Peretz: We surprised Hizbullah
Attila Somfalvi
Published: 16.07.06, 15:55
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1. "they do not hear the Israeli public panicking "
Arie   (07.16.06)
And you won't. Peretz will only hear our anger if he backs down!
2. I was once a critic and the arabids pay he price!
Arie   (07.16.06)
Yes I admit it. I was a critic of Peretz! Strongly. And I still blame him and Olmert for bringing us to the precipice. Now he has a chance for redemption. DO NOT STOP until hezbullah destroyed! If that means the desertifcation of Lebanon, then so be it! We have faced conflict long enough! If the Lebanese militay cannot do - the IDF can. And perhaps the time has come that Peretz will allow the IDF be the IDF!
3. Peretz must also have the audacity to
John ,   NZ   (07.16.06)
strike Syria and snake head Iran
4. Arie (07.16.06) YOU ARE RIGHT!
DACON9   (07.16.06)
1. "they do not hear the Israeli public panicking " And you won't. Peretz will only hear our anger if he backs down! Arie (07.16.06) my comment: and as long as the media supports IDF / ISRAEL GOV. and not panic the ISRAELI citizens by NOT showing the power of ISRAEL AND THE PAIN OF ISRAEL ISRAEL MUST REMAIN STRONG THROUGH THIS PROCESS. THIS IS THE FUTURE OF EVERY JEW IN THE WORLD. BELIEVE IN "GDs' PROMISE TO ISRAEL. "WILL A MOTHER EVER FORGET HER CHILD?" "I WILL MAKE MIRACLES FOR YOU , IF YOU SERVE ME" Arie (07.16.06)
5. The moral code of the Israeli nation do not allow us to harm
James L Roy ,   United States   (07.16.06)
who is this guy kidding? 100 plus civilians dead and the posts on this site are still calling for blood... there isnt a moral fibre in the entrie state of israel
6. Not harming Arab civilians
Hans ,   USA   (07.16.06)
While it is certainly noble for Israel to want to avoid civilian casualties (unlike their dirty enemies who aim for civilians), one has to wonder whether or not a civilian population that approves of homocide-bombing of civilians by a margin of 75% is deserving of Israel's graces??? I say that all cards are on the table to bring them to their knees. If they hit Israel's train depot while it is full of people, I would be hitting their's, too. This is war, not a popularity contest. Israel will be condemned by most of the world regardless of how gracious they are in battle. I've seen it before.
7. Nonsense
Bhaskar ,   Canada   (07.16.06)
Be more agressive, Kill terrorist before they kill you. No time for news conference.
8. Did you read that you Arabs who write here!!!!
9. peretz we are behind you if you don't fumble
10. A special message to all antisemites
Larry ,   Eastbourne, UK   (07.16.06)
I have noted through the day the postings you have put up and how you have revealed your true character. You should note Peretz's comments about the resilience of the Israeli people. Israel has survived all previous attempts to wage genocidal war against it and will win this war too. Israel and the Jewish people will survive and will continue to flourish. Whereas you, the antisemites, can only destroy and hate, you are the scum of the earth.
11. from the extreme right...
whats in the past is in the past. We al know now that we cant trust arabs. We all support you peretz. Protect us with an iron fist
12. hızbuLLah ıran and syrıa are goıng to be regretfuL
mery ,   tel avıv   (07.16.06)
13. we must crush hızbullah
14. Don't Stop Till Hisbollah is Destroyed
Chris M ,   Isle of man , uk   (07.16.06)
.......ahamed , and humiliated. We support you !! I wish I could fire a rocket at them myself !! You guys have had to put up with too much -- and its time the flies were swatted out of existence. Shalom !! God Bless you Israel !!!
15. what a sorry STATE
Steve ,   london   (07.16.06)
I can only ask from mercy from heaven. Our "leaders" Olmert and Peretz and Perez are weak and, Nasralla knows that. They are destroying us. Stop with the "stupid " PR and get in ther and destroy our enemy with no holds barred. HOW MANY MORE HAVE TO DIE? the problem is I dont thing these leaders are capable - MAY GOD HAVE MERCY ON US
LEBANESE ,   USA   (07.16.06)
Norman ,   Johannesburg, S.A.   (07.16.06)
If the rockets quieten down and Israel wants to launch ground offensive, they must be careful not to ealk into a trap
18. comments by mr james roy
barbara ,   new york   (07.16.06)
mr james roy would do well to educate himself about israel's moral code, rather than to speak out of ignorance
19. Life against Life
Jamal ,   nablus   (07.16.06)
A wake, this is the euation. Peretz is idiot and also Olmert, why are you facing this ! just because your gov. kept lebaneese prisoners! Any country that withdraws sends out all prisoners of other countries home and end the case! Can you only answer me why to keep sheb3a and prsioners !!!! this is why you loose life.
20. Jamal - you're going to be sorry....
Andy   (07.16.06)
if the day comes when you are under Palestinian rule. It isn't about prisoners. It isn't about Sheba Farms. Its about Israel's right to exist. If you think it sucks under occupation, wait until you see what PA or HAMAS governance is like.
21. We will no longer turn a blind eye
Marcel ,   Florida   (07.16.06)
This is good news to hear from the once blind Kadimaites. No mercy for those who repaid your restraint and kindness with killing and destrucxion. Give them waht they crave. Many are standing with Israel in FULL support encouraging Israel to finish the mess you started by the blind eye in Gaza also. At a lebenese blog site a woman named Suha was trying to organize a protest/peace march against Israel's action against Hezbollah ,with Israel's fifth column . She said nothing about atacks against Israel. I told her not to wast her time israel has awaken form it's Olso Roads Map comatose condition and is tired of showing kindness and restraint to those intent on their destruction. Where are they, the Peace Now crowds ?
22. don't forget G-D
chana ,   new york   (07.16.06)
Peretz says: "I am proud of the residents of the north and of the expressions of solidarity here. This determination will help us win this battle. THIS WILL DECIDE ISRAEL'S FUTURE" Yes, the people of Israel are reacting to the crisis with unity and resolve, but don't forget what really is protecting the land of Israel and it's residents=G-D. According to the laws of nature, Israel, surrounded by dozens of vicious enemies who brainwash their children from when they are babies to hate and destroy Israel, would have long been taken over. G-D gave the land of Israel to the Jews, and it is high time that the leaders of Israel stop basing their actions on what the international community thinks. Hypocritical counties who have one set of rules for Israel, and another set of rules for Israel's enemies and for themselves. Israel openly says that they could have prevented the launch pads at the Northern border from being built up, but they refrained because of Internmational opinion, and now look what's going on. Who cares what the world says anyways. With them, Israel is damned if they do and damned if they don't. So, they might as well do what they need to do, AS SOON AS IT NEEDS TO BE DONE, not 6 years later. Military and civilian opponents of the Disengagement warned that Gaza will be used as a terrorist breeding ground that will cause an escalation in terrorist attacks of all types, this has unfortunately come to pass. Peretz is very right in one thing. WE NEED TO BE UNIFIED, we are stongest as ONE. The combination of this unity, the prayers and good deeds of the Jewish people, and the heroic actions of our special and valaint soldiers will surely bring G-D on our side and bring about a complete victory. May we hear only good news and merit the comic of Moshiach NOW!!!
23. woops
chana ,   new york usa   (07.16.06)
Pls change the end of my talkback that I just sent to "coming of Moshiach" instead of "comic of Moshiach" Thank you
24. #5
Quark Ferenghi ,   DS9   (07.16.06)
You moron! If Israel did not hold back you would see 10,000 dead and not 100. Go crawl back under your rock, you maggot.
25. This Crisis
CHGODMK   (07.16.06)
This crisis represents a tremendous opportunity for Israel to obliterate both Hamas and Hezbollah, once and for all. There can never be peace when radicals have the ability to strike into the heart of Israel and kill and intimidate innocent Israelis. Destroy Hamas and Hezbollah. It's long overdue.
26. Civilians Killed
emma goldwoman ,   portland, USA   (07.16.06)
Israeli bombs have already killed 100 civilians in Lebanon and so many of you are calling for more blood! Israel bombed a convoy of children trying to escape the bombing, on purpose. That is called State Terrorism. War crimes supported by the population is called fascism.
27. Israel must send in ground troops and clear Southern Lebanon
Lemar ,   UK   (07.16.06)
It must be 'no mans land' else Hizbullah will simply rearm
28. Towns on Israel Lebanon border
Lemar ,   uk   (07.16.06)
Give warning to inhabitants to leave and level the towns. No Lebanese should be allowed to live within 10 kilometres of border
29. #5 Who are YOU kidding?
Haifa, Israel   (07.16.06)
When was the last time you were here and had a good look around? When was the last time you looked in your own backyard? Most of us in this country don't rape and murder our own children and bury them back there...
30. Hey there #5, James L. Roy
Reuven ,   Ramat Beit Shemesh   (07.16.06)
Those calling for blood would prefer it to be Hizbollah's blood and if we could root them out without the "collateral damage" (a U.S. term) then we'd do that. It should be noted that Lebanon never "put it's foot down" with regards to Hizbollah's presence so Lebanon's not morally blameless here and therefore our sympathies are a bit tempered. Your post, which goes quite too far and "almost" sounds a "bit" bigoted, is purely asinine. With all due respect, sir.
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