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Rabbis urge: We're in war, keep Shabbat
Neta Sela
Published: 17.07.06, 15:51
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1. Theological propoanda
mike ,   gedera   (07.17.06)
Draft all the yeshiva students into the army so that instead of expounding their theological propoganda gibberish they can lend a helping hand to their fellow comrades.and genuinely contribute to the welfare of the state.
2. the RETURN of the Messiah???
Adam Shapiro   (07.17.06)
I thought this was a Jewish Israeli web site?? That was one hell of a typo!
3. To Mike
Boaz   (07.17.06)
How sad it is that you fail to realize that there is a g-d in the world, and that nothing happens without g-d planning it, all the might of the Israeli Army is nothing if g-d wills otherwise, Remember what g-d told Yitzchak Avinu about his blessing to Yaakov, when Yaakov keeps the Torah Esav cannot harm us, if Yaakov does not keep the Torah, then, well.... just read the headlines to see what happens then.
4. #1 Bravo
Sharon ,   Haifa, Israel   (07.17.06)
And keep your buddies from subsidizing the whorehouses - especially with our tax-money.
5. Thanks Rabbonim!
Meir Moses   (07.17.06)
Hey, this is their job and it always has been, and as a secular -traditional Jew I have no issues with this. We cannot forget the blessings we recieved from our spiritual leaders throughtout the centuries. Zaka and the Orthodox communities are also doing their jobs in their own ways. Let's not pretend that drafting the Haredim is really necessary.
6. Amen V'amen
Eli ,   Monsey nY   (07.17.06)
Dear Brothers add sisters with you. We are in it together we pray for Peace thru Ahavath chinam unconditional love toward our brethren I am not talking about those loonies that demonstrated yesterday in Tel-Aviv they are beyond any help they need a refuah on their heads. I pray for Tzahal. And to the leaders please tell them it is OK to turn to Hashem and ask him for guidance and he will definitely help. Shalom, Eli
7. The Rabbis
Aside from the incongruity of any Jew believing in God after the Holocaust, how do you reconcile a modern, developed country where the majority of the population is secular, with this sort of superstitious nonsense?
8. Stop making fun, start thinking
Samuel ,   New York   (07.17.06)
A few days ago, the Opinion Editor of YNetnews saw fit to use an expletive in his headline, :Where the h--- are the rabbis?" Now, YNet has apparently saw fit to misconstrue what some of these sages are saying., so as to sow discord at a time when these sages are calling for unity. Anyone who has spent even a few minutes discussing complex contemporary issues with any of these sages--as I have--knows that they are brilliant and have a depth of understanding of modern technology and society that is amazing. When these sages say that they do not know what is causing the current crisis, they obviously do not mean the superficial explanations of what Nasrallah did, how Olmert or this or that politician responded, etc. What they probably mean is that they do not know the metaphysical reason of why this evil and terror has descended upon so many millions of our brethren. The good news is that they see a glimmer of hope that this may in fact be the start of the messianic redemption, and they call for acts of kindness and good will between Jews of all stripes, and increased Sabbath observance ( a spiritual weapon!), in their message to their followers. Is this really something to poke fun at? YNet, be part of the solution, not the problem!
9. rabbis
jj ,   montreal canada   (07.17.06)
We need their prayers and Torah study as much as we need the armes forces. They work best together. As did Isachar and Zevulon.
10. MIKE#1
HRS ,   NY   (07.17.06)
As a mother and an aunt of two former combat (k'ravi) soldiers, (muy son was a medic), who are both OBSERVANT, YOU DO NOT HAVE ANY IDEA OF WHAT YOU ARE SAYING, It just so happens that there plenty of Shommer Shabbat soldiers and officers in the army. In addition a young man learning is in a different type of UNIT shall we say, THEY ARE BOTH an army. As Jews we are an ARMY OF ONE, one family, ONE G-D.
11. All fed of wars
Yasser Elgharably   (07.17.06)
I wish we dicuss at certain time, what reasons behind such tension, and for how long it will be, and what about the new generation. All need to live and all fed with wars.
12. #7-how do you explain??
Harold ,   Md   (07.17.06)
How can you explain the very existence of the Jews? It's easy for me....but how do you explain it? We have been outnumbered from the beggining of time and are still here...a testemant to the one constant through the ages that cannot be debated-the Jews have always believed in "with this sort of superstitious nonsense" Jews who threw off the yoke of heaven is a relatively new thing-maybe 300 years old...while the very fact that we exist today following centuries of brutality and destruction is a mathematical impossibility and can only be attributed to one thing-the study of Torah and the adherance to it's map for life and happiness.... I suggest you read up on the Destruction of the Temple and see the ravages of that time if you think the holocaust-which was an unspeakable horror-was an isolated case in Jewish history....yet we have survived again and again and if you have any handle on Jewish history, you will see that the one constant throughout time has been our faith in The Creator and his Holy Torah...for giving up Torah is for the most part a "modern, developed secular" thing I hope you will at least heed some of the words of the Rabbis and try not to cause any strife amongst the Jewish people. I hope I did not offend you in any way-I only meant to defend the Rabbis and our Holy Torah-if I did I ask for your forgiveness-I am sorry. B'Shalom, Chaim
13. can't we all just get along and love each other?!
14. how true
hanina ,   usa   (07.17.06)
davening and spiting don't go together. Good time to recapture our innocence.
15. to 7# : The rabbis
Because this "supersitious non sense" is called judaism and because these people are Jews. Get it ?
16. no 7
Rachel ,   Jerusalem   (07.17.06)
Why is it incongruous to believe in G-d after the Holocaust - do you seriously believe that man can understand everything in the world and give it an explanation. Particularly the Holocaust. Obviously your concept of G-d is a man with a fluffy beard .
17. To # 7
Abe ,   NYC   (07.17.06)
Who else do the citizens have to turn to when they are in need of help and the govt and army ain't doing it. Because Israel was not educated as what a Jew is but even taught to hate the Torah which is what made us a nation makes anything and everything Jewish superstition. Maybe if they had made them secular yet to respect the Torah and the Rabbis who hold it up then Israelis would know who to listen to when the govt has no answers for kassams or kidnappings.
18. Unless You Think...
Shmuel ,   USA   (07.17.06)
...That the Earth is a 5000-year-old stationary flat rock that is circled by the sun and was created in 6 days...I wouldn't be betting on the Jewish version of the messiah coming anytime soon.
19. back to basics !
Ruth ,   Netanya   (07.17.06)
Rabbis you're right to call people to go back to some morality... The good fact of these war-times is that people are stopped being busy with their new god: money..... the war drawseverybody back to the very basic principles of (Jewish) life, to think over the real principles of life, the real truth and so the TORAH! Finally they maybe open their eyes and see who is their real G-D!!!! ...and I don't mean everybody needs to change into a severe observing orthodox jew ....but have G-D with you!!
20. no choice but to trust our father in heaven
Dave ,   San Diego, CA   (07.17.06)
Is that the same "father" that let 6 million die? The same "father" whose covenant was apparently with Abraham's brother? There is no choice. No choice but to use all possible force in order to prevail. Israel will be rocketed today and nuked tomorrow. There will be no "day after" that tomorrow.
21. #1, #4.........
Ron ,   Los Angeles   (07.17.06)
Agree......... Stop preaching and go fight.............
22. All
Dan ,   Jerusalem   (07.17.06)
War is good for the economy of Israel and others........ Let's Kick Some A** !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
23. re: the return of the Messiah???
Anon   (07.17.06)
If the Jewish Rabbi's haven't realized by now that the Messiah (Y'shuah) has already come once, then they should not be teachers of Israel. But I believe that the blindness that has set in 2000 years ago is beginning to lift. The RETURN of Y'shuah is imminent...
24. religious conflict
Karin Wyman ,   Toronto, Canada`   (07.17.06)
Again more innocent civilians dead. Including Canadian citizens. Didn't anyone learn their lesson with WW2?I don't belong to mass religion, none, thanks god. Religion kills, mainly men kill.
25. Foolish non beleavers!!
Daniel ,   Tekoa   (07.17.06)
For thousands of years, genarations of Jews have beleved in God. What is the difference between a beleaving Jew and a secular one? The beleaver invested the time to find answers to his questions. The secular just askes, and is not open to hear the answers. I was secular till Invested years in a Yeshiva. I now know without any doubt that the God of Israel is as alive today as when he created the world. You who are ignorant and poke fun at our history, are the worst and weakest among us. It is you Nassrala is reffering to when he said "we will win because we have faith" If our Country was filled traitors to our religion like you, they would win. Wake up!!!!!!
26. no. 25 Foolish indeed
Fred ,   Denver   (07.18.06)
As a Hasidic Gentile I want to also say that I now know without any doubt that the God of Israel is as alive today as when he created the world. Amen.
27. Anon the Looser
Jesus Christ ,   Burning in Hell   (07.18.06)
Anon, You know who I Am. I COMMAND you to never come back here or any other Jewish site. Go and never come back. LEAVE THE JEWISH PEOPLE ALONE!!! Love, Mr. Christ
28. Daniel...
Shmuel ,   USA   (07.18.06)
The universe isn't 5,000 years old nor was it created in 6 days. There is no special deity watching over Israel. Although I am a Jew and I respect our rich history and culture, some Jews are stuck in a childish interpretation of the Torah that is not only foolish, but also dangerous. Amen.
29. we're attacked because of the homofilth
its the deviants   (07.18.06)
one of the reasons we are not being protected is because of the homopiles parade. a year ago everything was peaceful and the stock market was booming not katyushas. the sick individuals of israel didnt thank the ordinary righteous or the hidden righteous that cleanse the world of evil. No, instead they stole the homes and professions of thousands of well intentioned albeit ignorant mizrachi in gush katif. Then they burst the skulls of well intentioned albeit ignorant mizrachi in Amona. Then they said let us be like all the evil nations and the evil ministry of tourism and the wicked erev rav amalekite head of the hotel industry yms began blatantly advertising the holy Land as a modern sodom where reproductive perversity is encouraged. Come to Israel and get laid. Come to Israel if you're sexually deviant and parade it with the evil sickos of this world. So the hidden righteous said why should we save these evil monsters who were saved from annihilation 8 years ago at great cost. Yes very great cost as many actually gave their health and lives and died before their time ZL Hamavin Yavin. And so the intercession for the wicked is lacking and the result is terror. And unfortunately ceasefire or no ceasefire it's only the beginning of the destruction if the wicked do not desist from their evil. the recipe for peace is this, 1) no more agressive displays against the will of god like the homofilth parade 2)cheshbon hanefesh - reflect on what is our purpose in this temporary earthen shell 3) genuine attempt to determine the will of the Creator and the holiness of the Torah. Don't be foolish enough to accept beastlike shortcuts like the jesusfreaks who worship a defecator in large diapers who was born a bastard, and died a bastard.He died for his own foul sins and is currently roasting in hell. Don't accept the celebration of murder, rape, lies and ignorance that the nazi muslims do. The inventor of their cult couldn't even read or write and raped the little children of his closest friends while telling his terrified victims that god had commanded him to do so.The evil muslims(as opposed to the decent ones) too are all rotting in painful hells. Don't accept the shortcuts of the reform and conservative feelgood imposters. They got us into this mess in the first place. Realize that we need to earn our reward. You get what you pay for, there is no free lunch. Doing gods will is a joyful daily, hourly, minutely activity of cleansing, humbleness and attachment and learning. 4)communication with our Creator. Talk to him.
30. I think #20 wants attention!
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