8 killed in rocket attack on Haifa
Ahiya Raved
Published: 16.07.06, 12:01
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31. The balance of stength have been changed? LOL
Dan ,   Haifa Israel   (07.16.06)
As far as I know, nothing has changed, no missile can get Tel-Aviv because those kind of missiles need fuel while they fly and it takes longer untill they hit. those missiles are old and are sitting ducks for the israeli "Hetz" anti missile and Americans patriots. But those comments do show that Arabs all over the world aren't to different, you always have and always will love to see other people die and get heart. This is the reason why Israel is the most powerful power in the ME while you can only look at us while we attack. Those people who were killed were killed because a "missile" hit in a place that was closed with 10-20 people who worked while they were told not to group. Now, after one of the main cities have been attacked Israel is allowed to strike back with more force and to demolish by all means the Hizballah, while trying not to kill civillians because even though you might hate me with no reason, I don't hate anyone from Lebanon and I don't want civillians to die, even if they want me dead ! Only people who act agianst israel should die. But those people are cowards who hide withing civillians while using them as a shield. Is this the man you worship ? A coward who Syria tells him what to do, a coward who walks around (well, now he is wounded, but he used to walk around) in woman clothe so we won't kill him. Go find your self a new leader, and as a mussliam you should read the Koran agian (that if you know how to) and see that Jihad is agianst the Koran and the Koran says that killing and terror is not they way for power nor peace.
32. #24 Dan Haifa
atmawi ,   Historic Palestine   (07.16.06)
Who said that my blood is not red as yours? Who gave you the false impression that your life is of more value than mine? Why do I have to accept the fact of not sleeping, and you shall not be waken up the way you described? You need to grow up, and accept the sad fact which is that Israel is the occupier, offensive, and Palestinians are the victems. Israel has the upper hand to end up this oscallation. You need a brave man like Rabin to go the serious step towards peace.
33. Haifa
H A P ,   STR   (07.16.06)
no place for european occupier on the arab land .... jews should start to prepare bags to go back to their countries in east europe !
34. Dear wael #13
me   (07.16.06)
By the law, all over the world, if you assist someone to perform a murder you get punished too. Now, I dont have anything against the Lebanese on the contrary, i think they are peacful country who is trying to gain back what the have uded to be. But [a big but] if the Lebanese are helping a terror organization as the Hizbulla to hide their missiles in houses and you let them attack innocent people from among you, you are not less guilty as if you were shooting the missiles by your self. I know that must of the Lebanses want Hizbulla of of your country, and the sooner you force them out the sooner peace will come to the middle east. I KNOW AND YOU KNOW IT.
35. Attack on Haifa
Patricia ,   Waipahu, Hawaii, USA   (07.16.06)
My guess is the gloves should come off. I read in the Post that the IDF were not hitting as strongly as they could because they did not want to cause Lebanon too much damage. That seems a little pathetic. I would say the necessity is in ending these strikes and protecting citizens.
36.  both sides are blind
Dimitris ,   New York   (07.16.06)
don't know how much empathy to feel right now beyond for the basic pain of those who are hurt. other than that i believe that Israel has lost any moral superiority it deserved long time ago when it decided to annex more and more foreign land. i feel the same way for Arab extemists after they decided that endless bloodleting is the answer to their cause. both are very sad examples of how low humanity can stoop....
37. Remove the picture ASAP.
MIchael ,   US   (07.16.06)
Remove the picture an description of the area ASAP. You are helping the enemy. Don't be stupid - listen to orders of IDF spokesman.
38. We are FAR from breaking out the white flag!
Edan ,   Beer Sheva   (07.16.06)
They will get what they deserve. We knew that this could happen. Unlike Lebanon, we are united in our struggle against the bastards. You won't see us surrendering until we get what we seek.
39. Rockets
Pinchos Osher ,   Jerusalem   (07.16.06)
Please take a few seconds now to pray to Heaven that the attacks stop and that peace is restored as soon as possible.
40. A note to the IDF re #1
Kate ,   London, UK   (07.16.06)
Time to take out the trash in Hebron.
41. arabs 0 english 1
ed ,   israel   (07.16.06)
has anybody noticed that all the arabs writing to the forums cannot spell ? instead of throwing stones and hearing crappy sermons in mosques they should pay attention in school and try to get good grades in english.
42. 1 Arab Pali: occupying Jewish Hebron: You will soon choke on
Gabrielle Goldwater ,   Geneva Switzerland   (07.16.06)
your laughter don't forget missiles can also hit you little scared Islamic Extremist since your terrorists brothers don't use rockets that miss Arabs and only hit Jews Braindead idiot
43. 5 palestinen: <<< cannot even spell yourself what you want
Gabrielle Goldwater ,   Geneva Switzerland   (07.16.06)
to be - really educated Tell me will you also shout... allah akbar .... when you crap into your pants when you get hit ?? Tell us !!!
44. The first to come out from hiding are Arabs here when
Gabrielle Goldwater ,   Geneva Switzerland   (07.16.06)
they think Israel got hit But they cut and run from our Jewsih website - when Their Crap is exposed How brave - those Arabs - indeed coming to Jewsih websites to spew their hate under a pseudo name because they are gutless - and Arab sites would throw them a mile This is the Islamic Brave Heroic world Cowards Galore
45. 14 waeL: Your ignorance makes us laugh
Gabrielle Goldwater ,   Geneva Switzerland   (07.16.06)
little Islamic Extremist who hides his skin in Kuwait Oh he is soooo brave
46. you shouldnt do that
Hussein ,   Jerusalem   (07.16.06)
i am a palestinian and dear sir, u shouldnt do that ,, that is not civillised
47. #13 , The hzibullah killed citizens way before
48. NaserAllah.........we proude of you ,   Palestine   (07.16.06)
49. It is just the begining, Khidiera & Natanya are the next
Yohan ,   Amsterdam   (07.16.06)
Israel will pay heavy price unless it accepts negotiations to free prisoners and to stop agression.
50. We will wee will rock you !!
ROCK IT! ,   LEBANON   (07.16.06)
51. To all Palestinians
Danny ,   Tel Aviv   (07.16.06)
In the end of this day we leave in prosperity and have a normal good life. You live like dogs in Hebron, Gaza not because of us but because you choose to (you choose Hamas). Dont you want a normal life?
52. When Do Our Enemies Get to Feel Fear?
Jeremy S. Slavin ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (07.16.06)
When, exactly, is Israel going to strike Syria? Israel burns, Lebanon burns, but Syria...sits. Observes. Pulls the strings. Israelis are dying, Lebanese are dying, while the Syrians and Iranians point and laugh and burn flags. I am not calling for throwing caution to the wind in order to really spark a wide, regional war. I AM calling for retribution. For justice. This job will not be finished by shelling southern Lebanon. This job will not be finished by simply hitting the same old sites over and over and over again. Damascus needs to burn. Assad's palaces, be they in Latakia or Damascus or Aleppo or wherever, need to burn. A dictator lives in opulence, his cronies and the Old Guard plot and scheme, and we here and others in the world are consumed by the plight of our fellow citizens in the north and by the destruction of Lebanon further north of that... Hezbollah attacks oil refineries, they target homes and communities, their missiles reach farther and farther into Israel...when is Damascus going to feel the "love"? Why must so many die so that Iran and Syria can get away with murder once again, without feeling so much as a pinprick of pain? Why must WE live in fear perpetually while our enemies avoid it? There's no end to this, there is no point to all these bombs being dropped and artillery being fired, without doing the job right!
53. Zballa!!!!
Free Mind ,   Lebanon   (07.16.06)
its not hizballa its ZBALLA=shitbag
54. EU&US fight these camels now w/Israel!or face them la8r by U
wake up they ,   r at war w/the world   (07.16.06)
55. Like always, Israel will prevail
Robert Renders ,   Mechelen, Belgium   (07.16.06)
I can see arabs dancing in the streets and also here, laughing with hapiness. But Israel is just destroying Lebanon and Gaza, and will also crush Syria if necessary. But the arabs run to the UN whining. What a stupid people, these arabs.
56. That's what the Israeli's hope for
Robert Renders ,   Mechelen, Belgium   (07.16.06)
#19 Moussa, if you want to leave Israel, please do so. And take all the other arabs from Israel with you.
58. #32 I didn't said so. you did !
Dan ,   Haifa Israel   (07.16.06)
I said that I don't want any arab to die, I said no civillian should die! Now you just prove the point to you are blind to what you see, read and hear. You see what you want to see and hear want you want to hear. No to talk about the fact that you beleive israel is the land of Arabs. Israel is the land of jewish for thousends of years. Far before muhamad was even born. There are proves to that, sturctures and much other stuff. But you, people who have been brainwashed beleive that this is your land. Well you want to know something, you who call him self a Palestinien, Palestine is the name that Britain chose to this place 60-70 years ago. Palestine is a change of the name of the "Plishtim" who lived here with the jewish nation back at David's age. You are arabs who came from egypte, Syria, Jordan and other countries. You were kicked out of you countries and untill now they don't want you back. They won't even consider on taking you and even putting you people at their deserts ! But we, the jewish nation accepted you, gave you a country, we give you water, electricity, food, weapons for your army. You live because of us, because when "Palestines" like you were in Jordany, the king killed you all, because you were fanatics, and you still are. It doesn't matter what you will do, Israel is the stornget force in the Middle East, and will always be the stronget force. But you, the people who act like savages have the dare to always want more. We withdraw from gaza, you won't STFU and keep with the attacks. We withdraw from Lebanon, you won't stop. Now, when we start to show a bit of our power you go cry to the UN to save you. Ohh, UN, we did nothing to them, they are attacking us with no reason. All we did was shoting missiles at inocent people, while no clear target was around them, all we wanted is to kill them. We kidnapped soldier, killed a few, but it's no reason to do anything to us. We are poor people, we want to leave in peace. Yeah sure, show me peace, when we give you a finger you want the hole hand. You will never stop untill (as sad is it sounds) all the fanatics withing you will be killed. This is what you have achived. 90% of the world thinks that Islam is a bad religion, a religion that says killing is good. Go and read your Koran agian, it dosen't says so, you fanatics twisted everything in it and brainwashed inocent people within you !
59. to #39 RE: unity
Michelle ,   Beirut, Lebanon   (07.16.06)
What unity can israel show? only jews are united in israel, everyone else wants the government to stop its attacks. In lebanon maronites, orthodox, roman catholics, sunnis, shias, druze, alawites and armenians are all united and are taking in refugees from the south and looking after each other. And while they would never have supported the resistance before this war, they sure as hell do now in the face of the enemy agression that is israel, so dont get your hopes up on us not being united, this is a lost israeli vision. YAHYA LUBNAN!
60. Dont Miss The Point
Hussein ,   Jerusalem   (07.16.06)
lets get back few days, israel was holding some hezbulla members and also controlling a peice of land that its consideres a lebanies land( shabbaa farms) . hezbulla captures two soldiers to negotiate the release of his members. will wat israel has done is that attacking all lebanon killing a 99.9% civillians will if they are ponting to hizbulla trops they would at least kill some hizbulla members becide the civillians, but as we all know israel with all of its army didnt insure one hizbulla member. that means it attackes civillians with cold blood. u will say the army said tody that Mr Hasan Nasralla has been insured will really u canot make sure about that coz u know that is all considered sicological ware unless hezbulla confirmed that..... and note: we can read our holly koraan ,, the thing is that we are not changing its content as others did and doing
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