IDF: We destroyed Lebanon’s coastal radars
Roee Nahmias
Published: 15.07.06, 19:12
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61. latest tally...
wff ,   los angeles, ca   (07.16.06)
sofar, lebanese civilians killed 121. israeli civilians killed 13. hezbollah fighters killed 4. idf soldiers killed 9 + 2 kidnapped (presumed dead) + 4 in the gunboat = 15. so it looks that the losers are lebanese civilians and the idf. funny, HA isn't losing !!! go hit damascus and tehran and leave lebanon alone !!!
62. Joseph regarding the poor innocents
Patricia Leveille ,   Prineville   (07.16.06)
Joseph, where were you when the suicide bombers were klling the innocents in Israel???
63. Zionist Out Of Conrol
Patti ,   USA   (07.16.06)
It appears to me that you don't know your history. Thousands of years ago G-D gave that land to His people and much more than what has been stated. I need to remind you of the suffering Israel has gone thru since they began to stand up and take charge of their land. Israel will live long and strong .
64. lebanon war
fred ,   ca, usa   (08.03.06)
hezbollah decided to go war with the israelis, and they are trying to bring in all of lebanon into the conflict, they call themselves the lebanese resistance but they don't represent all of the lebanese they use that name to sheild themselves from the international community . iam glad that finally someone decided to stand up against them. hopefully the israelis will prevail and disarm those terrorists.
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