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The indispensable condition of peace
Onkar Ghate
Published: 20.07.06, 06:50
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1. Shortly & sweetly : Hizbullah out-peace in.Period !!!
Eddie Shor ,   Ariel Israel   (07.20.06)
2. The indispensable condition of peace
Keith David ,   Mumbai,India   (07.20.06)
3. You've got blinkers on
Shafiq ,   Dublin, Ireland   (07.20.06)
Really people - "NO PEACE WITH TERROR" - indeed, let israel wage war until all the "Terrorists" are wiped out and then the poeple will welcome them with open arms.. Terrible to resort to sarcasm this early in the morning - but have a look at Iraq to see what happens when ignorance and power go hand in hand.
4. Bush allows Israel free rein to eliminate all hez-bull-ah.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Santa Monica, CA   (07.20.06)
George wants his republican friends to win in November and destroying a scumbag terrorist group puts polish on the Republicans. nastyrallah didn't count on the American election to screw him over. Oh well.
5. Succinctly
6. Wrong logic
Francois ,   Paris & Montréal   (07.20.06)
Israel must not declare that she has a moral right to exist, she must declare that if an Arab scum even think to destroy her, he will be invited to a speed dating party with some hairy virgins.
7. objectivism
peter ,   amsterdam, NL   (07.20.06)
The philosophy of Ayn Rand comes down to radical conservatism of a myopic kind. I don't think this frame of mind is very useful in the Middle East. Anyway, Western countries and Israël have their own ideologies which have historically served them well. Arab nationalism and religious fundamentalism is what they're up against.
8. Better Idea
Andrey ,   Irvine, CA   (07.20.06)
How about US stops caring about what happens between Israel and its neighbors and pulls out all aid to any country in the Middle East, Israel included. Then let us all sit down and watch who wins the war on our big screen high-definition TVs. Since no matter how US tries to help, we are always wrong, maybe we should stop helping and let the parties simply fight it out. While I agree initiation of force is evil, so it disproportionate response. For every problem Israel solves by bombing Hezbullah in Lebanon, it creates 5 new ones by hurting innocents who, rest assured, will now become Israel's enemies if they weren't already. Am I only one who thinks that Israel could use some friends around there, rather than being surrounded by people and states eager to destroy it. Bombing civilian infrastructure is certainly not a step in that direction. Let me spell it out for everyone involved in the conflict: THERE IS NO MILITARY SOLUTION TO THE PROBLEM! You either sit down on negotiating table or bleed to death. Your choice.
9. Doesn't go far enough
Yidith ,   Toronto   (07.20.06)
After totally anihilating Hullabaloo Israel should create a Xian Arab "province" in the southern part of Lebanon.; this Xian entity could live in a federal arrangement with either Lebanon or Israel. Simultaniously Israel should annex Gaza&Yesha ; expell all the PA Arabs. (if it's okay for the goose it's okay for the gander) As compensation they can claim all the stolen homes and businesses and money from the 700.000 expelled Jews from Muslim countries. The Israeli Arabs are welcome to stay on condition that they swear an oath of alliegence to the State of Israel, put their children in Israeli schools, learn Ivriet and go into the army just like all other Israelis. This may not bring peace but it sure as sh.. will give Israel security.
10. number 8
Yidith ,   TO   (07.20.06)
There's that mantra again; there is no military solution blah blah; you have to negotiate blah blah. And on what do you base this insipid "wisedom"? Surely not on facts because there aren't any to support this theory. Just like the nazis had to be completely anihilated so too is the only solution to this war against Islamofascism to WIN!! By all means nescessary.
11. Seeking peace
graczek ,   Maryland, USA   (07.20.06)
If Israel truly wants peace as it so frequently claims, it must consent to restoring the status quo ante May 1948. When Palestine was partitioned by UN vote in Nov. 1947, the objective was to replace the old British Mandate with a UN Trusteeship, with perhaps the creation of Jewish and Arab entities in some undefined future. David Ben-Gurion, however, jumped the gun by declaring the State of Israel in May 1948, in defiance of all countries' wishes, including the United States. This was the historical crime. To achieve peace, the political Zionist government of Israel must be dissolved, by world military force, if necessary, and the UN Trusteeship imposed. Then, there must be a program of forced migration of all Jews who arrived after Nov. 29, 1947 to whatever countries would accept them under therms that would criminalize Zionism. Those who can show their families arrived before could possibly stay, if they forswear all future Zionist activity or sympathy. Also, the world Jewish community must be assessed a special tax to pay reparations to aggrieved Palestinians.
12. Number 8
Alison ,   Sarasota, FL   (07.20.06)
Could not have said that better myself. Why is America always blamed??? Last time I checked we are the only friend you have.
13. Mr. Ghate Is Right In All Respects.
Mayer Katz === ,   Woodbridge, USA   (07.20.06)
I am glad that there are people out their who can see the forest thru the trees. I like his state and agree whole heartily. THANK G*D FOR MEN LIKE HIM. KEEP WRITING. L'SHALOM === MIKEK ===
14. process roots
mohamed ali ,   dubai,U.A.E   (07.21.06)
i am so sorry for all civilians killed in both sides of the conflict.but i think that's not because of hezbolla.as hezbola is a group made by israel.Yes,hezbolla came because of the occupation of southern lebanon.if we want to Quit hezbolla let israel withdraw from the lebanese land.THANKs ALOT and agin sorry for all killed civilians.
15. Letter 8
N Carroll ,   London, England   (07.21.06)
A lone voice in the wilderness, offering some sense in a swamp of hate-filled letters, written it seems by moral degenerates and total nutters. Look at No 6, what can one say ! No 8 offers good advice, your present actions are multiplying future Israel haters at a rapid rate with every family you murder. It is also correct that long term you either negotiate a peace or you will bleed to death. NC
16. #11, to a passionate seeker of jewish intestines.
zov ,   rosenberg, tx   (07.21.06)
As a heir of the oven guard in Treblinka you are a great help to jews: your "pshnky" wisdom reminds them what to expect. But you are not doing a good service to arabs: even them begin to understand unconditionally and irreversibly that there will be no arabs if there is no Israel. That is there the hope for peace is lying. And it spreads, a couple hundreds years more and your "pshnky" posterity may not be getting visas to visit Saudi harem. The jews, however, should be even more thankfull to you for your sense of justice. Each jew can prove that her family arrived in Judea 4 700 years before November 29 of 1947. That leaves your legal concerns fully solved. Now we are friends.
17. to no. 14!!!
Student ,   abroad   (07.21.06)
Israel left Lebanon in 2000. didn't you read the papers in the last 6 years?! Or you are just hearing what you like to hear??? I wish no one will get hurt - not in Lebanon, not in Israel. But the fact is, Hezbolla are the ones starting this mess, causing Lebanese and Israeli civilians die. Good day and quiet for everyone.
18. I'd like to see proof of your statement
World Citizen ,   the world   (07.21.06)
"Each jew can prove that her family arrived in Judea 4 700 years before November 29 of 1947." And where might this proof be? In archealogical study? In historical records of the Eygptians circa 2700BC? Surely you don't plan on offering up the Torah or the Bible! And even if we could consider these items as proof can you prove that the current inhabitants of modern Israel are actually the true descendants of the Israelites? Sir I think you are confusing faith with legal evidence. They might suffice for you but for the rest of the world they do not.
19. Response to #10
Andrey ,   Irvine, CA   (07.21.06)
Fact #1: Since 1948 the state of Israel has fought numerous wars with its neighbors with little or no lasting geopolitical effect. Israel's territory is largely the same, its neighbors and sentiments towards Israel are still who they were. Fact #2: Israel, although militarily advanced thanks to US, is still no match for Syria and Iran together, or even Iran by itself. The only military option Israel has to defeat its so called "enemies" is nuclear weapons, which if it choses to use, will assure its own destruction. (See adjacent opinion by Andrew Friedman) So tell me Yidith, what makes you think there is a military solution? What did Israel achieve after so many years of wars, other than preventing its own destruction. The usefullness of military actions ends with eliminating *clear* and *immediate* threats. Lasting solutions are always political. No military action has solved a problem by itself. That is the lesson being taught in military academies. One final comment. While today's people will continue hating each other for the rest of their lives probably, their kids or grandkids will play together. Hatred dies with the generations, only peace and friendship survives.
20. #11, graczek
DMC ,   NYC   (07.21.06)
May you die a slow and painful death!
21. #18 Lazy wanna-be bluff-caller
Sharon ,   Haifa, Israel   (07.21.06)
There is so much information everywhere regarding Israel's descendents and history, there is simply no place for it on this board. If you were actually interested, educated, or even aimed at doing something constructive rather than hacking, you would find it.
22. #20 im really sorry
Omar   (07.22.06)
truth hurts... bottom line, Israel will not survive with its current state, it basicly is the USA's redheaded stepchild, im sure the USA hates the fact that it has to babysit Israel, Sooner or later we will have a change of policy and we'll release the stepchild to the world, and encourage them to play with the other children..imagine no backing of israel. I dont think you guys want to imagine.. So you better be nice, and share.
23. Excellent Article and more...
Fatmeh ,   Jor   (07.22.06)
IL to be a member in the UN means that IL is a State, period. It is the UN responsibility to get the UN members ( the Arab ones in particular ) to publicly recognizing one of its member. The country that does not means that it is publicly declaring war against the ENTIRE WORLD.
24. #19 Response to agressive naivity.
zov ,   rosenberg, tx   (07.22.06)
Andrey, Israel has much less options to negotiate, than Russia had in January of 1943 to "negotiate" with Paulus 6th army under Stalingrad. Much, much less, since Russia had place to retreat past the Ural even to Siberia. It still would have preserved it statehood and won.
25. 7. Objectivism
G-d Wrestler ,   San Francisco, CA   (07.22.06)
A comment on two errors in your post: First the term "Radical" is used to refer to people or positions on the LEFT of the political spectrum. "Reactionary" is the proper term in describing people or positions on the RIGHT of the political spectrum; to have been correct you should have said " ...reactionary conservatism" Second The Objectivist philosophy of Ayn Rand is not conservative. Conservatives are trying to "restore or retain" the old political order of things. If you had read Ayn Rand's more closely you would have known that was not her intent.
26. Response to #18
G-d Wrestler ,   San Francisco, CA   (07.22.06)
I think my DNA is proof enough or is DNA inadmissible in your court of law? OH how the world hates and enjoys in killing Jews. We've given the world so much and we ask for so little in return- a slim sliver of barren land between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea in which to live in peace. We given you a conscience, a moral code, and a G-d and in return we have been hated, hounded, killed, our land has been stolen, called the killer of Christ, the killer of prophets, accused of poisoning wells, stealing and killing children for their blood for our Matzos, causing plagues and famines, world wars, revolutions, communisms, democracy, trying to rule the world, and the list goes on ad nauseam. Isn't there enough hate in the world without you adding to it? May the Blessed HaShem grant you and your family life, health, wealth, and prosperity?
Mark M. Lynn ,   U.S.A.   (07.22.06)
28. Why is this truth?
DaveH ,   Arizona, USA   (07.22.06)
How do you know this man is correct? Observe how drug cartels, terror organizations, and dictatorships rule. If you go against their orders, you and your family are summarily killed, usually in a graphic, painful manner.
29. What a bizarre conclusion...
Gianni ,   Savona, Italy   (07.22.06)
But are you really sure that this is the best way to end the problems of the survival of Israel? By what means, killing all Arabs and Palestinians? But there are other Muslims in the world, have we to kill them too? You may try, let me know the end. Or isn't better to manage more clever actions? I may not be able to point out them, but I'm sure that your proposal doesn't solve the problem.
30. Only Victory Can Vanquish The Enemy, Not'Limited Conflict'
Adina Kutnicki ,   US   (07.22.06)
IF only the far left in Israel, from the deluded Barak Court, to the far left academics, to the left wing media, and down to all the assorted appeasers are finally able to internalize Dr. Ghate's prescient words. Without vanquishing the enemy and imposing the peace, there will only be more death and destruction. The Islamic fascists crave more destruction, if only to lead them to impose their world caliphate. This is not hyperbole, nor is it a joke. The self appointed 'elite' worldover might not understand these basic facts, but no matter. The jihadists are deadly serious and they count on the delusions of the appeasers worldover. It will be up to the non deluded and the nationalist Jews to save Israel from its appeasers, and hence the rest of western civilization. The Jew IS the canary in the minefield as history has proven manifold times. Revisionism will not change this dreaded fact. The Olmert regime is now only beginning to fight back due to realizing the danger that ALL of Israel is in, including their own sorry butts. Once Israel wins its victory-and it has no other option but to win-the leftwing regime must be swept out of power. Since Olso the IDF has been hampered from protecting ALL its citizens due to its deluded mindset.
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