Southern front: 22 Qassams land in western Negev
Shmulik Hadad
Published: 17.07.06, 10:39
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1. We humiliated Hisballsup by calling its bluff
2. End Hezbollah's occupation of Lebanon
Linda Rivera ,   New York   (07.17.06)
No more surrenders to global jihadists! No more Jewish land in exchange for war.
4. Linda ! Take your oestrogen tablets, quick ! ( end )
Hiram ,   Tel Aviv   (07.17.06)
5. i know u guys wont show this on your site
I belive that the situation in the middle east is so one sided with the media coverage. The israles alwys make themselves the victims. i think that the action taken against Lebenon is ridicoulsly over blown out of porportion. they are willing to ruine a whole country over a couple of soilders, this might sound cold but lets be real. no one is saying that what the israle goverment is doing is wrong because of fear of offending the israle people,
6. No estrogen needed for the voice of reason
Mister Underfoot ,   Peoria IL USA   (07.17.06)
She's right, you know.
7. to #5
a few things a- u need to get a new line cuz u already posted this. 2- y bother writing if u know its not gonna be posted 3-if u were a littel smarter u woudl realize without the media that israel really are the victims. its too bad we allow our selfs to be victims. and exactly what action is israel taking against lebanon? i think their getting off pretty easy wiht killing and bombing ang kidnapping people adn all we do in retaliation is destroy infrastructure and warehouses.
8. reply to #5
Israeli citizen   (07.17.06)
You obviously aren't well-versed in the subject if you think that this is all about 2 soldiers. this was just the straw that broke the camel's back. it is about a country's right to exist without fear of missile attacks, something which has been going on for years. we left Lebanon years ago - so why are we still being attacked?
9. Fronts...
BMW ,   Munich   (07.17.06)
Front in North.. Front in South.. Attack in Nablus.. Centre.......... What a hell? Is this a country? No One wants these people!! Go Back to East Europe not to Germany PLEASE!
10. How many Qassams Hamas has?
J ,   Newcastle   (07.17.06)
and why on earth Israel left them reach to this point? Israel should stop thinking on the "international community" and do what they need to do, unrestrained, for the sake of its people. Perhaps the current government is unwilling or unable to go all the way ... in that case they should step down and let more capable men lead Israel to victory.
11. #9
Don't worry - no one would want to return to Germany, as long as there are still Nazis like you there.
12. International viewers - Please Read
Oren ,   Tel Aviv   (07.17.06)
I'm not sure why, but it seems most readers from abroad keep thinking israel's trying to perform a genocide in Lebanon, and it's just not true. If you think Israel's wrong - Ask yourself why are we being attacked on our land? We're no longer controlling south lebanon (6 years now) and we really want to live quietly, without missiles falling on out head. I'm sure Lebanese want that aswell, but since we're STRONG, and they CANT STOP hizbollah, We have to do it ourselves. Sicne this is war, casualties are inevitable, but the Israeli Airforce is doing it's best to minimize casualties. Take care, and may it end soon.
13. to # 12 oren
Van der Wal ,   Netherland   (07.17.06)
hi oren, good that you care about international viewers... i wish your government would do the same.. but my friend you cannot hide the reality in this open small world ... the problem is not lebanon or hizbullah, it i the suffeing of Palestinian People. Why don't you want to give them the minimum of their rights on their Land. You took the country by force and live in Tel Aviv while Palestinians who lived in Jaffo (part of your city now ) handreds of years before you are refugees in miserable camps in other countries !!!!!!!!
Art ,   Sydney Australia   (07.17.06)
Simple advice but the only thing that will end this nightmare for our brothers and sisters in the south. An eye for an eye, a tooth for tooth. If Pals fire 10 rockets at our civilian areas we fire 100 rockets back at his civilian areas. Simple. BUT IT MUST BE DONE!! BE STRONG BROTHERS AND SISTERS, AUSTRALIA STANDS WITH YOU 100%!!
15. to #12 ,a little balance
humanist ,   Israel   (07.17.06)
Israelis are human too , just like you. We don't want to kill Muslims, Arabs or Palestinians. We are all trying to find a way to live in this land. Most Israelis want Palestinians to live a decent life. On my kibbutz, we just collected a fair amount of money to send to a Palestinian who worked for the kibbutz, and who is suffering in Gaza. People feel very sad about all the killing. However, we do feel that we have to be strong and protect ourselves because if we aren't so vigilant there could be terrible consequences. If you were surrounded by Nations whose main preoccupation was the destruction of the Netherlands, would you sit and wait to see what happened? I don't think so. You would fight for your children adn for your right to live in peace. You are right that there has to be a solution to the Palestinian problem but what does that have to do with Hizbullah attacking Israel? Is that going to bring about a solution? They simply hate jews (so much for religious grace) And seek any reason to attack. I would hope that the world would have a little more understanding for the situation that Israel finds itself in.
16. fronts
Jennifer Teff ,   Nahariya Israel   (07.17.06)
to # 9 (who appears to have nazi sentiments): the Jews are no longer the victims they were in WWII and we will defend ourselves. Besides, you Arians may soon enjoy a front in Germany.
17. to # 13
Jennifer Teff ,   Nahariya Israel   (07.17.06)
Dear # 13. Yesterday was my first day of surfing ynet news. I now have plenty of time on my hands to read talkbacks on ynet because I live in Nahariya. There are katushas falling and I can't get to work and have had to leave town with all my children with just a few hours notice so while you may not have a problem with the Hizbullah, I do. The greatest assent of Palestinian dictators who want to steal the billions of euros that have been poured into the Palestinian Authority is the "suffering of the Palestinian People". If they really cared about their people they would have used this money to create jobs and lives for these people. Of all the millions of refugees from 50 years ago, the only ones are the Palestinians. The European aid alone should have paid to take the refugees out of their miserable camps by now. So where is all the money? Part of it went to buy weapons and the rest went to private bank accounts. None of it went to alleviate the suffering of the Palestinians. By the way, since I have been bombed out of my home and can't get to work maybe I'm eligable for some European aid? (don't worry - it was just a joke)
18. #17 Jennifr Teff, I live in the south on Nahal Oz
donsaliman ,   Nahal Oz, Israel   (07.17.06)
This morning we had 4 kassams fall inside the Kibbutz one on a house with children and except for the damage to the house,everyone there after getting over the shock. We aslo with luck had only cars damaged from an other Kassam and with luck again,no one was there and one calf at the dairy farm was killed by the 3rd kassam. You are at this time in a more dangerous sitiuation than we are,but we are in the same boat and we will overcome
19. #13...wrong!!!
DR ,   Florida, USA   (07.17.06)
Israel did not take anything from Palestinians by force. The UN, in 1947 had a partition plan for Israel to be a state and for a state of Palestine next door, but, the Palestinians rejected it outright, then waged war on Israel along with Jordan, Egypt, Syria, Lebanon etc. Israel had no choiuce but to defend itself and now the poor little arab world is crying for their land back...tough!!! Palestinians voted for a terror group to lead them, but you want us to make peace...with who??? Get real!!! You need to stop giving arabs the high moral ground...they don't have it...they are the bad guys in all this and they are wrong....and so are you!!!
20. #9
Howard Hoffman ,   Palo Alto, CA   (07.17.06)
Like many people, including the President of Iran, you fail to understand history. The Land of Israel is and has been the home of the Jewish people for 3700 years, even when they have been forced into exile. Also, nearly half of Israel's population are from Arab and Muslim countries: Egypt, Syria, Iran, Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco, Libya, Yemen, Turkey, Iraq, and Lebanon. They have not been yearning for 2000 to return to Auschwitz or Minsk or some other place you would like the Jews to go to. Just like rational people in most of the world, not including the Islamists, the people of Israel just want to live in peace with their neighbors. It is attitudes and false histories like yours that feed the fantasies of the Arafats, and Hamas, and Ahmadinejads that Israel has no right to exist.
21. to #13 Van der Wal
Howard Hoffman ,   Palo Alto, CA   (07.17.06)
You have swallowed the Palestinian propaganda completely. The Palestinian people and their Arab allies did not want Jews to have a state of their own. They lost most of the land because they have rejected the rights of the Jews to have a state. Jews started buying land in Palestine more than 100 years ago. The Arabs have been engaged in lethal terrorism against the Jews long before there was a State of Israel and long before the Palestinians lost any land in battle. The Palestinians were offered a state in 1947 and they rejected it. They sided with Hitler during WWII and begged Hitler to apply his final solution to the Jews of Palestine. You Europeans need to read the history. The Palestinians are suffering and they are victims. However, they are victims of their own hate and their own failed leadership. The Arabs should have welcomed the Jews to the Middle East (a few did initially). It could be a wonderful place. Israel has taken in hundreds of thousands of refugees from Arab countries. it is time for the Arabs to treat the Palestinians humanely and help them start a better life for their children.
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