Tel Aviv told to be on rocket alert
Hanan Greenberg
Published: 16.07.06, 11:48
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1. lets wait, another 3 weeks and they'll run out of rockets
Haifa   (07.16.06)
let ZAHAL do ALL they need. It's not a good time to show weekness..
2. Possible attack on Tel Aviv
Marcell ,   Israel   (07.16.06)
Tel Aviv residents should take this very seriously; it has become apparent, from what has happened in Haifa, that Israeli intelligence regarding Hezbollah capabilities leaves much to be desired; and that it is now more than possible that Tel Aviv could come under attack. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.
3. Leftists will give them another chance!
Z Lando ,   Tekoa, Israel   (07.16.06)
I can already hear them: "Now is the time to make "peace"! "You only make peace with enemies..." "We don't want to shed more innocent blood" ...and "extremists" like me... will be shunned, laughed at, shut up, hassled by the police, and we will again have "quiet", that beuatiful quiet. We can all go back to swiming in the Kinneret, flying to Barcelona, drinking expresso in our favorite "bar" while Nasrallah (or his successor) will "quietly" build up his forces, organize, re-arm, for the next, more deadly, war...... by the way - you know what "extremist" means in Israel? Someone who is always right, but never listened to.....
4. Removing civilian smoke screen
Daniel   (07.16.06)
Clear southern Lebanon of civilian population and bomb out the Hisbollah like a conventional army.
5. there you go....
TheLoyalWorrior ,   FreeWorld   (07.16.06)
Israel, you always claimed to be the strongest and most legitimate power in the middle east! You rejected a cease fire with lebanon and the result is that you lost 8 of your citizens in one strike and the strikes are surely going to continue, your government lacks competence in it's fields! Now, enjoy a little bit of what the Palestinians have been experiencing under your army's agression in the occupied territories! Nothing justifies violence on ALL sides, but a little Wake up call can be good sometimes! give up and make peace, give palestinians a negotiated state and not an imposed one, give back all the hostages you are holding! Yes , 11000 Hostages! Judged in israel ? nobody recognizes your military courts! Palestinians and lebanese can judge your soldiers too! Give up and MAKE PEACE! at the end, you will do it for the sake of survival, it will look BAD! Do it now while you have Some pride left...Its my advice to the neighbouring state of israel!
6. Us Israelis need to stand firm
Talula ,   Tel Aviv - Israel   (07.16.06)
and strong. It's what we have done in the past and it's what we will do now and in the future. We lived through Scuds and we'll live through this.
7. #3 You are despicable
Edan ,   Beer Sheva   (07.16.06)
Pointing fingers of blame and proclaiming how you were "right" doesn't do anybody any damn good except maybe the Hizbullah. You are trying to tear the country apart when we should be standing firmly united. You are one hell of an idiot.
8. freeworld???
ash ,   gush etzion   (07.16.06)
"11000 Hostages! Judged in israel ? nobody recognizes your military courts!" Samir Kunta, number one on all arab prisoner release lists. he bashed a nine year old girls head against rocks while her father watched and then shot the father. Release him?!?!?!?!
9. sorry forgot to link
ash ,   gush etzion   (07.16.06)
10. To #3 Z. Lando
Sandra ,   Israel   (07.16.06)
You are too busy getting your undies in a bunch and haven't been listening to what's going on around you. It's widely known that the Knesset ACROSS THE BOARD (except for the Arab parties, of course) are 110% behind what the IDF is doing. Yes, even a Meretznik like myself hopes that we bomb Hizbullah to smithereens. Now you should take a deep breath and invest your energies doing something productive instead of inventing enemies when we have real ones like the genius who wrote Talkback #5.
11. Letter #5
Blueye ,   Israel   (07.16.06)
You are not too bright, are you?
12.  It's time to use stronger weapons and to #5
One bomb, one neutron, one pulse, it wont kill poeple or destroy buildings but surely they wont have any electricity for communication or shooting rockets. To # 5 you should be glad that the IDF are not realy using excessive force and still using smart bombs in order to prevent innocent casualties. If the IDF wasn't a moral army and was acting like the savages murderers Hizbulla, by know Lebanon was a desert
13. #5 The Worrier
Talula ,   Tel-Aviv - Israel   (07.16.06)
You should be a worrior!!!! ha ha ha I think you meant 'warrior.' Freudian slip! Let me give you some facts, ignorant 'worrior.' Israel has the most powerful military in the middle east, like it or not, it's a fact. We are a recognized State, both our government and our military. We hear Israeli SOLDIERS we only hear Palestinian gunmen and Hezbollah militants. You don't even have a recognized army between you. Hell, you don't even have a representative at the UN, you have an 'observer' Really, you don't even exist. Those filth that have been tried by an Israeli military (the aforementioned recognized State) court will stay there until they die or they have done their sentence. Preferably they'll die first.. So next time before you spew any more garbage, get the facts rights.
14. #7 who's trying to tear the country apart???
E ,   Efrat   (07.16.06)
If the left could just let go of their ego, their false idol of "peace" at any cost and just admit they were wrong, and now we're paying the price, we could LEARN from this terrible mistake and be much more united in the future!
15. that's the problem with wanting peace
someone ,   israel   (07.16.06)
if you say you wanna stand up for yourself and your people then immidiately you're thought of as an agrressor. do not be fooled. giving prisoners (some are disginers or murder, if not most, or all. i admit i don't know everything) will not end the situaion. same as if we gave back every piece of land the palestinians demanded - it will not end there. the fact is - almost every significant arab leadership (except for the 2 countries we have some sort of peace with) is calling upon the distruction of the only jewish state there is. is denying the jews right to live in the only land that we call home. everyone knows, that every other county in the world, if struck, would do the same as us, and even worse. but when it's israel, then it's israel who's to blame. i feel bad for the lebanese people, who had a brave leader who tried to drive the hizbollah away from his coutry, and we all know what happened to him for trying so. lebanon did not follow the UN decision, and our northern part of the country has suffered rocket attackes for years. and now, the responsibility to lay down the arms is on us? as for the palestinians, i think a true turning point could have been the disengagement (even if it was poorly executed). if we demanded palestinian population removed from certain places in the Gada, in return to our 8000 people who built homes and families in Gaza, then maybe we would have been able to create a CLEAR, STRAIGHT border between both populations, instead of the crooked, twisted, unfair line being built in the shape of the Wall. do not be fooled.
16. Lebanon may lose this confrontation ..
but later, after sometime, they'll gather again, and try again. Israel cannot win everytime. Arab world need to win and do it right only once. Just watch. Israel has no place in its current mentality and mindset. Bloodshed by Jews will never be forgotten in this area of the world. You are doomed to lose one day. Just Watch!
17. I agree with #3 and #7
Amsellem E. ,   Ramat Gan   (07.16.06)
the left and their deranged lust for "peace" (i.e.) the arabs murder us and we sit back and do nothing, except for retreat) is the direct reason for this problem it is the embodiment of weakness for the arabs! here in the middle east peace comes only through respect. respect is earned by force and deterence! the only way we as a nation are going to get through this is if we bear down band together and show the enemy that we are not tolerant of his murderous ways! otherwise if we keep on letting them off the hook to fight another day this conflict will never end. (as long as there are jews and muslims in the M.E. it will never end the arabs veiw these wars as just another walk in the park) United we must stand and let the real voices of reason prevail not deranged peace worshippers.
18. whats the west doing
thomas ,   Germany   (07.16.06)
i mean we cant let tel aviv get bombed .we should do something and not just say hey stop the war please
19. #7,10 & everyone read this article till the end!
Important ,   דחוף   (07.16.06),7340,L-3276387,00.html
20. Lebanon's new role in the world
Chrisona ,   Chicago.IL   (07.16.06)
People say there's no military solution to conflict between nations. Unfortunately vis-a-vis Israel and its enemies, there's no political solution. Therefore Israel must create safe and defensible borders for itself. It especially needs deep buffer zones, such as the one Sinai once provided.
21. To #16
me   (07.16.06)
Through the all history of time the Jews suffered threats of destruction from the Amalek up to the Nazis and now the terrorists, and we are still here and we are staying here if you like it or not [you better like it]. Unfortunately for you, those who came up to kill us found themselves defeated either by us or by our allies time after time. You better internalize real good inside your psycho mind. WE WERE HERE BEFORE YOU AND WE WILL BE HERE A LONG TIME AFTER YOU'LL BE GONE. Now it's up to you, if you will be gone from old age or from a bullet. You can't change facts.
22. @nr 16
thomas ,   germany   (07.16.06)
the egyptians and the jordanians are in peace with israel and want t stay in peace the other arabs can be peacefuul too so why cant the pales and the lebanese be?
23. Unconditional surrender
Marc ,   USA   (07.16.06)
Peace will follow only from an unconditional surrender. Anything less will continue the slow terrorist holocaust.
24. Cockroaches
David Gardner ,   Margate, Florida   (07.16.06)
It is time to get rid of the terrorist, they have no country, they only represent their own twisted ideals. I agree evacuate Southern Lebanon then level the place. Do the same with Gaza, evacuate it then level it. I am for the soveirgn state of Israel, I also support a soveriegn state for the Palestians with rights. The fear the Israel has is that every Palestinian could be a terrorist. If they are gone then maybe things would happen in good faith. Hamas and the Hez need to be eliminated---period.
25. Israel
shover ,   altoona, USA   (07.16.06)
I'm a born again Christian who supports Israel's right to defend itself. Islamofascists are bringing more and more chaos into our world each day. I am united with the Christians in Lebanon and the Jews in Israel. I sincerely hope Israel doesn't stop now because in 3 months it will start over once again. Stay safe Israeli's and may God continue to bless you in your hour of need.
26. G-d willing
George ,   Israel   (07.16.06)
Israel will never lose we have G-d on our side!
gabriela ben ari   (07.16.06)
28. Terrorist Barbarians need to be CRUSHED
jim ,   orlando, fl, USA   (07.16.06)
Thank you Israel for doing what our cowardly, liberal, bed wetting left wing politicians won't do --CONFRONT THUGS AND DEAL WITH THEM! We were attacked and all we have done so far is to slap the terrorists with silk gloves. DON"T GIVE IN OR GIVE UP!!!!! Many is this Country are behind you and admire your courage to do what is necessary to eliminate the scum. I salute you and wish you God speed!
29. missile attacks
Carl ,   New Jersey, USA   (07.16.06)
With the top notch air force that Israel has and hopefully spy satellite information supplied by the US, how does Israel not know where these missiles and launchers are? and why haven't they been destroyed by now?
30. Israelis are a bunch of liars
george ,   USA   (07.16.06)
Unreal, they first say its a syrian made drone, then its an iranian rocket, then its Iranians in lebanon helping, then we find out the truth, it was a chinese missile. I am sick and tired of all the crying the israelis do.
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