Poll: 81 percent back fighting in north
Published: 18.07.06, 08:45
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1. Missleaded Israel
Tarek ,   Lebanon   (07.18.06)
PPL of Israel are not aware of the destruction, humilation, terror, killing, and madness of what is going on both in lebanon or even in their own country. That is because their leaders lie to them and fight a lost cause.
2. the poll does not show us........
Fadi ,   west bank   (07.18.06)
what is the percentage of israelis that supports killing of civilians!! and what percentage justify destruction of bridges,schools....... so these israelis must not weep and cry when Hizbollah attack them! I wonder,since 1948 what else the israelis are good for except WAR ???
3. Convergence?
Piranha ,   Chicago, USA   (07.18.06)
Were any questions asked about support for, or opposition to, Prime Minister Olmert's convergence plan to abandon communities in Judea and Samaria?
4. Something tells me the rightists won't doubt this poll
Khalid   (07.18.06)
like they do with every other single poll that reveals information they don't like. But I'm guessing this poll will be "credible" and "accurate" by their standards. Wait for the talkbacks....
RF ,   ISRAEL   (07.18.06)
6. tarek and fadi
giora ,   london   (07.18.06)
you have been attacking and taunting israel since we left lebanon in 2000.starting with stone throwing and then killings and kidnappings.we did not react.nasrallah thought that was weakness.
7. Olmert and Peretz
Marcell ,   Israel   (07.18.06)
These two civilians have surprised the whole country and, indeed, the whole world. With the behind-the-scenes expertise of Mufaz et al we can expect a strong leadership in this period of crisis for our country. Add the overwhelming support of the Israeli public, including the citizens under fire on the southern and northern fronts, and a clear picture emerges of a nation united in its resolve to fight terrorism with all its might. I am proud of this country and of the example we are setting to the world in our collective fight against terror.
8. Olmert to international Court
Ehouda H. ,   Israel   (07.18.06)
9. #1,2,3
James ,   New Zealand   (07.18.06)
Thats right you haven't learned anything from history The Israeli excell at war when provoked.Not like muslims that excell at rhetoric.There will be no peace while the EAST bank is occupied!
10. war with lebanon
Lee and Rosemary ,   Haiku, Hawaii, USA   (07.18.06)
Want to express our strong support for Israel and say, please, stay strong...eradicate Hizbulluh.
11. The other 19% should go to hell
ron   (07.18.06)
12. LEftists cowards lose again.
THE VOICE...OF TRUTH   (07.18.06)
this is a must - go down quarter of the way and look for "why arabs throw stones"
14. Poll: 81% backing by israelis....
Oskar Prager ,   Petach Tikva, Israel   (07.18.06)
All four commentators so far seem to blame Israel for the destruction and mayhem caused in Lebanon by Israel. Have they forgotten that it was from Lebanon, Lebanese crossed into the Sovereign state of Israel, totally without reason, kidnapping soldiers, and shooting and killing soldiers ? Do you really think that this Lebanese action was justified ? Should Israel really accept this ? If you think like this, then you are more stupid than I imagined. No Sovereign state will tolerate such action, and since you Lebanese sympathisers are not doing anything to remove Hizbulla from your southern borders and don't return unharmed the kidnapped soldiers, you can only expect utter and total destruction of your country, because you are not fit to have a country.
15. Really REALLY stupid
howard ,   pacific coast, usa   (07.18.06)
1. Never, ever fight wars in accordance with polls 2. Peretz is a loud-mouth and a security gap and should shut up (though he is not the only one). Telling the enemy your plans in order to score political points at home is stupid and kills your own people for your own political benefit.
16. (nevertheless, it is necessary to cripple HA)
howard ,   pacific coast, usa   (07.18.06)
17. It's obvious Fadi....
jman ,   il   (07.18.06)
...that you are clueless. What is war to you, shooting in the air? Everyone knows that war includes bombings and civilian casualties. Just look at your own stupid "holy war", it is mainly aimed at Israeli civilians. Tell me, what is the percentage of palestinians that support killing Israeli civilians? Or do they not count? If you want to know what Israel is good for then stop attacking them and live with the reality. We had greenhouses that where producing great markets. We gave them to your brothers and.... they destroyed them and any chance of profitting off them. We love your comady talkbacks so keep them up!
18. As an Israel in the north
Da dude   (07.18.06)
I can say that this poll is off. The support I would assume is even higher. I and everyone I talk too want to finish this. It isn't fun to run down to bomb shelters every 5 minutes. But were already in this. One thing you can learn about arabs is how close they are to defeat, is exactly in reverse proportion to how much they talk like that victory is at hand. From talkbacks 1,2, and 4, I can say that Israel is getting ever closer. I have no illusions that this could take another few weeks, but let it so. Let's finish this fight, IDF all the way!
19. tarek lebanon nm 1
ami ,   israel   (07.18.06)
i dont see any distruction i see the pictures you and your people cheerd nassralla and throw sweets when you killed our soldiers we are not misslead you get what you deserve isreal and their people are united and stronger than you think
20. Are you guys totally void of Humanity?
Badr ,   Dubai, UAE   (07.18.06)
To Giora in London. Why all this hatred and loathing in your tone? Those are human beings like you and me that are getting slaughtered! They are innocent children, WHY? WE would have understood your cause if your vicious military had struck guerilla installations only. But how can you justify and live with the fact that more than 100 innocent children have died so far in your dirty Atrocious war that is waged against innocent deffenceless civilians!
21. #1 It is not Israel that is lying
donsaliman ,   Nahal Oz, Israel   (07.18.06)
Things were quite on the Border of Lebanon and Israel and it was Hezbollah that attacked Israel and it is not Israel that hides among the Lebanon civilans and shooting Katushas at Israel. Your Government is the ones to blame for letting Hezbollah take over the southern border,your Government is weak and only listens to Sryia and Iran on how to act. Your Government does not tell you the whole story, we in Israel see what is happening in Lebanon and we see the suffering of your people,but our people also suffer and in Beriut Lebanon your people celebrated the capture of two Israelis and the murderd Israeli soldiers. The Destruction, humilation, terror, killing by arab terrorists to Israelis, and madness of what is going on both in lebanon and Israel. I have not heard of Israeli suicide bombers blowing up Busses,schools,shopping centers etc in Lebanon,but Israeli citizens have suffered the humilation and killings of Innocent people. I could go & on but to make it short, If you support what Hezbollah is doing, don't come crying to the world about your suffering, you asked for it and this time Israel has changed the way it goes, Israel will say when there will be a cease-fire.
22. Ehouda, you're funny
Robert Renders ,   Mechelen, Belgium   (07.18.06)
I clicked on your link for a petition against Olmert : Total signatures: 3 Signature goal: 10000000 Need some more candidates? hehehe
23. #2...You want to know what else we're good at?
JustAGirl ,   Kfar Saba, Israel   (07.18.06)
Even the partial list is staggering. Partial list.... -Cell phone developed by Israelis in the Israeli branch of Motorola. -Most of the Windows NT and XP op systems developed by Microsoft-Israel. -Pentium MMX Chip technology designed in Israel at Intel. Pentium-4 microprocessor & Centrino processor were entirely designed, developed, & produced in Israel. -Pentium microprocessor in your computer most likely made in Israel. -Voice mail technology developed in Israel. -Microsoft and Cisco built their only R&D facilities outside the US in Israel. -Technology for the AOL Instant Messenger ICQ developed in '96 by 4 young Israelis. -Designed airline industry's most impenetrable flt security. Now advises how to handle airborne security threats. -$100 billion economy larger than all of its immediate neighbors combined. -Highest % of home computers per capita. -Highest ratio of uni degrees to the population in the world. -Produces more scientific papers per capita than any other nation & highest per capita rates of patents filed. -Largest # of startup companies. Has 2nd largest # of startup companies after the US. -With more than 3k high-tech companies and startups, has highest concentration hi-tech companies in the world — apart from Silicon Valley. -Ranked #2 in the world for venture capital funds right behind the US. -After US and Canada, has the largest # of NASDAQ listed companies. -Highest average living standards in the Middle East. Per capita income in 2000 was over $17,500, exceeding the UK. -Per capita, has the largest # of biotech startups. -24 % of Israel's workforce hold uni degrees — ranking 3rd in the industrialized world, after US & Holland — 12% hold advanced degrees. -Only liberal democracy in the Middle East. -Golda Meir was elected Prime Minister of Israel in '69 & became world's 2nd elected female leader in modern times. -3rd highest rate entrepreneurship & highest rate among women & people over 55 in the world. -Relative to population, largest immigrant-absorbing nation on earth. They come for democracy, religious freedom, & economic opportunity. -1st nation in the world to adopt Kimberly process, an intl. standard that certifies diamonds "conflict free." -2nd highest per capita rate of publishing new books. -Only country that entered the 21st century with a net gain in its # of trees, made more remarkable because achieved in an area considered mainly desert. -More museums per capita. -Israeli scientists developed first fully computerized, no-radiation diagnostic instrumentation for breast cancer. -Developed computerized system ensuring proper administration of medications, removing human error from medical treatment. -Developed first ingestible video camera, fits inside a pill. Used 2 view the small intestine from the inside, helps diagnose cancer and digestive disorders. Developed new device that directly helps the heart pump blood, an innovation with the potential to save lives among those with heart failure. -Leads world in the # of scientists and technicians in the workforce, with 145 per 10k, as opposed to 85 in the US, over 70 in Japan, and fewer than 60 in Germany. With over 25% of its work force employed in technical professions, Israel places 1st in this category as well. -New acne treatment developed in Israel, the ClearLight device, produces a high-intensity, ultraviolet-light-free, narrow-band blue light that causes acne bacteria to self-destruct — all without damaging surroundings skin or tissue. -An Israeli company was the first to develop and install a large-scale solar-powered and fully functional electricity generating plant (in southern California's Mojave desert). #2, compare that to what you Arab's have done. Can't, can you? Good. Now shut up and and go read a book!
24. To 20 Please explain
Da dude   (07.18.06)
Why two days ago when Israel bombed missile launchers that were firing directly on Haifa, only civilians were killed when bombing those launchers? When a civilian is operating military grade equipment and attacking civilian targets, that person is called... A TERRORISTS
25. Poll
Gillian ,   Ashkelon   (07.18.06)
Olmert, go all the way, any talk now of ceasefire or negotiations will be viewed as weakness by our enemies. You have stood firm uptil now and surprised many, carry on and finish the job.
26. according to CNN (LIES)terorists are "civillian casualties"
cnn=love of fanatical islam & hate of morality as long as killing jews is involved (or dinkas in darfur for that matter)
27. To Tarek and Fadi
Robert Tilden ,   Sheridan, WY   (07.18.06)
When Israel pulled out of Lebanon Nasrallah declared he was victorious. That he wan a war againts Israel. He was very popular as the new Salah A-Din. Where is he now? How is he protecting you? He is no Salah A-Din he is huvered in a distructed city. Who lied to who? Wait, there is also that F-16 that was shot down right? Fadi, Polling is sensetive to the exact question, the question had nothing to do with civilians, it is against Hizbolla, a terrorist organization. Polls in the PA regularly support suiside bombings on civilian buses. I'm sure both of you will continue to go on with your little notions of justice while world opinion post 9/11 is not the same. Even Chiraq's criticism of Israel was coppled with rebukes to Hizbollah. Bush and Blair were not even close to being 'even handed'. the sides are not even.
28. To Badr
Robert Tilden ,   Sheridan, WY, USA   (07.18.06)
Hold that thought about civilians when the Gulf states hold the next phone rally for Hamas. Israeli forces are not hiding in the Israeli cities. Everyone knows where the army bases are. Nasrallah hides behind little girls, Hamas even more so.
29. Listen to the 58
Lee Cary ,   Little Elm, TX, USA   (07.18.06)
30. SAY NO TO WAR!!!
J. M. ,   Montreal,Canada   (07.18.06)
"O Jerusalem,Jerusalem,you who kill the prophets and stone those sent to you,how often how i longed to gather your children together ,as a hen gathers her chicks under her wings ,but you were not willing.Look,your house is left to you desolate.For i tell you,you will not see me again until you say,"blessed is he who comes in the name of Jehovah"..........Mathew 23:37-39
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