Someone to run with
Einat Fishbein
Published: 18.07.06, 10:23
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1.  "philoarab"
ilana ben-david ,   tel aviv   (07.19.06)
David Grossman seems to put all the blame on us, Israelis. After withdrawing from Gaza strip, we were attacked by hundreds of Kassam missiles and bombs ! Prof. Assa Kasher said : we can't trust the Palestinians ! Sure, we can always repeat the "mantra" : we should talk, talk and talk with them . It's useless !
2. Yawn...
Erik ,   Ramat Aviv   (07.20.06)
More leftist drivel from another self-important member of our literary/media "elite". Olmert and Sharon are aggressive, while Abbas, Meshal and Nasrallah are tie-died peaceniks. Just goes to show you that famous and elite doesn't equate with common sensical.
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