4 lightly injured in rocket attack near Akko
Ahiya Raved
Published: 17.07.06, 12:46
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1. we pray for not killing israel civilians.
wael ,   palestine & kuwait   (07.17.06)
yes we dont want israely civilians to be hurt , and we pray for that . nasrlaha please aim at soldiers and army and bridges ,aim at t.v and radio staions , aim at electricity and mobile companies , just like they are doing . but dont kill civilians . God bless u nasralah and protect israely civilians
2. #1 Nasrallah is a War Criminal
Logic ,   Israel   (07.17.06)
He must be taken out or tried in an international court.
3. to 1 ...STUPID comment!!!
Luai ,   sakhnin   (07.17.06)
4. Akko Hit
Toby   (07.17.06)
Wael how kind of you, you are so lovely to say, aim at soliers only, what a gent you are. Do you mind me telling you, that Akko has many many more aabs than jews, so, if they gonna hit anywhere, let them fall on Akko, Afterall, muslims killing muslims isnt excatly a new thin now is it
5. Akko
Trent   (07.17.06)
Isn't Akko mostly an Arab Population? If so, then it just shows you these fools dont give a crap who they muslim of them
6. And in other anti-Israel developments....
Reuven Brauner ,   Raanana, Israel   (07.17.06)
"Left-wing rally: Negotiate with Hamas, Hizbullah".
7. Kill
Mohammad - Jenin   (07.17.06)
My brothers does not matter who u kill, they all will die in the name of allah, and any muslim that dies is repaid in paradise by allah himself So, if a muslim dies then so be it
8. Reaons Reasons
Sammy - Amsterdam   (07.17.06)
Wael, now... do u understand why people sympethise with you,(the palestinians), however, do not want you? From the 21 arab countries in the arab league, when was the last time one, just one of these countries offered you a new home?? Since you now live in former egypt. The answer is... well know the answer and this is for 2 reasons. 1) although the arab countries sympethise, they dont want you, they dont want your problems, coz for the arabs, you are too problematic for other arabs, King Hussain killed 5000 in one day - black september, so, basically, you are unwanted - low in intelelect problematic people, even sadat didnt want back the gaza in 1977, he must have laughed his head off when israel took the gaza, he was clever, "i will take back the sinai but you can stick gaza up your arse, in other words. Same gos for the west bank, jordan dont want it back, however funny that - syria DO want the golan back, perhaps something to do with "no palestinians there"? Innit strange that? 2) The arab countries prefer to keep you in struggle, keep you in isolation, keep you there so they can always have a reason to shout at Israel, however the fact is, they want you no more than we do. So, you can literrally be named - "the unwanted people". Sammy - Economics scholar Holland
9. To Sammy # 8
BMW ,   Munich   (07.17.06)
Sammy , jews are more unwanted than Palestinians.... Perhaps it doesn't look like that but jews have less hope to survive at the end than Palestinians .... so both should try to live together in one strong and rich country ..
10. #9 (big mans willy)
Sammy   (07.17.06)
Thank you BMW. Dont you have a name, or have I got to call you after a car? So, you are from the place where 11 of my people came to a grucem end in 1972. I am sure Wael and perhaps yourself enjoyed this. I dont think we are unwanted. In fact, the jewish people have been busy, unlike the arabs. We have been busy creating, designing, inventing, employing, discovering, devising, conceiving, concocting, formulating, basically, the 13Million Jews this world has have contributed more to this planet than 1.5 Billion Muslims. Can you give me 5 things, in use today which were invented by muslims?
11. #7 - Mohammad - Jenin - I pray for you
Scott ,   Haifa   (07.17.06)
12. answer my ? Wael
antiterror ,   telaviv   (07.17.06)
Wael would Israel have water now if the water supply came from Gaza?? I have been waiting for your reply.. (I dont think so!!)
13. to bmw
mosha   (07.17.06)
I would rather be a jew than a nazi bastard Mosha
14. to the bmw
Boris the Greek   (07.17.06)
bmw are you german? Well, germans, you never really liked the jews much did you, i mean, its in your blood. Actually, i think u germans are more nasty that the fuking arabs. Are you embarressed being a german? Anyhow, forget jews and arabs for a moment germans are hated by everyone. - but you just dont know it. When ever you speak about a place to go in europe, 99% iof europeans will say, this is a nice place but dont g o there, too many fuking germans. Germans have no friking sence of humor. Dull, boring, monotonous, mind numbing, tiersome. have a nice day -
15. #10 Sammy
BMW ,   Munich   (07.17.06)
hi Sammy, first of all be sure y friend i would not support any act of killing especially in my city or country. No One denies that there are many intilligent jewish people who contributed to the planet as you say But we expect from you not to deny the Arab-Islamic science is much older and served the world I think you are kidding when you ask me about their inventions..!! Our Numerals that are the foundation of everythin are Arab! Algebra is an Arabic science Chemistry is an arabic word and Arabs did alot in this field and in Medicine , Mathematics, Astrology Arabs developed Geography They rescued the greek book when they traslated it to Arabic ......... Sammy, you need to read IF you don't know that !!! Palestinians and Jews share many features, and if you don't want to continue forever then jews as the stronger side have the duty to take hard steps and try live with Palestinians and Arabs in their region.
16. to # 14 the greek
BMW ,   Munich   (07.17.06)
boris the greek? are you really greek? come to germany and see how many people from greece and all around the world who live here and don't want to leave this country. all above Germans are present in every city of this world, is there any country without Mercedes, Volkswagen, Opel, Audi, BMW ............... !!!? Ciao mein Freund !
17. to Jurgen the German
to BMW   (07.17.06)
18. to bmw
sammy - ISRAEL   (07.17.06)
But we expect from you not to deny the Arab-Islamic science is much older and served the world what??? I think you are kidding when you ask me about their inventions..!! Like what???? (except suicide boming) Our Numerals that are the foundation of everythin are Arab! (bollocks, the romans) Algebra is an Arabic science Algebra = Useless crap , like them, when was the l;ast time YOU used Algebra in your daily life BM? Arabs didnt invent Chemistry - if anything it was the Bubbles (greeks) Aristotle declared the existence of the four elements, fire, air, water and earth.I should know, I am ...a chemist. Arabs did a lot in this field and in Medicine, (minimal) Mathematics, (minimal) Astrology, everyone was interested in these times, theories were jumping all over the place. Arabs developed Geographyy, how general can you get? Thats like saying the arabs invented oxygen. Come on, everyone was working on geographical issues throughout the ages, the arabs did no more than anyone else. Was it Marco polo or Mohammad Polo? Ok, the above is Bullshit, I am letting off steem, I want my soldiers back, They are ours, they are our men, and we dont care if they are soliders or not, they are ours. We used to trade, but that was when we were in war, when we enter another copountry, now we did not, they did, so we will not trade. When we did trade, we trade thousands of arab for just the body of israeli, show you how we have different outlook in life. They feel that 1000 of their men is worth just 1 of ours?? they dont thinkl of themselves very high. life to them so nothing. that is why we and the palestinians are not alike at all. We are cousins!!!, however we are not like them in any way whatsoever. We teach our children love they teach theirs hate. My daughter just finsihed her school project on the histroy of islam, and she wrote about everything,, medicine, teaching, clothes, the religion, food, everything, Our kids books are full of things about all walks of life. Their books teach hate, simply hate. If you gio now to gaza, and look at a book in a shool classroom, you will be shokced to see, songs about martyrs, songs about suicide bombers etc They dress up their children as suicide bombers for a party. My son went to a party 2 weeks ago as a cowboy and my daughter a footballer. They dress as fighters. With them,, its war war war. So, do not say we are alike, we are very very far alike. Golda Meir said, "they need to learn to love their children more than they hate ours" Please dont give me some crap excuse, that if you were blah blah blah you would too etc... Normal behaviour - normal behaviour thats what is needed. Act like an animal, get treated like one. Barak offered them 5 years ago every thing, they rejected it. If you want to see poor, no food, no clothes nothing, destitue, go to africa. There is Not one child in gaza without a breakfast or a lunch or dinner. Not one I tell you. Not one child without school, Many many part of gaza are very rich too. So, go there and see my german friend "Lo Nolad ha Ben-Zonah She At-tzor et YISRAEL"
19. To Sammy
BMW ,   Munich   (07.17.06)
Sammy, you are in israel or Amsterdam? :-) anyways, you appear to be very angry man ! what is wrong ? I think you haven't a clue ... roman numerals (I,II,III,IV,V,VI......) are different from arabic numbers (0,1,2,3,4...) Oh, did i tell you that romans did not introduce the number zero , it was the Arabs who created it and you use this Arabic product on a daily basis :-)
20. german
sammy   (07.17.06)
I half expected you to revert in respect of the second part of my message no reply on that ?
21. BMW...a few questions...
DR ,   Florida, USA   (07.17.06)
You really seem to like these Arabs. Even though everywhere we see terror, violence, and suffering, we also see Muslims....weird!!! Anyways, you claim the Arabs gave us all these useful tools., but what have they given the human race in the last 200 years??? War, terror, killing, brainwashing, rioting, burning, etc.etc. Can you name something Else, Bashir Mohammed Watif (BMW)???
maria   (07.17.06)
tell me in the name of what humanity does Israel have the right to hit the ENTIRE infrastructure of a whole country, to systematically rocket EVERY CORNER of Lebanon rather than the areas where its ennemy Hizbollah is located, and to MASSACRE CIVILIANS in open pickups fleeing the bombardments in their villages (after being ordered by the agressing army to evacuate)?
23. #22
Talula ,   Israel   (07.17.06)
You go first. You tell me why the Palestinians fire rockets into Israel every single day. Why do they send suicide bombers in to Israel to kill innocent people. Why did Hizbullah cross into Israel last week kill soldiers and kidnap two more? And are still sending rockets into Haifa? Once you answer those, I will answer you. Off you go.
24. Poor maria doesn't understand...
DR ,   Florida, USA   (07.17.06)
Maria, Israel doesn't have to answer to people like you who have no clue what war is, and no clue who we are dealing with here. Hezballah hides among civilians so that Israel would have to kill a few innocent people to get to them...who's fault is that??? Hezballah gets weapons from Iran and Syria via roadways airports bridges etc. israel hits those targets to cut off thei weapons...get it??? You are routing for the wrong team sweetie...go ask daddy how the REAL world works and then come back ok???
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