Nahariya: Man killed in rocket attack
Ahiya Raved
Published: 19.07.06, 00:33
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1. you have our support
Keith ,   NY,USA   (07.18.06)
Do what you must, our support is 100% behind you. I'm sure that we would go in with you if you ask us. Dont under-estimate how much America stands with you. we believe in what you are doing completly. We have found out the hard way the the only way to have peace in this world is to war with the satanic reigion until it is crushed. So, carry on Zion, we are here, right next to you!
2. Few hours of Quiet because Hezbo Rocket Team at Lunch/Siesta
Alan ,   SA   (07.18.06)
3. This doesn't seem like a good idea to me...
Philippe ,   Mtl, CDN   (07.18.06)
For the better part of 60 years the IDF has been bombing and killing neighbouring civilians. This tactic is obviously flawed as there are still many enemies of Israel. Isn't it time you guys tried a different approach? Maybe the military is not the people you should be looking to to make peace? You know, the army doesn't have the answers to all the questions. Usually when two children fight, we seperate them, ask them to calm down, and then we talk to try and come to a peaceful resolution. The more civilian you kill, the more enemies you're going to have. You guys are digging your own grave.
4. Rocket Stockpile
Reuven Brauner ,   Raanana, Israel   (07.18.06)
It should be no surprise anymore to anyone that the Hizballah has been stockpiling these rockets for years. How did they get them? Why were they stockpiling them? Where was the Lebanese Government, police and army? We know that they were imported and transported through Lebanon and no one stopped them from doing so. Who is responsible for permitting this? For anyone who does not believe that the Arabs have had all along sinister plans to use these dasteredly weapons one day against the Jews, this should be ample proof of what they really want to do - destroy Israel. If the Arabs in Lebanon (more accurately Northern Eretz Yisroel) have been adding to their arsenals, we can assume that the Arabs in other areas such as in Gazahave been doing the same- or would certainly like to.
5. Keith
USA   (07.18.06)
what the heck are you talking about? the USA is sick and tired of the zionist state- and all the problems- including US tax dollars- that go with it- there are many Americans of muslim, hindu, buddhist ,jewish, christian- decent- in our country- we dont 'favor ' the jews.
6. Am I alone?
Sidney ,   USA   (07.18.06)
According to the polls, the Israeli public has confidence in Olmert and Peretz. Given the distinguished history of the IDF, I find the current passivity puzzling. Has the IDF make a command decision to sacrifice civilian lives to save military lives? I would like to see generals with the daring and imagination of Tal, Sharon, and Shomron.
7. #5
Greg ,   Dallas TX USA   (07.18.06)
Polls consistently indicate that roughly two-thirds of the American population support Israel, and the rest either don't care or side with the Arabs. Most of us understand that Israel is on the front line in the war against Islamic terrorism. Better to fight them over there than over here. Israel will crush the murderous gangs and that is a good thing for all peace-loving people in the Middle East and beyond.
8. #5-"USA"? or Jenin?
Jason ,   Boston, Mass   (07.18.06)
You are obviously misinformed or delusional or both. ALL polls of ALL groups in the US (except the neo-Nazis like you) indicate quite clearly that the overwhelming majority of TRUE AMERICANS (not like you in jenin) support Israel in her push to wipe out terrorism!
9. Philippe, the UN is there, next to Hizbollah
AK   (07.18.06)
The UN looked on while the Hizbollah terrorists had armed themselves to the teeth; looked on, and maybe helped when they were shelling Israeli villages and town; had lent then their UN cars and took pictures while they kidnapped and murdered Israeli soldiers from within Israel. You want to worry about innocent civilians, worry about the Israelis -- they don’t harbor terrorists in their midst. By the way, how do you tell an Arab innocent civilian from Arab terrorist, since neither is in uniform? How do you know that those killed in Lebanon were innocent civilians when Israeli air force targeted Hezbollah infrastructure and dropped leaflets for civilians to leave because they would bomb that particular area? BY the way, there is a perfect military solution to Arab state sponsored terrorism, but the world ties Israel’s hands and thus becomes the murderers’ accomplice.
10. #5 that is your prejudice speaking!
Keith ,   USA   (07.18.06)
you haven't a clue. You been so blinded by your hatred that you have lost touch with reality. Go to any Christian church on sunday, repent of your sin of hatred and then ask anyone how they feel about Israel. Then talk to me about Standing with or without Zion. I'll pray for your soul.
11. #3 Philippe has been asleep for the past few decades...
Haifa, Israel   (07.18.06)
12. Rocket attack
Abu Two Face ,   Frightsville, Lebano   (07.18.06)
Re 4. above. Where was the ISraeli government and security forces to allow the cockroaches the ability to stockpile 15,000+ rockets within kilometers (if not meters) of their border. Where is that famous warrior ex PM, Ehud Barak and the rest of his leftie advisors. What will little Israel, post convergence, do after they, G-d forbid, tip these rockets with chemicals or nuclear materials?
13. THIS American supports...
Eric ,   Nashville, TN   (07.18.06)
I detest collateral damage, death to civilians due to war, anyone that doesn't has no soul. That being said, it happens. Ask the U.S. military if it has happened in Iraq - or if it happened in Berlin. Civilian casualties occur - always have always will. What is important here is to keep focused on the big picture - knocking out HizbAllah, thereby preventing FUTURE Israeli citizen deaths. It is a high price, but one that must be paid, to stabilize Northern Israeli.
14. #5 tiy don't favor the Jews, but I do and so do all decent
AK   (07.18.06)
15. #6 No, you're not alone. I, for one, agree with you.
AK   (07.18.06)
16. thanks jason#8 for the truth to that putz
Keith ,   USA   (07.18.06)
17. Are you all fooled
Keith ,   USA   (07.18.06)
The reason for all the civilians getting killed is because that hezbullah is dug in within them. If the civilians would have stood together and gotten rid of them in the first place, they would not be dying now. Yes it is sad, but even with smart boms there will be colateral damage.
Lebanese ,   Lebanon   (07.18.06)
NO COMMENT............
19. Israel will never win the middle east.
Permanency of the existence of Israel is not a possibility with the military approach. Just like USA is failing in Iraq and Afghanistan, and just as they failed in Vietnam. You are losing the war certainly and your leaders are just bubbling. Have you listened to Ya'alon recently?
20. I think #5 is an imposter
Laura ,   US   (07.18.06)
and is not from the US, otherwise they would know that even the Dems. support Israel's right to defend herself.
21. You're too good # 18
BUSH ,   USA   (07.18.06)
Don't thank us, thank Hizbullah. Besides what do you care they died as martyrs that means they are going straight to hell i mean heaven, You should be giving out candy. Next time you tell your hizbullah friends and while you are at it tell the world that if they dare raise one finger on G-ds children; His chosen people than he will come to our defense as all fathers do and wipe the floor with you.
Miriam ,   San Francisco, USA   (07.18.06)
May G-d bless the IDF and keep them safe and Benai Yisrael forver!
23. #19 WHAT?
keith ,   USA   (07.18.06)
Where in the world are you getting your information from? We have made huge steps toward a new Iraq and Afganistan. you can believe what you wish to here, but it will never change the facts. Get a life...get Christ and then maybe you will see the real truth
24. #5...huh?
DR ,   Florida, USA   (07.18.06)
What USa do you live in??? All of us here on planet Earth that live in the USA see a different story. Stop watching Al-Jazeera and listening to Beirut radio...reality check guy!!!
25. #18 War is not pleasant.
MARK ,   USA   (07.18.06)
Thank you for showing that the IDF is strong and will not tolerate terrorists coming into the country. To win the war on terror. Lebanon may have to be completely destroyed once again. You could ask the terrorists to leave. You have an army.
26. Another vote for Olmert in Nahariya
Hizbullah loves him .
27. #18 you welcomed murderers to Lebanon
MARK ,   USA   (07.18.06)
What do you expect? murder, death,injuries, blood. This is war. Why did you let militant muslims destroy your country? You have an army. Use it!!
28. when?
sun   (07.18.06)
when do you think nasralla is going to hit tel_aviv?
29. Lebanese Jews
Irgun Fighter   (07.18.06)
I have heard there are still a several dozen Jews living in Beirut today? I hope the IDF can avoid bombing them.
Ricardo ,   lisbon   (07.18.06)
please i want every civilized person on this site visit this site and tell me his or her opinion, it is shame on you israel what u r doing , shame on the civilized world letting u doing this, shame on every human being see these picture and still be silent, i saw small girls from kiruat shmona write their regards on the rockets , what a shame, and u tell me that jewish people don't teach hatred to their sons and daughters
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