Nazareth: No one told us, the Arabs, to take shelter
Sharon Roffe-Ofir
Published: 19.07.06, 20:11
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31. Doubt it
Israel   (07.20.06)
More likely - didn't listen, lost the gamble, now blaming us.
32. Second class citizens
Jeremiah ,   USA   (07.20.06)
Another example of racism in Israel. If you're Jewish, you get siren warnings and first class treatment. If you're Arab, you're a second class citizen and you're on your own. This is why there should not be states based on religion or race.
33. while we are in the bunker together...
the rest of us ,   pennsylvania usa   (07.20.06)
perhaps this is a good time to reflect on the policies, hatreds and prejudices that have placed both arabs and jews in the same set of bunkers trying to avoid the bombs of war. ironic. perhaps there is nothing funny about peace, love and understanding.
34. jeremiah
yanive ,   usa   (07.20.06)
You are an idiot. We did not think that hizbullah would actually attack the people that stand by it. Arabs seem to twist everything into an attack on their rights. Well let me just remind everyone that rights in this world have never been given they have been earned. Jeremiah, we would gladly give up the siren warning for a neighboor that promoted peace, and palestinians who love their children more then they hate us. When given the ultimatum of peace Israeli leadership and citzens have clearly stated the willingness to give up land and money for peace. The Palestinians have always demanded our destruction with no offer being good enough.........................................................and then they have the audasity to cry when our citezens die because of their reluctnace and distaste for peace.
35. Terrorists must be destroyed!
happy camper ,   usa   (07.20.06)
Do not feel bad about Israels response. we had one 911 they have them every day and they will do what we are scared to do! eliminate the threat! usa needs to drop in troops and help them eradicate the enemy. Too bad they are cowards and do not show their faces like a man. crimminals don masks like the typical islamist fanatic terrorist. hummmmm?
Mattew ,   Nazareth   (07.20.06)
The violence has erupted at the height of the tourist season and most foreign visitors have left. The missiles have caused damage and death, but the main impact has been psychological.
37. they did not know??????
linda   (07.20.06)
Why do you have leaders in your town? They have to inform you what to do, but they think Arabs will not be hit, that hezbollah gives a damn about you! And start watching israeli tv and hear what the army say you should do and stop watching al manar, maybe than you would haved know more!!!! And start building shelters instead of putting the money in your pocket and breaking the law.
38. yes, shame on the government
I would just like to point out that Nazareth is in the West Bank and its residents are not citizens of the State of Israel. Therefore, anybody who said that Israel treats its Arab citizens as second class citizens is just spilling propoganda because they are not citizens. So who is to blame??? The Hamas-led government is responsible for not warning its citizens!!
39. my how meek leb army is
charlie j ,   syd aust   (07.21.06)
Israel invades lebanon and its defence force is not mobilized, am I missing something here?
40. It's not true
Irene ,   RJ /Brazil   (07.23.06)
Homefront officer Colonel Kuperberg on Thursday rejected the accusations of Nazareth's Mayor, explaining the ratio of public shelters and safe rooms in the Israeli Arab, Druse and Jewish sectors remains the same. He went on to explain that it is true that in some Israeli Arab municipalities there are no air raid sirens, explaining that is the decision of community leaders. Kuperberg expounded on his statement, adding that some Arab leaders would not permit the installation of the air raid siren apparatus since it also sounds on Holocaust Remembrance Day and Memorial Day for fallen soldiers. Since it is a package deal, the Arab leaders opted not to have the siren installed.
41. Sirens were removed on request by Arabs?
Telo ,   USA   (07.24.06)
Hi, there are rumours now circulating in the internet forums - the rumours that do not make much sense to me - that at some point before the war arabs of Nazareth pressed their local government to remove the sirens from streets. And that's why the locals did not get warning on the attack. Can you corroborate or refute these rumours? Thank you!
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