But that is the European way...., to toss others to the wolf, hoping the wolf will eat them last.
75. Israel
Helena ,   Southlake, Texas   (07.15.06)
"Anti" in Australia is wrong and deceived!! Israel is more than justified to go in and bomb Lebanon! Israel just wants to be left alone in Peace, something that sadly has evaded Her for thousands of years. You need to get your facts straight. Helena
76. #21
corey ,   Destin, Florida   (07.15.06)
Are you saying that Israel doesn't have the same right to defense that you claim Lebanon has? And if so, what gives you this superiority complex?
77. Anti is a moron
David Wiseman ,   USA   (07.15.06)
What a moron. Yes thats right, the US and Israel are bad and Iran and Syria are Saints. Put your tinfoil hat back on and crawl back under your rock.
78. Re: Stop the Bully??
David ,   USA   (07.15.06)
Stop the Bully? Israel has been capitulating and giving up land for the last few years and it won't ever be enough for the Muslims until they are wiped off the map. Israel wants peace. Remember that this escalating violence started with the kidnapping of Israel's soldiers. Bully? Hardly. Unfortunately, this is only gong to get worse.
79. anti.australia
Bill Isenberger ,   Baton Rouge, LA USA   (07.15.06)
This racheting up of the conflict is very disconcerting to me. I am convinced the main culprit in this entire sordid episode is Iran. It is awfully convenient the the kidnapping of the Israeli soldiers and the subsiquent missle attacks from Hizbollah started right when the deadline was given to respond to the United Nations deadline on their nuclear program. Also, in regards to anti.australia's comments last time I checked Lebanon and Syria have no oil to speak of. This argument from some people is tedious and ignorant. This kneejerk reaction to anything happening in the Middle East being an attempt at American "petroimperialism" shows a total lack of understanding of the complexity of the Middle East conflict
80. Arab complicity.....
Bob B ,   Florida USA   (07.15.06)
It's about time the Arab World stop letting Hizbolah and Hamas and the loony Jihadists run thier countries. If you do not condemn or stop these insane idiots from attacking the rest of the world, you are just as culpable, and will suffer the same fate. Rest assured... if this keeps up much longer, the rest of the world will squash you like a bug. We're getting pretty sick of your foolishness. God Speed Israel. A majority of Americans are firmly behind matter what you hear in our Leftist Media.
81. This War Should've Been Fught Long Ago
Brutus ,   Mississippi - USA   (07.15.06)
I know this probably sounds shitty of me to say, but a big part of me WANTS to see this blow up into a larger war, involving AT LEAST Israel and the US vs. Syria and Iran. Lebanon needs to decide where they stand in this, frankly I think they're just being pushed around and used by Syria and Iran. And if the Saudis and the Egyptians and the Jordanians want some.... well, they can come get some too! This is a war that should've been fought 25 years ago, immediately on the heels of the Iranian hostage taking and during the beginning years of Reagan deploying Marines to Beirut to later be slaughtered in their sleep. All we did then was turn and run with our tail between our legs like Clinton did in Somalia. THIS WAR SHOULD'VE BEEN FOUGHT YEARS AGO!!! DAMN THE TORPEDOES!!! FULL SPEED AHEAD!!!
82. Help me understand...
Concerned American ,   DC   (07.15.06)
Can someone help me understand.... Why is it that America alway has to play big brother to Israel. People, you can get mad at my post, but frankly many American feel like Israel is like the little kid that is always causing trouble, but has a big brother for when his mouth gets him in trouble. We American are quite sick out it. One day, we aren't going to be there, and the Israelis are going to get their asses handed to them.
83. Hey Peter Morris
Dwight ,   Richmond USA   (07.15.06)
I encourage you to look at history and see that Israel has ALWAYS been the target for many generations past and will always be to come. That is why they must react in immense strength - otherwise the 10-11 million Jews worldwide would cease to be. If the world stopped hating the minority Jewish people, it might realize all of the benefits that come from the Jewish people and their medical, agricultural, scientiic reasearch over the centuries in many different nations.
84. Bomb Damascus??
Jason Carroll ,   Kansas City, USA   (07.15.06)
I am a strong christian, as such, war is bad to me. Do you realize that bombing damascus is is part of end time biblical prophecy? Do you realize that Damascus has never been destroyed? It is the oldest city in the world. Now with all of that in mind, and the news going on, read Isaiah 17:1 ....
85. arab jews
kpc ,   Boca Raton, Florida   (07.15.06)
ask i look down on the earth i created and see how i messed up i wish i never created all of you GOD
86. Hey #13, News Flash
Allan ,   Elray Beach, Fla   (07.15.06)
Lebanon and Gaza have no oil. THey harbor terrorists. That's who Israel is going after. Better keep up with world events before you spout your nonsense.
Mike ,   Israel   (07.15.06)
We have been the target for the last 60 years, and the West has been a target for the last 25 years, the result of which and right fully so is a responce by the West and Israel to hit back hard I.E the bombing of lebanon, the war in Iraq ect. The west and Israel must fight and fight hard against the Islamic world, its the only way to fight people that behead others in the name of God. Its time to behead the Islamic head.
88. #13 & 31
Jason ,   Chattanooga USA   (07.15.06)
YOu are both in need of a brain transplant. your reasoning skills are only good for a fictitous world.
89. Israel & the Arabs
Joan Norman ,   Gloucester,. USA   (07.15.06)
At what point does the world want the Jews to line up for the boxcars? I will pray that never again will they put a patch on their clothes and line up. The world has to acknowledge that the Jewish people have to have their country and not covet it.
90. Israeli offensive
chuckknoblock ,   meridian, ms   (07.15.06)
It's about time a country showed some guts and is doing what needs to be done. We in America should take notice, and stand together as Israel has and kick some terroist ass.
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