Rice: No point in temporary ceasefire
Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 16.07.06, 19:04
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1. condi i like u
2. Thank you Condi!!
MARK ,   USA   (07.16.06)
The state dept acting pro-israel
3. FINALLY! She shows some intelligence!
Nancy ,   Crossville   (07.16.06)
4. With Bush and Condi...
Kevo ,   Miami, USA   (07.16.06)
..on your side, how can Israel lose? BWAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!
5. What's next?
Khaled ,   Amman, Jordan   (07.16.06)
I thought there was nothing worse the US could say about this crisis, but Rice never ceases to amaze me. What's next? "Kill all the Lebanese"?
6. to Khaled
Emmie ,   S. Africa   (07.16.06)
and others likeminded: What should the US say to Israel? "Lie down quietly and be liquidated"? Every sovereign nation has the right and duty to defend its citizens when its enemies attack.
Linda Rivera ,   New York   (07.16.06)
Lebanon was a Christian country until Muslims achieved a majority through an extremely high birthrate. The jihad against Lebanon's Christians was savage and barbaric. The IDF was the only hope for the embattled Christians. Click on Photo gallery of, 20,000 Christians handicapped by PLO atrocities. PLO terrorists were rewarded for their savagery and mass murder of Christians by implanting them into Israel as terrorist "peace" partners through Oslo to continue the jihad. The Christians of Damour, Lebanon treated Muslims from surrounding areas free of charge in their hospital. The PLO and other terrorists repaid the Christian kindness with barbaric savagery: The Massacre and Destruction of Damour 'The attack took place from the mountain behind. It was an apocalypse. They were coming, thousands and thousands, shouting 'Allahu Akbar! God is great! Let us attack them for the Arabs, let us offer a holocaust to Mohammad 'And they were slaughtering everyone in their path, men, women and children.' Whole families were killed in their homes. Many women were gang-raped..." Satanic acts were perpetrated on Damour Christians.
8. Clarity!
O'Toole ,   Boston, MA, USA   (07.16.06)
I wouldn't have expected the State Department to issue such a clear statement... thank goodness they have. Israel deserves our support and is welcome to my tax contributions.
9. President Condi Rice
Robert Pierce ,   New Rochelle, NY   (07.16.06)
Sounds good, doesn't it? I really think she is as intelligent as she is beautiful. She is also humble and a good Christian. Thank you, Secretary Rice for all you have done and will do in the future. May God bless and protect this Great American!!!
10. Peace with Arabs possible only when
Piter ,   Poland   (07.16.06)
You breake Iran , Syria the sponsors of muslim terror , use 4-6 atom bombs on Iran now and you get peace very quice. An old Arab saying, "The Arabs are either at your feet, or at your throat!" says it all. Only FEAR will make the arabs leave Israel alone. FEAR of the consequences if they DON`T!
11. RE #5
Eric ,   U.S.   (07.16.06)
12. # 5 No
just the animals.
13. unfortunately, Lebanon is just a pawn
Lebanon is just a .   (07.16.06)
unfortunately, Lebanon is just a pawn in Iran and Iraq' murderous games
14. backbone at last
nell ,   switzerland   (07.16.06)
well all of a sudden a voice of wisdom! i'm surprised though but pleasantly surprised! great job finally, after all the hamlet monologues you've been so far producing. n.5, why don't you stick to your own news agencies, aren't you supposed to have a direct phone link to allah?
15. If the US government is seriously backing Israel, then Bush
Márcia ,   Brazil   (07.16.06)
should take Olmert's calls. M'm Secretary, please stop talking as if this was a local issue. And M'm Secretary...tell *Iran and Syria* to be mindful of the consequences.
16. Jet fuel and common sense
zvi ,   los angeles USA   (07.16.06)
I am proud to see the USA helping its ally Israel with jet fuel and with diplomatic support Only the defeat of Hiz/Hamas will make this fight worthwhile Also we see the true nature of Syria and Iran They may get their just desserts yet too Am Yisrael Chai G-d Bless America -
17. Get rid of Bush and Cheney - make Condi president!
Karen R ,   USA   (07.16.06)
Have you noticed a new realism in US foreign policy lately? That's because the ex'60's neocon types have been pushed out and Condi and company have been gaining clout. This lady not only has brains, she has the class and communications skills to implement them. Simple: let Cheney retire for medical reasons, Bush appoints Condi vice-president, then Bush reveals that he's on Prozac and needs to resign for medical reasons too. Then the US might even survive until the Democrats can take over again.
18. Read! "Bush should go to Jerusalem - and the U.S. should
Márcia ,   Brazil   (07.16.06)
confront Iran. " Article by William Kristol
Chaim ,   USA   (07.16.06)
Get rid of the root cause or this will not end.
20. Same Condi?
Jeff ,   Phila, USA   (07.16.06)
Is this the same Condi who everyone bashed for arm twisting Israel to pull out of the Philadelphi Corridor along the Gaza/Egypt border? The border that the UN and EU were supposedly guarding to keep out terrorists and weapons? Everyone bashed her then. She was wrong then and everyone was right. More weapons and terrorists came in and attacks on Israel continued. Did she learn from her error?
21. RE #19
Eric ,   U.S.   (07.16.06)
Sadly, that is the truth! Not an over reaction! That IS the only way this will end. The head MUST be cut off.
22. also to Khaled...
John Graham ,   Livingston, MT, USA   (07.17.06)
Israel needs to absolutely destroy hezbollah and hamas (notice both are uncapitalized, befitting their dubious representation of a so-called "peaceful religion."
23. #9 She's overqualified.
D- ,   San Diego, USA   (07.17.06)
24. Woman aged black ,Go to hell
reta ,   haifa   (07.17.06)
our afflicts "all Jews" from you , "Madam elderly black dirty "
25. 24 reta,haifa: You are A Racist - go to hell
Gabrielle Goldwater ,   Geneva Switzerland   (07.17.06)
you are from the Red Haifa Commie brigade ? and or from that Arab section - clean out and up
26. talkbacks
anonymous ,   brooklyn NY   (07.17.06)
#9 and #17- go 4 it!!!
27. RE condi for president
go for it, condi!
J. ,   Phoenix, USA   (07.18.06)
Seems everyone but the Politicians seem to have that one figured out. If we had the chutzpah to act unilaterally in our own American self-defense, we probably would have taken out Syria 4 years ago when we had a chance to id, capture and/or detroy Saddams WMD's in transit to Damascus. Screw the UN. And todays headlines probably wouldn't be happening. Why not fry Pyongyang too and go for a double header?
29. Israel Must use the final weapon
Dickie ,   San Diego CA USA   (07.18.06)
If there ever was a time or the opportunity to drop a small nuclear bomb on Iran's nuclear facility this is it ! Why wait until Iran has their weapon, Do it now and end this threat to everyone. The bastards need to die and the time is now. Screw the diplomatic process. Those fanatics think they can win now, since Iraq has gone to hell.
30. Israel/Gaza/Lebanon
Leona Heitsch ,   Bourbon, Mo., USA   (07.23.06)
Neither Israel nor Gaza nor Lebanon will survive if this death and destruction continues. It is necessary that the whole world demand an end to this eternal chaos Cut off sales of all weapons and jet fuels to EVERYBODY, while avenues of peace are leaders, maybe, starting by replacing the war addicted administration in the U.S?
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