Army chief: Rockets fired on Haifa were Syrian-made
Ronny Sofer
Published: 16.07.06, 17:26
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1. Missiles Fired on Lebanon were American-Made
Chu Li Tsui ,   Hong Kong, China   (07.16.06)
Duh! Tell me, what intentionality do weapons have? Should we make a big deal of the fact that it's American-made weapons that Israel has long used to terrrorize and brutalize the Arabs? This is simply ludicrous!
2. Blue & White forever!
Go Israel! ,   Singapore   (07.16.06)
It may be impossible to crush a movement but it's possible to wipe out its entire leadership and crush anyone who aligns with it. Not Jewish, Not Israeli but i love Israel! Go Israel!!
3. hehe
Shadow   (07.16.06)
Mossad really spins these stories.. lol! How do they know those missiles are Syrian made? I mean they explode into small pieces?! Is there a piece with text: "made in Syria"..
4. syrıa mıssılles can be fıred to assad's home
5. So what?
Takan ,   Elat   (07.16.06)
They have syrian and iranian made missiles. Is this a surprise to anyone? What do we care if these bombs are made in Taiwan, Tokyo or Tombuctu. It's not where they're from that matters, it where they're heading and who is launching. We use American missiles to bomb them. Do not try to forcefully involve Syria. We can take on Syria and Iran after we deal with Hezbollah.
6. Keep Peretz; Fire Halutz
David ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (07.16.06)
Can't destroy a movement? Nonsense. You have to bring them to their knees just as the allies did in WWII. They did in fact crush the enemies political movements. It requires, however, doing what he doesn't want to do - putting boots on the ground and hunting them the "old fashioned way," as it were. Air power is critical, but it has limitations. The IDF has to use all the tools in its drawer. The only way to change the situation is for the IDF or the Lebanese Army to put boots on the ground. Halutz's plan is limited to containment and its unacceptable. Peretz the Pacifist - of all people - is the one who gets it. What a world! Let Peretz run the show and jettison this joker.
7. I am delighted that I never believed in Merlot's competence.
sk ,   USA   (07.16.06)
Merlot (a.k.a. ilmert) is calling for "restraint." Sharon's hand-picked puppet to replace Yaalon, Halutz, who masterminded Amona, now says "Hizbullah absorbed a harsh reality check, but this did not break or dismantle it. It is impossible to crush a movement." Merlot says "Common sense obliges us to be restrained and moderate. This fighting will be resolved through diplomatic negotiations with friendly countries and partners for the future,." So, Merlot doesn't understand that negotiations do not "resolve" fighting; they "resolve" a stalemate. Is this situation a stalemate? According to the chief of staff it is. And where are these "friendly countries" Merlot is talking about? Let's remember who voted in ilmert and parrots: the Israeli public, which now holds the record for being the dumbest anywhere.
8. PM Ehud Olmert. Calls for restraint
Norbert ,   Romania   (07.16.06)
I am deeply shocked and I really hope this is just a press title and not the reality.Because if it is real Israel is in deep shit.Rumors about absence of military training of Olmert were balanced only by his(hope) intelligence.I'm begining to wonder if that's true.It is an historic opportunity to correct other supidities made by Barak and Peres and even Sharon.This is the peace they accomplished??Israel--prepare for war or your future is in danger!If it is necesary put military qualified personel in front.Victory will be yours !!!
9. Restrain? Explain this to the families of those killed
AK   (07.16.06)
10. get a clue
Mac   (07.16.06)
This response is aimed at the two people who obviously read each paragraph of this article EXCEPT for the 2nd and 3rd. It's a big deal that they're Syrian because it means that we are also under attack from that political leadership. The critical issue is that Iran has recently signed pacts with that country. Israel might be at risk of sparking a massive conflict by properly responding to Syrian belligerent acts I hope I have broadened your understanding, but then again, if professional Ronny Sofer can't do it what chance do I have?
11. Give Nasrallah an ultimatum:
If one of the plants in Haifa is hit, we are gonna nuke Iran and finish them off, and then their blood is on his hands. Also, if Iran is going to help them directly, they will also be nuked. This way we can finish both Iran and Hizbuallah and Syria too if needed.
12. Get a clue Chu Li Tsui
T. A. Adams ,   Right Here   (07.16.06)
Israel has every right to defend itself from these Arab countries that have attempted numerous times to "wipe it off the map". The fact that these weapons are coming from Syria proves that Syria is much more involved in this most recent war on Israel than it is claiming. The fact that Iranian troops are assisting Hezbollah along the Southern Lebanon boarder is a clear indication of just how involved Iran is in this most recent war on Israel. Using your logic, China sold the plans and hardware to Syria for the missiles and rockets that Syria is providing Hezbollah didn’t it? So, what’s China’s reason for helping to wipe Israel off the map? Could it be oil or imperialist dreams? Or is it that China just wants to protect those poor little terrorized and brutalized Arabs? How sick and perverse can you get!
13. Syrian Rockets
Jerry ,   texas USA   (07.16.06)
Syrian infrastructure should be hit as well. America can handle Iran.
14. Hizballah is Bombing Israeli Arabs Too
howard ,   pacific coast, usa   (07.16.06)
It's worth noting that Haifa is a progressive city in which you can find Israeli Arabs, Druze, and Bahai's as well as Jews. In many other parts of Israel, terrorist attacks on civilians will likewise murder and maim not only Jews, but Christians and Muslims as well. Hizballah may now claim that these people are martyrs to the cause -- but they are not asking for that. Also worth noting that the original invasion of Israel by Hizballah killed not only Jews but Druzim as well. Lebanon has a large population of Druzim. etc.
15. 1 Chu Li Tsui: you are NOT the brightest why do You come to
Gabrielle Goldwater ,   Geneva Switzerland   (07.16.06)
A Jewish website to learn from us Jews or to rid yourself of your terrible gas you get from your rabid food Or is it that you are so desperate to spew Hate
16. PM Olmert is playing this exactly right....
Andy   (07.16.06)
this is the first confrontation between Iran and the rest of the world. The future is with peace and I am so proud that Israel is doing only damage to Lebanon that needs to be done to choke the route from the snake head to the tail. It may not end soon and could get uglier before it gets better but Israel, moderate Arabs and the West will win. My heart goes out to the Israelis who are shouldering this responsibility. Olmert is using the military and diplomacy very, very well. In tandum and with Israel's allies.
17. Hey Chu (Labriut) - you are a complete moron...
Andy   (07.16.06)
18. Get a clue SK....Olmert knows what he is doing....
andy   (07.16.06)
19. Chew on this, Li Tsui
ytba ,   usa   (07.17.06)
BS"D "what intentionality do weapons have?" And that means... what, exactly? The NATIONALITY of the weapon means THAT'S WHERE THEY WERE MADE. Which means that nation is supplying them. Which means that nation is indirectly responsible for the ongoing terrorist attacks. And if America didn't supply weapons to Israel for defense, the Arabs would fulfill their desire to destroy it and kill all us Jews. And if America stopped supplying weapons to Israel, then only the Arabs would have weapons, because Iran and Syria would NOT stop supplying them to their terrorist surrogates. And if you say attacking Lebanon isn't defense, I will tell you that's were Hizbollah are located, and from where they initiate their attacks. You have to go to where the vermine hide to destroy them. And you have to destroy vermine in order to stop the damage they cause, since words have no effect on them. DUH, yourself! This is what happens when leftist (communist) ideology ossifies the brain. It looses the abilty to think rationally. And with your country's modern history of aggression and human rights abuses, I would think you would be the LAST to offer criticize others.
20. Human Rights, Hunan Wrongs
justathought ,   somewhere   (07.17.06)
BS"D "'Seventeen years ago, beginning on the night of June 3 and continuing June 4, 1989, the Chinese government brutally suppressed peaceful demonstrations by its own citizens who were supporting political reform and democracy,' State Department spokesman Sean McCormack said in a statement. 'The US urges China to provide a full accounting of the thousands who were killed, detained, or went missing and of the government's role in the massacre'." Gee, maybe we should listen to chewi, he sounds like an "expert" in human rights violations.
21. Peace Propaganda and Perspectives
just a joe ,   Terra   (07.18.06) I have full empathy for any people wishing to have their own land. But lets not forget the reasons for US rather than UN involvement, nor that Arabs are as capable as we all should be of seeing the inherent injustice in what has happened and why. The so called path forward is nothing less than a total subjugation of the palestinian people. Where do we determine History where history starts? I am not a racist in any shape or form. Peace in Our Time.
22. Poor Palestinians! Boo-hoo
Bubba ,   New Hampshire   (07.19.06)
Watched your video taken out of context. What did the so-called "human rights (HAHA) worker" do to infuriate the six year-old kids who threw pebbles at him? Did he start it? Why was the so-called "human rights worker" (a.k.a. 'Barney' that drove the medical truck with the missiles in it) not shown and his face hidden? We only see the Boo-boo on his pinky. Why was the camera handy? Hmmm? Why can't you see the obvious, that he is a propagandist on a mission? The israeli kids are clever; I liked the way they mirrored out the camera. That's why they will win; they are smarter. By the way, didn't the Jordanians and Lebanese deny the Palestinians a state in their larger countries? Weren't Palestinians basically a nomadic people, living there and throughout the region? Why pick Israel? (because they represent Western values and a democracy maybe?) Why are most Palestinians not even allowed ingress into Jordan? Is it because they don't need any more shiftless indigents in Amman? Use your head, bucko. The writing is on the wall. Mene mene tekel parsin. Hizbullah's days are counted in single digits. Bub
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