IAF strikes targets across Lebanon
News Agencies
Published: 17.07.06, 09:42
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1. when IDFcaptures Nasrallah...
...they should strap him to one of those long-range missiles that Hisbowlabarf got from Syria and send him straight into ASSad's palace compound! Love and XX's, IDF.
2. Kill Nasrallah
Tom ,   BA, Argentina   (07.17.06)
I hope the can reach Nasrallah and kill´im, I know they will put another nazi-islamic-radical, but that´s the only way to deal with Terrorist and Terrorist groups. They are not a country you can sign peace treaties, no they are rogue terrorist groups and they must disarm o get killed. GO ISRAEL, GO IDF, GO IAF, GO MOSSAD. I only feel bad for civilians, that´s a pity. ps: Damn Iran and its President
3. Israel should stop its fireworks
One Sol. ,   Jerusalem   (07.17.06)
stop firing your stupid missiles on Lebanon before its too late, it seems nasrallah can make Haifa a parking lot if he attacked the chemical factories out there, and i am not sure what plans he has for Tel-Aviv. I wish Sharon wake up from his coma to see this...i am sure he will get another heart attack and sleep in vain for ever.
4. No tourists for a while, no need for an airport or tower.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Santa Monica, CA   (07.17.06)
5. Take 'em out
Steve ,   Tucson USA   (07.17.06)
The IDF needs to dramatically increase the pressure on Hizbolla. They will only stop when they are destroyed
6. Israeli Naval Tactics
Maxine Jolie ,   Texas, USA   (07.17.06)
Here’s the Israeli naval warfare doctrine: sail one of your 4 most expensive frigades and fit it with one of your most retarded Israeli captains. Position the vessel about 5 km from the Lebanese shores, assume that Hizbullah could care les about your galactically reckless close proximity, then launch Israeli farts and gas Lebanese bystanders. After all that, be surprised that you took a stogie right up and across the bow which capsized and sank you. Bravo Israeli navy, damn you’re good.
7. What, no mention of Israel killing 8 Canadians on vacation?
Stacie ,   Canada   (07.17.06)
And critically injuring 6 others. How could this happen in such a small village? I thought Israel didn't target civilians with its precision military hardware. “The results of these operational activities were good, the hits precise....”
8. Congrats, IAF, on killing the Canadians
Jay   (07.17.06)
Way to get an ally.
9. When will the US step in to ...
pfloyd ,   USA   (07.17.06)
Let me get this right - Lebanon's government (not Hizbullah) is as close to a democratic type government as you can find in the Middle East (especially after the Syrian withdrawl)? ... Israel is fighting Hizbullah/Hamas in Lebanon and Gaza ... both of these groups are Islamic terrorist extremists ... WHEN is the US going to HELP the Lebanon government? the Lebanon government/ armed forces can not disarm Hizbullah alone ... would it not be advantageous for the US to assist Lebanon in helping to disarm Hizbullah? Israel in the South ... Lebanon/US coming from the North ... doesn't the US WANT to have allies other than Israel in the region? wouldn't Lebanon feel indebted to the US for aiding in 1) disarming Hizbullah 2) stopping the attacks by Israel on Lebanon's infastructure ??? ... In my little mind, weakening Hizbullah in Lebanon can do nothing but weaken terrorism in the Middle East ... it would give a black eye to the fingers of the Iranian regime ... it would put a notch in the belts of the FREE WORLD and its' fight vs terrorism around the globe ... ... no plan from the US ... why wait to help a free country become REALLY FREE of a terrorist faction that is holding them hostage - Hizbullah ... pfloyd
10. middle east masacre
I belive that the situation in the middle east is so one sided with the media coverage. The israles alwys make themselves the victims. i think that the action taken against Lebenon is ridicoulsly over blown out of porportion. they are willing to ruine a whole country over a couple of soilders, this might sound cold but lets be real. no one is saying that what the israle goverment is doing is wrong because of fear of offending the israle people,
11. To #3
Ali G ,   United Kingdom   (07.17.06)
Ish don't think so...
12. Biggest threat to world peace!
Snorri   (07.17.06)
Israeli government is the single biggest threat to world peace in the world... There doings last day’s shows that very well... After that comes the USA government...
13. To #7 - Canadians were in the wrong place
Mark ,   Phoenix, USA   (07.17.06)
Where should Israel direct its pinpoint missiles? Towards the military targets? Where are these military targets? Hidden in civilian centers. Israel doesn't target civilian populations. Hezbollah does. Tell Hezbollah to wear uniforms and come out from behind civilians. Then the Canadians and Lebanese who don't want to get bombed can figure out where not to be. Am Yisrael Chai!!! The Jewish people live and will not be chased from their homeland. These are not the same Jews that the world has kicked around for centuries. May G-d bless them and deliver a decisive victory to the IDF with the least possible number of civilan deaths.
14. Don't stop now IDF....................
Avraham ,   Netivot   (07.17.06)
All civillians were warned to leave. If the dumb Canucks were too stupid to leave, it isn't our fault. Don't stop now IDF, keep it up until our boys are returned safely & Hassbulla is destroyed.
15. Thanking 14 for encouraging IDF -- Grave of IDF
to # 14 ,   Lebanon   (07.17.06)
I'd like to thank you # 14 because u're encouraging IDF not to stop. Actually..IDF shouldn't stop unless we'll kill hundreds of atheist israelis.. U don't know whom u're fighting..u're fightind sons of prophet mohamad and Imam Ali..not only our kids and our women will suffer..also ur families will..not only our houses will be destroyed..also ur houses will..and following days will prove aware jewish people - u worshipping caws and animals - u'll suffer and ur cities will turn into huge parking lots - then only u'll realize who we are but then u'll be destroyed and vanished..God protects Nasrullah and Hizbollah..God protects Syria and Ahmady najad..God protects the Islamic Republic of Iran...God help us to revenge from those Jewish Atheist!!!
16. Arabs Problem
Gabriel ,   LA   (07.17.06)
You so stupid to believe that you will leave happier just by throwing rockets at Israel...If you were to clean your streets, wash your sons, and educate them and teach them how to read, the World would have been in Peace NOW!!! Do you think your prophet allows free hatred? do you think God who loves his creatures will forgive blood thirsty terrorists?!!, be sure, than you'll pay dearly, when you get there, like you paid for the last 5 wars, God is on Our side. Best to my Brother in Arms in Tsahal
17. Israelis Watch out
Rana k ,   Australia   (07.17.06)
Why doesn't the israeli governmet understand that the Lebanese people and governmet are the victims of terror. Our people have been terrorised by hezzob allah, by syria and now yet again by israel. Our government is weak and has no power to control hezzob allah who only anwser to iran and syria. So i guess our weak government has to fight three unfair battles. An ungoing battle with syria, a difficult and impossible one with hezzob allah and an unfair war with the only true terrorists in the middle east Israel. And in the process our land that we have spent so many years trying to rebuild is effortly distroyed over night with no respect for human life form. Israeli's Eitan Haber states "Lebanon is a character, a horrible, terrible character." he however should eat his words if this is the sort of propaganda he feed 's people. On the Contrary Israel only became a horrible terrible charcter when its name was forcefully changed from Palestine to Israel. You people steal countries, and inflict terror everywere, Shame on you. Israelis by forcing your self into a land that is not rightfully yours, will live in fear for all your lives, the lives of your children and grandchildren. You people may fight for power and money but we fight for our land and human rights.
18. To No 17 (Rana K, Australia)
Sam   (07.17.06)
You cant be claiming who owns the land from far away Australia . Come down home and know who owns the land.
19. To # 9 When will the US step in to ...
Ibrahim ,   S. Arabia   (07.17.06)
Condoleezza Rice this Sunday spoke frankly and clearly on television (Fox). Quote: "But what we don't want to do is to have a cessation of violence that is not going to last for more than the next time that Hezbollah or Hamas decides that they're going to launch a rocket into Israel or abduct an Israeli citizen. We need to deal with the fundamental underlying conditions here, and that means to isolate the extremists. That means to get back to the framework in Lebanon of Resolution 1559 which was aimed at protecting the sovereignty of Lebanon and disarming unauthorized armed groups, and, in the case of the Palestinian territories, to get back on the road to a two-state solution with President Abbas and the Israelis. I do know that it is very clear that there is an Iranian hand behind — indeed, Iranian financing behind Hezbollah and perhaps some of the radical elements of Hamas, that they've made common cause with Syria in which the radical elements of Hamas reside and in which Hezbollah also has offices and infrastructure, and that they're all — Iran, Syria, Hezbollah, Hamas — trying to destabilize democratic and moderate forces, trying to throw the region into chaos, and they can't be allowed to do that. I would just note that the Saudi statement in this regard pointed the finger just a couple of days ago directly at these extremist elements, who, when progress was being made in the Palestinian territories, when progress was being made in Lebanon, decided that they had to disrupt that process.". End of quote. America is tired of helping keep the lid on this boiling pot-with terrorist organizations causing constant upheaval and death, the world is now letting things happen naturally, and it is obvious the world powers want terrorist organizations eliminated. No matter how many photos of dead people the Arabs publish-something Israel does not stoop to, even though dead Israelis look just as tragic-this thing that the terrorists started will proceed to its inevitable conclusion-elimination of Hizbullah and an Israeli victory, to say the least.
20. Israel, go for it
Ibrahim ,   S. Arabia   (07.17.06)
Pay no attention to Annan-he says what his job requires. Same for Blair-he wants his Moslem population quiet. Israel, this is YOUR destiny you're fighting for, not pleasing the talking heads. When 6 million of your people were being murdered, no one helped you, and yet, here you are, THE power in the Middle East. Go for it all the way-a half-job now will bring on more death and instability than a decisive victory.
21. to #7
antiterror ,   tel aviv, Israel   (07.17.06)
If the hizbollah stopped carrying out terror attacks on innocent Isrealis, none of this would have happened. I was born Australia, and think your self lucky you are there today. I am not and living in fear today, just like every other day. FEARING THAT I AM GOING TO BE A VICTIM OF A SUICIDE BOMBER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
22. Number #17 not #7
antiterror   (07.17.06)
23. Gabriel's analysis
Rustum ,   London, UK   (07.17.06)
"If you were to clean your streets, wash your sons, and educate them and teach them how to read" Wow - such deep racist thinking coming out of you. It must be very safe for you out in LA as you jubilate over the deaths of so many Lebanese civilisans and the destruction of an extremely beautiful and sophisticated country. However, you are obviously more comfortable with the fiction that Arabs "don't clean their streets" - so who are we to destroy your moronic illusions.
24. lebanon and komini
mac ,   lebanon   (07.17.06)
n 15 i cant see but our homes destroyed and our economy lost just for the sake that your leader pleases his iranian mullas watch channels other than manar tv so that you can realize that were losing 100 times than our enemy and for no reason but this silly jihad idea from the 7 th century for god sake stop this stupidity and know that in lebanon there is communites other than shietes such as christians that dont this komini bullshit and if you want jihad go to tora bora and commit your harrikari
25. IAF = Israeli Aggression Forces
26. #10 is the reason is simple lebanon attacked Israel.
Michael   (07.17.06)
27. to 15 - LOL - do you have a Plan B?
Shai ,   Israel   (07.17.06)
28. To #15
Mike Rhyner is dead ,   Dallas, TX USA   (07.18.06)
Looks like Allah can't aim straight with those missiles. If Allah is protecting Hizbollah and the other idiots, I'd fire him and start looking for another saviour. Maybe you should start worshipping cows and animals - at least they really exist!
29. 15 - thanks for the laugh.
Talula ,   Israel   (07.19.06)
If you are aiming to win a Pulitzer prize for this piece, sorry you missed. You are however, in the running to win the prize for the funniest posting here. And, if you don't win that, then surely you're up for first place in the most stupid thick and ignorant prize. How can you even begin to hate a nation that you know nothing about. What a loser you are. We are all more stupid for having read what you wrote here. what's a caw anyway?
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