Syria, Iran determined to protect Hizbullah
Roee Nahmias
Published: 19.07.06, 12:56
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1. stop the war, Nuke Iran and syria; more than once
2. Somethings gotta give..
Edan ,   Beer Sheva   (07.19.06)
Assad and the monkey-man of Iran aren't going to be feeling any heat unless they are confronted - first diplomatically and then when that fails.... These two are trying to fight democracy not just Israel. Enough is enough.
3. To the Israeli people
Lebanese ,   In Exile   (07.19.06)
The real adress is in Damascus and Tehran. Airpower cannot dislodge Hezbollah. The Syrians and Iranians pull their strings. If that is not addressed Hezbollah will be back stronger, more determined and more dangerous.
4. Obvious
Sidney ,   USA   (07.19.06)
If these sources are correct, anything but the total destruction of Hezbollah is an Israeli defeat and a guarantee of worse wars in the future.
5. You cannot kill a weed unless you put up it's roots (Iran).
Jeremiah ,   Israel, Jewish Land   (07.19.06)
Iran is obviously behind all this but Olmert gets us bogged down in Lebanon. This will only take care of the problem temporarily and give the Left instant gratification. Meanwhile, Iran builds nukes and promises to destroy Israel. Send in ground troops to stabilize Lebanon and begin an all out aerial assault on Iran and destroy there capabilities utterly and completely. Prepare Israelis and the world for the big fight not for a ceasefire.
6. " RED LINE "
David Campbell ,   VA. USA   (07.19.06)
With 1/2 of hizBULLah gone I guess the line is only orange now ! 90% gone, red maybe ? Assad can't see, X eye Dr. to boot, that Monkey Boy wants him to destroy Damascus first (Isaiah 17). Then with Russia at his back ( Iran (Persia) Ezekiel 38,39) has the balls to get involved !
7. A missing detail
Mike ,   Atlanta, USA   (07.19.06)
The article fails to note that the United States also supports Hizbollah, if only by pressuring Israel to cave into the wishes of the Iranians as stated in this article.
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