Eyewitnesses: Syria-Lebanon border attacked
Roee Nahmias
Published: 15.07.06, 17:01
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1. Kick ass ,take names later, before you judge me...
Armchair General ,   Cyber-space   (07.15.06)
remember that any innocent lives lost are soley the fault of Hizzzzzzzzblah. That cared not of their own people, especialy the christians. Hizzzzzzblah was brought in to make Lebanon an Islamic State, creating years of a civil, racial, and religious war. Their agenda does not have the interests of the Lebonese people. Sorry to the people in Lebanon, but your sacrafice, along with Israels' will make the region better. Good luck IAF and IDF, and condulances for lives lost on both sides, except Hizzzzzblah, may you rot and burn in the hottest place in HELL The death toll will rise, and it's all Hizzzzzblahs' fault. Armchair General
2. Where is Peace Now ?
Marcel ,   Florida   (07.15.06)
Where are the appeasers now ? What has come of all their efforts for peace ? You weakness & goodwill has been rewarded by hezbollah and hamas. Islam only understands the language of brute force. This they respect and bow to. Talking and rewarding them with Jewish land only feed their bloodlust to destroy Israel. They are very,very shocked that a weak and wimp Israel now fights back. They assumed israel would die quietly weakened by the false peace Raod Map , too tired to fight. Let them get what they intend for Israel .Gods Divine Justice on all who come against His Israel.
3. Nasrallah's plan
Alex ,   LA, USA   (07.15.06)
So far everything is going according to Nasralla's plan. His aim was to totally destroy Lebanon so that he may rule it after the war. He hopes that most of the population will be killed and he will replace them by Iranians. So far he is doing ok. He may move to Syria soon for a few weeks to escape war and visit Taheran.
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