IDF: Reports of IAF jet crash near Beirut false
Ali Waked
Published: 17.07.06, 14:43
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1. Seems like you're pretty confused now. No?
GK ,   Paris, France   (07.17.06)
2. wtf ?!?!?! first soldiers kidnappped, the warships sinking..
Moshe Rabin ,   TA   (07.17.06)
now a friggin f-16? how do they with no military bring down an f16 ??
jay ,   Israel   (07.17.06)
No plane was hit.......... Why print arab media reports when we all know how much they lie?
4. What Hesbullah wouldn't do for their prestige?
Caroline ,   Israel   (07.17.06)
It was a pack of propaganda leaflets which Hesbullah took for an F-16 and "shot down" in Beirut.
5. Israeli F-16 jet shot down over Lebanon
Peace be upon you ,   Middle East   (07.17.06)
Habibi, what do you think 30 years of war brings to a people? Even with toothpicks we can fight and defend ourselves. The Israelis on the other hand have so much money and power, that they do not know how to use it. Yalla, fire your nuclear weapons, because nothing else can hurt us! Allah Ho Akbar, La-il Hil Allah.
6. Ynet is HAPPY to report Arab press!
nero ,   nyc   (07.17.06)
Why is Ynet reporting Arab misinformation. Do you relish bad news about Israeli pilots?
7. Errrr.
Levi ,   Sydney   (07.17.06)
Could very well be true, even if they did bring down a F-16 the IAF would deny claims as they would not want it to get to Hezzbolah as they would try and salvage him immediately. And as for how can they shoot it down with no army, Hezbollah are definetely in possesion of ground to air anti jet missiles.
8. Your arrogance will destroy you
Hanzala ,   Jerusalem-Palestine   (07.17.06)
We see every day, how Hizbullah is able to surprize Israel, remember....... last 2 weeks you have killed so many Palestinian and you were (95%) so arrogant... I say it again, your arrogance will destroy you and not the Palestinian/Leban. or the Arabs... Think again and try to be realist and give the Palestinan/Lebn. their rights, before it is tooo late. Regards, J
9. o_0!
Bahhh ,   Beirut - Lebanon   (07.17.06)
Greetings, Dweel deep within your lies and don't forget to believe them, so an aircraft is down and we all saw it on T.V the eye cann't lie, now give me a piece of your mind on how you're going to protect your facilities! Do you dare face death? Do you dare to sacrifice yourselves for your country? Probably not and you probably won't because you're so much attached to your lives you'ld like to live a 1000 years more, every action has a reaction and no matter how far you'll go there is nothing more than death. Allahu Akbar! Allahu Akbar! Allahu Akbar!
10. rocket falling down!
linda   (07.17.06)
It looks more like a rocket falling down on their own heads ;)
11. it was not an aircraft
Marcel ,   Floirda   (07.17.06)
it was a phamplet cannister from the IAF jet
12. Only way to provide false hope to the Fools
Opher ,   Mumbai, India   (07.17.06)
This is the only way to provide hope to the fools, this is true lies,Nothing has happened they just want to get some false joy, Barukh Hashem....
13. Arab Intelegence
Robert Tilden ,   Sheridan, WY   (07.17.06)
I cant blame Arab media for thinking it was an Israeli jet, none of them ever saw an Israeli jet fall so they were mistaken. They are human and are as usual wrong. Also, Arabs have their own set of facts, lets not let the truth spoil their dreams.
14. The video does not show an anti air missile
15. ...and they said that they sunk a missile boat...
Yerushalmi ,   Jerusalem   (07.17.06)
...which sailed back to ashdod port for repairs. Don't belive what journalists say, specially al manar and al jazeera. Nasrallah was so sure that the boat was sinking, and that's what he said on TV after it was hit because he used a missile that should have sunk it. But it didn't. While it is not impossible for a F-16 to be shot down, or go down because of a mechanical failure, it probably didn't happen. But you can never be sure with IDF these days, after years of oslo brainwashing and ideological selektzia of top brass... Also, don't trust israeli journalists. I call them oy gewalt journalism. You can see it everywhere. They belive that only pessimistic news sell papers. If everything that journalists report in yediot, maariv, etc, were true, world would have ended long time ago.
16. israeli aircraft downed
david ,   tel aviv,israel   (07.17.06)
To # 1 and # 5 and anyone else what r u so happy about?, about the hundreds of lebanese , israeli , palestinian men , women and children that are dead, for the destruction of houses, and places of work that have been destroyed in both Israel and Lebanon.... all of this because Nasralla's ego ???. did you think that Israel would not respond???. all this destruction, pain, suffering and billions of dollars for what ?????.... Nasralla should be tried by the Lebanese people. WHAT A WASTE !!!!!!!!, do you know how many people you could feed, how many houses you could build with all the money spent on this "war". CRAZY !!!!!!
17. to #5
Haim ,   Israel   (07.17.06)
Israelis have money and power because they work hard. Did you try? You could also have. Tell it to your leaders to stop bullsheet and start building your economy take care of your people more than to hurt Israelis. What I say to my kids when they try something hard and don't succeeed: "Hey, probably you doing something wrong? Don't tell that the world is wrong. Find out how to align with realities not realities with you.". Sure, you are ready to die and destroy entire world for the sake of justice as you understand it. But blame yourself, world don't want to die. ... Habibi
18. #5 the Imposter! - Nice try.
Palestinian   (07.17.06)
Your Arabic is way off, get a life. You have nothing better to do then pretend you're Arab to get your fellow Jews to insult you? Pathetic. "La-il Hil Allah." That does not mean anything in Arabic.
19. Why is Ynet NOT following IDF Demand of censureship ?
Gabrielle Goldwater ,   Geneva Switzerland   (07.17.06)
to serve the enemy ? Date: 16.7.06 Censorship Policy Regarding Fighting in the North 1. As of now, over 1,200 rockets have been fired at Israel; it is expected that this will continue. 2. Therefore, following are the Military Censor's relevant guidelines: a. The Military Censor will not approve reports regarding visits of Israeli Government and IDF officials in the north of Israel until the visits are over due to the clear connection between officials' visits and missile attacks on the area in question. b. The Military Censor will not approve reports on missile hits at IDF bases and/or strategic facilities. c. The Military Censor will not approve reports on missiles that fall in the Mediterranean Sea. d. The Military Censor will not approve reports on time periods when citizens are permitted to leave their shelters. Warnings of such times are utilized by the enemy for timing attacks. e. Reporting on locations in which there are public defense and organizational difficulties should be avoided as much as possible. 3. Real-time reporting on the exact location of rocket hits must be strictly avoided! Sincerely, Col. Sima Vaknin-Gil Chief Military Censor
20. 9 Bahhh ;Beirut : listen to what your own people say
Gabrielle Goldwater ,   Geneva Switzerland   (07.17.06)
FACTS: Open letter to Olmert from the Lebanese Foundation for Peace.;_ylc=X3oDMTJydXNmNnUwBF9TAzk3MzU5NzE1BGdycElkAzI1ODEyMzUEZ3Jwc3BJZAMxNjAxMTQ0Nzc3BG1zZ0lkAzE2MjE3BHNlYwNkbXNnBHNsawN2bXNnBHN0aW1lAzExNTI5MzgzODE- More facts: More facts from Brigitte Gabriel A Lebanese
21. To: Hanzala
Dan ,   SLP - Mexico   (07.17.06)
You want the right for what? for kill Israelis? come on you guys deserve nothing! You are terrorist and murderers.
22. #13 to Robert Tilden
mick ,   Australia   (07.17.06)
You said that Arab never saw an IDF jet falls! so who is Ron Arrat and why Israel want him wake up stop kiddin your self.
23. To # 17
Joe Slammer ,   World Citizen   (07.17.06)
You are wrong, Israel have money and power because they are heavely subsidized by their protective big brother USA|
24. Iran's influence
Paul Simons ,   Philadelphia USA   (07.17.06)
As the hezbullcrap weapons are made in Iran, and Iran seems longing to bomb Israel, it may be only a matter of time before Iran gives the world a reason more than it already has to totally demolish its nuclear and military installations. Or should we wait until London, Madrid, and New York suffer nuclear bombs, rather than the conventional explosives (including jet fuel) already detonated?
25. Inspecting the video
boris ,   eternal Jewish Jerus   (07.17.06)
The so-called video of the falling plane was nothing more than old archive footage of Sheik Yassin flying through the air on his wheelchair after Israel rocketed him last year. Soon by Nasrallah!
26. Another cheap propaganda attempt
Yerushalmi ,   Jerusalem   (07.17.06)
Here you can find a sequence of pictures of the event... It is in russian, don't ask me to translate... I don't know russian. It looks like a failed rocket or UAV launch. It first goes up and then goes down.
27. Sorry for another one...
Yerushalmi ,   Jerusalem   (07.17.06)
I just got fresh info... An Israeli air force spokesman reported he had canvassed all the air crews over Lebanon and none were missing. He explained the vague object shown over Lebanese TV apparently dropping from the sky: There was a direct aerial hit of a truck carrying long-range rockets. The cargo caught fire and exploding missiles flew in all directions.
28. Report: Israeli aircraft brought down in Beirut
Gerald Zang ,   Kfar Saba,Israel   (07.17.06)
The video shows the gas tank falling. Plane and crew reported safe!
29. # 1 : t'inquiètes pas...
stephane ,   france   (07.17.06)
israel is not confused at all.we know who we fight,and why we fight(to have peace).and even if an aircraft was actually hit;israel wont stop their job till it's finish.t'inquiè's very clear in the mind of each israeli,and each jew.dieu bénisse israel.israel ? et ? ....israel vaincra.
30. F-16 was almost downed!
Al ,   US   (07.17.06)
Hello all, From what I saw in Arab and Western media sources, an IAF F16 was directly hit by Hizbollah Surface to Air missle that hit one of its fuel tanks, but the F16 was able to escape the attack by ejecting its fuel tank and that is what Lebanese thought to be a downed IAF F16.
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