Nasrallah’s tactical surprise
Guy Ronen
Published: 16.07.06, 11:18
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1. A Hard Lesson in '73....
Richard ,   Victoria Canada   (07.16.06)
was tempered with the determination and will and learn-on-the-fly ingenuity of Israeli military. Sure, there are more new surprises this time. And a lot of unknowns again. But....G_d will ABSOLUTELY provide the replacements for those men of character we saw at work in '73. Pray that He wake them up now. G_d bless and empower the IDF !!
2. Message from Persian Kabbalist Chacham Z:
J ,   Newcastle   (07.16.06)
Chacham Z comes from Mashad, Iran. He is an anonymous tzaddik reminiscent of the Chalban, one that looks like a fishmonger or a milkman on the outside. Don't let that fool you. If you want to feel true humility, then discuss Torah - Talmud or esoteric - with Chacham Z. His blessings are like money in the bank. Today, Chacham Z came to Ashdod. I couldn't believe what I saw - he was distributing free books of Psalms to passersby, ice cream for children (to relieve their worry), vegetables for the poor, and pastries to soldiers. He had an entire welcome wagon in his battered Fiat 127, model 1981. He called me over and blessed me, and said "Hashem will do tremendous miracles. Iran is in big trouble. If Israel does a warning strike on a secondary Iranian town, such as Isfahan or Mashad, they will succeed! Achmadinejad will see the strong arm of Hashem if he doesn't back off of Israel. The Torah says we shall dwell alone - we don't need America or anybody else's help! If the Iranians persist in attacking Israel, then Tehran will be hit with a nuclear weapon. Hashem wants us to do Tshuva, so He chastises us. But, He will protect us against Iran. Let the IDF fight fearlessly and with no restraint from the nations of the world. We must support our dear soldiers with tshuva and Torah!" He wished me "Shabbat Shalom" and drove away. If you're questioning Chacham Z's authenticity, an hour after I spoke to him, Achmedinejad came out with this statement. Iran is scared, but like other tyrants, he'll run to his own destruction. Wait and see, it's all comin' down.
3. I surrender!
Nasrallah ,   Lebanon   (07.16.06)
I'm giving up Islam and cursing the stupid prophet for my foolish action.
4. Nasrallah turns Lebanon into chaos
Gerd Schulz ,   Germany   (07.16.06)
5. Give C802 to Gaza Terros so they can control Suez Canal
Alan ,   SA   (07.16.06)
Salameh ,   Gaza, Palestine   (07.16.06)
Calling Our Prophet Mohammed (May God's blessings be upon him) names is a sign of sick mind and evil soul. We won't go down to your level and call prophet Musa (May God's blessings be upon him) names because he is more dear to us than you.
7. Don't worry...
Yeah, Israel knows how to learn from mistakes, while islamists do not. This is why Israel must burden itself with being Teacher to the cognitively dysfunctinal student. Students like this need constant attention, and in spite of her higher calling, Israel is always able to offer that, according to the student's need. Peace to Israel!!!
8. in the front
eisenfeld ,   paris   (07.16.06)
Radars put down, friendly fire, and many more. Someyhing is going deadly wrong on the operational level. Erros no made by children are costing lives in Israel army.Wake up your officers before more soldiers die because your stupidity.
9. Wrong Again
Julia Weller ,   USA   (07.16.06)
Every time experts like yourself make predictions about what the military capabilities of the enermy are, you are proved wrong. Today the attack on the train depot in Haifa proved you wrong. Again.
10. The evil's source.
keren ,   sao paulo   (07.16.06)
If the source of this all is Iran,why US and EU and ALL other countries who have been threatened-inclusively and much dangerously Israel-do not act TOGETHER to put an firm and on it once and for all? If Iran is not refrained quickly ,it will pose more and more danger not only for Israel but for the whole world. It seems clear! Isn't about the time for those who esteem,value and respect the ways towards progress and Peace for Humanity to put an end on this HUGE threat which is the Islamic threat?
11. why don't we build missiles and use them?
jason white ,   afula,israel   (07.16.06)
Instead of pissing away money on all sorts of garbage.Let us build missiles. We could have built an anti-missile system,but there were cutbacks in the defense budget.The morons in the min.of finance have weakened our defense.They are as guilty as the politicians who approve the budget.The parasites that refuse to work and take money from the govt. are just as guilty.The mayors who fill the city hall with their cronies are guilty. Use our money for defense,education and health.
12. Repugnance
Rod MucCullough ,   Saskatoon, Canada   (07.16.06)
I am not antisemitic, I don't hate the jews, I have no special feelings towards the palestinians nor the muslims, I have just always been indifferent toward all middle east strifles.. yet I must say that what i see in news reports is beyond my threshold of keeping any respect for Israel.
13. Response to Repugnance
Western Canadian ,   Alberta, Canada   (07.16.06)
Hey Rod, stopping publicizing your ingnornance, Moron! Persons of indifference are idiots.
14. rod #12
keren ,   sao paulo   (07.16.06)
Can you explain exactly WHY such a repugnance and lack of respect for Israel? Are you able to explain that? Please,make more clear your feelings, for us to understand.
15. #12
Preston ,   USA   (07.16.06)
I have no feelings except repugnance for canadians who judge Israel when their only border is the USA. Safe borders (therefore no understanding of the Israeli situation) and millions of arabs (spewing their bile) in canada account for your anti-semitism. Plus you are clearly a jerk for hanging around an Israel site. Crawl back under your maple leaf and draw more swastikas.
16. Now is the time ...
pfloyd ,   USA   (07.16.06)
What more does the FREE world need in order to act vs the "axis of evil" in the Middle East ??? ... the "line in the sand" has been drawn by the Israeli's ... "good vs evil" has been laid out - Iran/Syria have CLEARLY shown their hand as "the initiators of terrorism in the Middle East ... they have threatened brazenly Israel ... have taunted the Western World to "dare" to do anything vs Hamas/Hizbullah/Syria/Iran ... ... the time is NOW to for the West ... those Moderate Middle East states that fear an empowered Iran who use the guise of terrorism of Hizbullah/Hamas to do there bidding without fear of retaliation from the West ... hiding behind the trump card - OIL ... the threat of economic collapse in the West and around the world has kept the World at bay ... NOW is the time call Iran's bluff is time for the World to give Iran a black eye ... to cripple their infa-structure ... to set their dreams of someday having WMD up in smoke ... take away Iran's means to develop economically - strike their OIL industry !!! it is time for other countries in Middle East to assist in offsetting the oil shortage that "we will choose" as an acceptable trade-off for putting the terrorist genie back into a bottle ... ... the Free World should now unite to fight vs this clear terrorist enemy - Hizbullah/Hamas ... Syria and Iran ... pfloyd
17. Re: All of you
George ,   NA   (07.28.06)
How about remembering for a second that Israel is an Occupyer? You still todate OCCUPY the Golan Heights, the Shabbaa Farms, Half of Palestine... What do you expect? Live in Peace? Do you think by mediatizing a bad terrorist image to the people you OCCUPY will crush their resistance? You know what? if you really want and seek Peace you would start doing the right thing and return the land to its people Golan Heights to SYRIA, Shabaa Farms to Lebanon, and so on... And stop talking about the Islamic Threat and axis of Evil and try to CNN and FOX your audiances with bullshit. You are massacring and destroying a whole region and race. Don't look for sympathie from my end. I am no Muslim, No jew, I am a born Christian but beleive in equality and have friends from all religions who think just like me. You need to wake up, and admitt your mistakes in order to gain respect.
18. to #17 george
kaka ,   bdg, indo   (08.12.06)
Finally, there is rational people. I do agree with you.
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