Jailed troops to be released due to war
Hanan Greenberg
Published: 19.07.06, 15:11
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1. Good call ! Most of them probably forgot to wear their beret
2. Another Idea
Lebanese ,   Lebanon   (07.19.06)
What's your next step?? Release animals from the zoo!!!!!!!.....HAHAHAHA latest news : 2 hizbollah militants were killed by a tiger!!!!!
3. Lebanese, here's another idea...!
Meir Moses   (07.19.06)
Disarm hizbollah! AHAHAHAHA!
4. #2 hey terrorist
enjoying our bombs?
5. you have more
problems to worry about than laughing
6. #2 - tigers to kill lower life forms - good idea ! :-)
michael ,   tel aviv & london   (07.19.06)
7. Baruch Hashem
Baruch Hashem ,   Chicago, IL   (07.19.06)
Should release all the soldiers that were arrested for abuse to arabs as well!!! Release my BROTHERS!!!! Baruch
8. Stop it
Francesco ,   Ireland   (07.19.06)
Stop killing innocent people
9. to the lebanese!
oded   (07.19.06)
you already released the aNIMALS..... hizbulah... but then again , i wouldn't want to offend the animals by equating them to hizbula, god willinig , will be wiped off the map of life.
10. America is chained to a corpse...
Fearky Dick ,   Nashville, USA   (07.19.06)
but many American brownshirts are lined up to march like lemmings off a cliff. The Israelis will fight to the last American!
11. I just HAD to smile when I read this.
Talula ,   Israel   (07.20.06)
It's cute in an odd kind of way.
12. IDF ... What up ?
Libyan Guy ,   Italy   (07.20.06)
getting dry and in need of fresh supplies !!!
13. israel get off our coat tails
ranger ,   baghdad, iraq   (07.20.06)
I think countries who choose to go to war should fight it themselves without asking for american make your bed......sleep in it. tired of fighting for people just so they can soak up more american money and assets
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