Initiative: Talkback offensive in support of Israel
Moran Zelikovich
Published: 20.07.06, 13:11
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1. The anti-Israel demonstrators are violent and barbaric.
Daisy ,   USA   (07.20.06)
I was disgusted to see such hatred and venom directed toward Israel and the Jewish people. I can't say it surprised me though because these kind of demonstrations happen almost everyday in the Arab/Muslim world. It just shows how evil and savage the anti-Israel group is. It makes me proud to support the Jewish people and their great homeland.
2. The Guardian
Rysk ,   Tel Aviv   (07.20.06)
First stop should be the 'Comment is Free' portal on the Guardian website : - -go to Comment is Free There is saturation comment on Israel with endless anti-Israel talkbacks
3. Good luck, but.....
James ,   TA   (07.20.06)
There is 1 majority-Jewish country in the world....there are nearly 50 Muslim countries. There are 13-15 million Jews in the world...there are over a Billion Muslims. The Muslims control the world's supply of oil....we don't. Our enemies have strength in numbers in every category... Israel and Jews should get used to not being represented fairly in politics and the media. Ayn Ma'La'Asot
4. Lies won't win you supporters
Khaled ,   Amman, Jordan   (07.20.06)
Acting like human beings for once instead of behaving like monsters & war criminals might just do the trick.
5. Talkbacks offensive
SMS ,   Rome   (07.20.06)
Nothing will save you ! Back to your e. european countries you criminals !
6. Futile Effort
Boris Tartikoff ,   NY   (07.20.06)
This sounds like a "make-me-feel-good" exercise that will do absolutely nothing to sway, deflect or diminsh the overwhelming sentiment in the world regarding Israel's naked aggression against the Palestinian and now the Lebanese people.
7. Response to 4
Kenny ,   Michigan, USA   (07.20.06)
Finally, we can agree on something! Now please go spread the good word to your Hizbully buddies who started this war and tell them to release the kidnapped Israelis, to stop teaching hate and to stop bombing Israeli cities.
8. Well spoken #4!
World Citizen ,   the world   (07.20.06)
And the statement by #3 claiming that the Israelis aren't well represented in the press and main stream media is ludicrous. Does he know how many newspapers and major media outlets are controlled by jewish and zionist interests? No, the facts are Israel needs to rein in its territorial ambitions and seriously negotiate a viable Palestinian state on the West Bank and Gaza. Leave Shaba Farms (Lebanese soil) and the Golan Heights(Syrian soil). There will be no peace in the Middle East until that happens.
9. Arab propagandists are active
Emmet ,   The World   (07.20.06)
4, 5, 6 and 8 show the need for this good work - Arab liars are obviously all over Ynet.
10. To all those who sympathize with terrorists
AB ,   The Rock   (07.20.06)
Your turn will come soon. For if you haven't realized it by now, these Islamic fundamentalists have only one goal, to rule the world instead of the Christians. It is only your jealousy of the Holy Jewish Nation that blinds you. Yes your jealousy of the Chosen nation who is loved by G-d and is the recipient of infinite miracles. Thank you G-d for making me a JEW!
11. Posted this morning at Lebenese Blog
Marcel ,   Florida   (07.20.06)
Road Map to War An Israeli paper state's;( thats you ynet ) "" It's a war "" Gee ,I thought the Road Map led to peace ? You did everything the U.S. told you to do for their peace plan and ............ where did it lead you Israel ? Into a trap set by your enemies. While you turned your face for a phony peace and threw fellow Jew out of their homes for the terrorists and your baal master George they were busy ,busy,busy preparing for war. The false peace by the false friend almost put you in a permanent coma Israel. Much talk in Israel that the president gives them a LIMITED green light ! A snare Israel has yet to free itself from. This war,has it awakened any in Israel to the man who hold the green light for Israel ? He can also send Israel a red light if you let him ! What I hear from the world is that they don't like to see Jews fight and defend themselves . It would be more peacefuly for everyone if the Jews would just give up and die peacefully. That is the true sentiment of a majority of the non Islamic world. God continues to seperate the wheat from the chaff. We already know what the moslem world thinks , ONLY NOW ,GOD HAS REINFORCED THEIR HATRED AGAINST HIS PEOPLE ISRAEL This is a sign that His judgment now begins against His enemies. Indonesia, the largest population of moslems in the world. I've lost track at the number of earthquakes since the Tsunami struck in December 2004 They had another major earthquake and Tsunami the other day. Immediately after they volunteered for 'peacekeeping duties' against Israel on the Lebanese border. God is attempting to get the attention of all the inhabitiants of the earth, but in America almost everyone is drunk with sport,wine,women,wealth ,ect. They will not see it coming !
12. to pro arabs
Leo ,   Canada   (07.20.06)
1. Israel was not the one who started war. 2. Israel gave you opportunity to become a normal country. Israel went out from Gaza and Lebanon, and.... as usual "smart" arabs show their face - face of dumb people. 3. you lie to the whole world about your problems, you make human shilds from your oun people and you are first to cry after they got killed. 4. It is you who are real animals that got so low and kill your own just to make world to pay you money. So, on your place I will be sorry to be born as an arab end
13. to World citezen
Leo ,   Canada   (07.20.06)
try to read history books, not just newspapers. 1. Arabs countries started war against Israel, they tried to destroy Israel completely. As a result - they lost territories. 2. Israel ready to give them back that useless lends, but --- as you can see we have now war in Gaza and Lebanon. Whos foult it is? Israel did everything possible to prevent war, but --- go out from gaza and get rockets as thank you? you think it is normal and appropriate. --- go out from lebanon and get hizbolla as result is this is normal? Palestinians work in Israel... if Israel close border they start to cry. They launch rockets behind oun people and they risk their life -- but ---as usual it is fault of Israel... People... try to use your brain more often.. it helps sometimes
14. Winning on college campuses?
Gene ,   Raleigh   (07.20.06)
I think Jews and especially Israel lost that battle a long time ago. Everyone will see this weak boiler room operation for what it is, and will back fire big time. Enjoy the isolation Israel, you earned it.
15. Talkboards
J ,   Newcastle, UK   (07.20.06)
May be Israel's supporters (and even better, Israeli citizens), should try to register and post in The Guardian's Talkboards, Although I would like to warn you that place reeks of antisemitism under various forms, and while posters defending Israel and challenging the antisemites and overt support of Israel's enemies often get banned those who attack Israel and are not-so-overt antisemites get untouched. Thast board has also been used by the ISM to spit their propaganda.
16. # 8
Lauren ,   Israel   (07.20.06)
Dear World Citizen, I wonder which country you come from or live in now. The fact that you describe yourself as a world citizen is merely a cop-out, and you know it. Could it perhaps be, that you live in a country which has also "conquered", or "stolen" lands from the native inhabitants? Let's see: that could be a number of countries: England, Australia, the USA, South Africa, to name a few. So, let me get this straight: Israel is supposed to give back (!) its conquered "territories" to the Palestinians, the Golan Heights to the Syrians, the other area you mentioned to the Lebanese, etc. Ok, name me one country that has given back land to the original people. In any case, if you would only consult your ancient history map, instead of talking a bunch of propaganda, you would see, World Citizen, that your facts are a bit screwed up. The Palestinians are not the original inhabitants of this land at all. Even Jesus could tell you that, if he were still around.
17. Propaganda at its best!!!
Dr Smith   (07.20.06)
This is the sort of antics Israeli people have to resort to in order to seek justification and swell public suppot in their favour for its terrorist activities. Your the victims again, I suggest you visit this site below to really see how biased the media is in regards to the palastinine people and how they are continually disregarded in favour of israel. Its pathetic, probably the reason that the international community, including non-muslims, don't support you is because they are not naive, they know when your the aggressors killing hundreds of innocent civillians.
Another Lowe ,   London   (07.20.06)
the pro-israel side needs to moderate it's comments... writing comments like "nuke them" aren't really all that productive in my opinion. likewise, these websites need to moderate the anti-israel opinions since some of them are clearly anti-semitic - for instance, the BBC's talk-back section included a post from someone calling herself "english granny" reading: "has anyone ever heard of the 'protocols of the elder's of zion'."
19. sms Rome
Who do you think you are talking to? The Jews are in their Historical homeland of Israel, and are defending it against savage criminals. What are you doing in Rome? Go back to the Arab country YOU came from! If you're not one of them, then know that you are in danger too from those Islamists who wish to take over the world and make no secret of it! raving IDIOT
20. #4 Khaled
Mike ,   Israel   (07.20.06)
You must be talking about the Hezbullah, but Hezbulahh is lead by an animal so i dont think they can act like anything but an animal.
21. Response to 4
Scott ,   Los Angeles USA   (07.20.06)
When the Arab world can open their eyes and see that Israel is not the Monster and will do what it needs to protect their citizens. When Israel shows restraint the Muslem world sees them as cowards, now that they are doing what should have been done years ago they are consider monsters. When was the last time you saw a Jew blow them selves up in a Pizzaria and the families of the bomber celebrates. Who is the monster here? Who is the insane and crazy one.
22. to # 12
Djaza├»ri ,   France   (07.20.06)
War hasn't be launched by the Arabs but by the zionists and the British with declaration Balfour in 1917. It was a deckaration of war. War won't cease until the zionist entity stay on the map.
23. Stop talking
Alex ,   Israel   (07.20.06)
No talking will help. Jews must understend that they were hated, are hated and will be hated by the majority of world population. Did explanations stop Nazis? NO. Did pleas and reasonings stop pogroms? NO. This hate is irrational, explanations and arguments only make it glow harder. Just look at this peace-of -hypocrite Putin. This bloody killer of thousands of innocents has HUTZPAH to say Israel is using disproportionate force. Any reason for that? YES - JUDEOPHOBIA. NO REASONING WILL HELP. We must fight for our lives and to hell with "world opinion". "World opinion" just wants us to sit and die!
Eliot ,   New York, NY, USA   (07.20.06)
25. hey #4 u arabs are such good liers u almost fool yourselves!
Efi ,   Israel   (07.20.06)
26. PR
Daniel ,   Australia   (07.20.06)
You think Israel or Israelis don't know that they lost the PR war a long time ago. They lost it before the State of Israel was born. Jews are never going to get a fair go, because too many people around the world are jealous of their achievements. It's the tall poppy syndrome and their will always be those who are jealous of the Jewish people. The majority of people who critisize Israel are really using it as a disguise to cover-up their anti-semetism. If they lived in a country like Israel where they were under constant attack, on a daily basis, they would be all for the tactics that Israel is employing. However, they believe that Jews shouldnt be allowed to defend themselves. People like Gene (#14) and World Citizen (#4) most likely hate Jews. If Israel withdrew from the Golan, sheba farms, WB, let Palestinians have a "right of return" and allowed them to have East Jerusalem as their capital, then they would still be unsatisfied.
27. Talking CAN help
Chico ,   Arizona   (07.20.06)
Alex, millions and millions of people, non-Jews, support Israel and are not fooled by the propaganda of your enemies. Talking can help because truth always wins, and you can't communicate truth if you don't talk.
28. Long Live Israel
Wendy ,   Port Elizabeth, Sout   (07.20.06)
Fight for your country and your people. It is your God given right. If the Arabs put as much effort into advancing the course of their own people as they do into fighting Jews, they might start to accept the fact that they were born Arab, and reconcile to the fact that they probably wish they were born Jewish. God chose the Jews, The rest of the Arab world get over it and try and live the best lives that you can, is that not what the Koran teaches you.? Israel protects its children, women and men. What do the arabs do? they send them out to the battlefields and then expect the rest of the world to sympathise, when they flaunt them on international televison. The only human right abuses taking place, is Arab against Arab.
29. Support Israel
Rustum ,   London,UK   (07.20.06) Please read & forward to friends & family. Shukran,Toda.
30. israels simplistic rehtoric of self defense
Dr Namuska ,   Angola   (07.20.06)
Just exchange prisoners, not too hard. But Israel does not want to negotiate do they, they have 10 000 lebanese prisoners who have been jailed for years since the war, they should be released, the war was over long ago. But because israel refuses to negotiate, then they will continue to take your soldiers until you get that point. Your are deserving of it, so stop using that simplistic rehtoric that your defending yourself, its wearing really thin. Dr Namuska
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