IDF: ‘Plane downed in Lebanon’ – long-range missile
Hanan Greenberg
Published: 17.07.06, 20:46
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1. Hey Arabs, before you start....
DR ,   Florida, USA   (07.17.06)
dancing in the streets because you think you shot down an Israeli jet, listen and tune into a real news outlet, not Al-jazeera or another one of your lying sourcers. We all know that terrorists will lie to gain favor with their people...sad!!!
2. Sorry Mr. Terrorists, wishful thinking though
Harris ,   Nazareth, Penn. USA   (07.17.06)
3. Missle....?
N I ,   N N   (07.17.06)
No, it is an Israeli Aerostat !
4. zEzal Missile ( Downed Airchrat)
Lindon Richards ,   Milpitas USA   (07.17.06)
So the delusion continues. The Hebollah people are so desperate for some semblance of a victory, that they will grab at anything to shore up their very, very untennable postion, rooted as it is unmitigated acts of violence! Even if they manage to shoot down an aircraft or two or three, or four, or even five, will it that justify startng this war. I say that it is my wish that the IDF continues to lay on the pressure untiel such time that it can be determined that Hezbollah and by extension, Syria , Iran and Hamas are totally reduced to the faceless losers that they are!
5. Thank God!
nell ,   switzerland   (07.17.06)
That was a relief!
6. there will be a next time ...
Lebanese ,   Lebanon   (07.17.06)
next time, hizbollah will not miss the warcraft. israel is fighting civilians. let israel dare to fight in face. they tried to do so, 9 israeli soldiers were killed and 2 others were kidnapped... 4 israeli soldiers bodies still in south lebanon next the boarders since wednesday and israel couldnt take them back yet. this is the real power of israel... cowards. God Bless Lebanon and the Lebanese people. God Bless the Resistance.
7. The muslim menthality
Mohamed ,   NY USA   (07.17.06)
Being a muslim I know very well how they think and behave. The only way to make them understand that there are other people and religions beside them is to use brutal force the very same way that they are using. Mohamed Khalifa
8. Thanks to #7
GPA ,   Michigan, USA   (07.17.06)
Mr. Khalifa, thank you for your honesty. Many in Israel and in the West simply refuse to acknowledge what is happening. Your background and sincerety provides us with an invaluable insight into the inner workings of the arab/muslim world.
9. Zionist Spin on Missile
Dovy ,   Toronto   (07.17.06)
If you compare the various reports in Hebrew and English, including on ynet, you will find a number of contradictions and confusion. One report says that intelligence "analyzed the Lebanese photos" and determined that the burning object was the missile that jumped high into the sky after being hit. Another report says the army "estimates" that after hitting the launcher, the missile fired "accidently" and landed nearby. Presumably the Zionist forces that shot the launcher had photos of what they were shooting at, so why did intelligence have to spend time analyzing the photos. And why is there only an "estimate"? Something smells fishy. In any case, Hizbullah probably has a few hundred of these missiles, so why does the Zionist media always spin things as a morale-builder based on bits and pieces of incomplete information???
10. Pals also say US never went to the Moon
Alan ,   SA   (07.17.06)
11. To# 6. Mr. Lebanon.
Alan ,   USA   (07.17.06)
Yeah, You are right, just like we did in 67' and 73'. You guys took over right??? You see, this is the diff in Muslims fighting war, and Jews fighting it. Israel (Jews) use their Brains, and Power to try not to heart any of their Soldiers. But you people dont care about your lives, you'll do anything to meet your 72 Virgins. Look at what Israel is going through just to get 2 Soldiers. OPEN YOUR EYES. AND LEARN. WE ARE IN THE 21ST CENT. NOT YOUR PROPHET TIMES.
12. to #6
Rendy ,   Phila,USA   (07.17.06)
Israel is NOT targeting civilians as Hezbullah does. Hezbullah is targetting ONLY civilians ,to brake their spirit . This is NOT possible with jewish people. We fight for our existence for 300 years. Israel is a humane and cosidered society. Rendy
13. Delusional #6
Ram ,   London   (07.18.06)
Israelis are cowards and your resistance is brave. Bravo!!! Meanwhile Nasrallah and his cronies are hiding in some s--thole while their followers fire their missiles from behind women and children. Tough uh?
14. Stupid Dovy (#7)
Benjamin ,   California   (07.18.06)
Like Alan says, the Brains are hard at work in Israel. You, like the Hezbollah murdering terrorists you support, don't have much intelligence. Anyone with a brain cell knows that a hundred missles or rockets are useless if the few launch vehicles and platforms are destroyed. Did anyone catch the video of a launch platforms being destroyed? You can see two terrorist running from the site through the trees just as it explodes. Justice.
15. to 9
indeed   (07.18.06)
in israel we saw the tape of the attack on the launch pad on television which included the missfire of the missile' its probably matter of time before world media get it too
16. #9 Dovy
Neal ,   USA   (07.18.06)
Why does YNet allow our enemy comfort and propaganda opportunities during a war situation? Dovy is terrorist propagandist as is most of the anti-Israel postings here. YNet thinks they are above all of this like NY Times.
17. #6
James ,   New Zealand   (07.18.06)
Have you been smoking some of that stuff mohamed was smoking all those years go?If you are so good why do you and your ilk "defect" to the west?If we are decadent and "offend" you so, why do you sneak into europe,usa and of course Israel?Wake up you plonker
18. Dovy
Hawky ,   Bellevue, WA   (07.18.06)
Maybe the price of capturing an Israeli soldier on Israeli territory might become too expensive for neighboring countries to contemplate. I do wish people would check their spelling before proclaiming their omniscience in this subject area.
19. #7 MOhammed :
WAEL ,   Kuwait   (07.18.06)
HAHAH your funny u know that >? what is ur real name ? is it sharoan ? or Moshe ? or is it benjamin ? you guys are disapointing me !! i thought u are intellegent and advanced whats going on . u cant find 1 single muslim to lie and say what u wish so u name ur self Mohammed . HOW pooooor is that .
20. #19 - HAHAH your funny u know that >?
NTI ,   Red Chili   (07.18.06)
Silly muslim laughter, or should I say, choking hysteria? Only muslims can believe in lies, starting from the silly koran, the liar mohammad, followed by all other imams, and so on. Your koran is full of contradictions and lies, which makes you, its followers zombies and lie-believers. Don't know whether to laugh silly like you or to take pity on you, stupid idiots. There are more ex-muslims, people who refused to believe in this islamic lie, visit
21. to nti redhot chilli
z ,   lebanon   (07.18.06)
am astonished with the loads of information you have. i bet one of the best ways to educate yourself is to check the internet. but this will only imply that you are a fool. websites are a mean of manipualting peoples mind, i bet you never read the koran, or even met a muslim, your head is full of crap from these websites and bad books you read. please re eduacte yourself, and avoid these pathetic ways of demonizing others religion, and you call your self civilised.
22. #21 Kindly point
NTI ,   Red Chili   (07.19.06)
out which of the articles and allegations at that are against islam, mohamah and muslims are untrue. Let the readers of this paper be enlightened. Please, help clear our "misunderstandings" about islam. To start with, are you capable of defending the charges in, that your prophet is a LIAR, PAEDOPHILE, MURDERER, MISOGYNIST, ROBBER, etc? If not, why don't you get out of this evil cult of destruction and death, i.e. islam and become human again?
23. To Dr , florida "The bitch"
someone ,   chicago, USA   (08.04.06)
u are a fucking dick head, listen you son of a bitch, the usa is ruled by Israel. You should know that the american people and the american army is hated by the world and can be taken down at any time if countries would unite. and you also think that cnn gives you the true news, they are the ones that use the most propaganda in the world. and every country with such power like the usa, climbs all the way to the top of the mountain and then falls right under the water. GOOD LUCK DEFEATING THE MUSLIMS! just to let you know, they don't give up, even if they have to fight with their bare hands against f22's
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