Initiative: Talkback offensive in support of Israel
Moran Zelikovich
Published: 20.07.06, 13:11
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31. israel is looosing !!!
koko ,   holland   (07.20.06)
as i allready told you, i am not supporting anybody in this war, but it seems to me and now its almost confirmed that israel cannot face hizbollah on the ground, since yesterday and the hizbollah is killing IDF soldiers and destoying tanks, take an advice from me israel people, you have the choice between to things, the first is to put the pressure on your idiot Olmert to stop this war or you will have a lot of soldiers and civils killed because of olmert stupid decision, or simply leave israel and go to a safe place, trust me hizbollah are stronger then your army, they will destroy it in one second, your army cannot face the hizbollah on the ground and your air force cannot do anything else now, they have done what they should do but it seems this didnt hurt the hizbollah who everyday show us that he is solid, strong and very orginized, think about this, its the truth and pls dont call this propaganda. Best regards...
32. support #1
rocky ,   hollywood   (07.20.06)
A CHILD 10y.o who hold a kalashnikov is already a ; it's easy to talk against Israel when there are ignorance an prejudices centuries old. Nobody helps Israel when kamikazes killled thousand of civil people on buses, restaurants, markets... Israel can't survive with those nightmares day by day... All the world knows, but nobody do anything. All slaves of petrol, as to signify that the foult of the growin price is because of israel... I think that israel is on right to defend itself and its population, and, above all, to destroy all terrorism and the countries who protect and army them. A terrorist alive is and will be always dangerous: sorry to write: better to kill them all... Civil population dies because terrorists use them as houman shields... I can't understand how can hetzobulla be so pride to be infamy!!!!
STEVE ,   LONDON, ENGLAND   (07.20.06)
If Israel’s Government and military commanders were as emotionallu unstable and psychotic as the leaders and conveners of the anti-Israel demonstrations around the world at the moment there would be more deaths in Lebanon than is the case for the present. These demonstrations show us how little time and thought the people of the world put to Israel’s case. We are as usual almost quite alone. Who will caution our enemies? Nobody but our allies in the USA. Who will risk their skin for our border security? Nobody. Who, outside of the Jewish community, has ever organized a public demonstration in support of Israel’s case? At any time in the past sixty years! Nobody. Almost nobody has the moral fibre, the presence of mind, the moral conviction and ethical commitment to see the true picture. If Israel just turned the other cheek these fanatics would descend on us like rampaging animals, killing and stealing and laying our nation to waste and all in the name of emotion. The world is drunk, stoned and undereducated. The world’s centre of the harmonization of relations and focus for expertise, the United Nations Organization, has failed continuously for sixty years to impart its idealism to our regional praxis. Violence has not been conquered. Violence is celebrated. Check our your local department stores and see how many war games one can buy for PlayStation or Xbox. This is what we revel in. This is how the world cultivates its sporting imagination. It is not even as intelligent as National Socialism. And look what that did for Jews. Now Israel is alone in its struggle for national independence again and it is becoming a struggle for social survival too. The world is starving, has no proper water strategy, is failing on global environmental responsibilities. The world is crazy. What shall survive is what GOD Wills and what does the world know of Israeli culture and Jewish religion? Virtually nought zero. Who even stops for a moment to enquire or look! Look at them the shameful demonstration against Israel. Where are the demonstrations against Hezbollah ? Eh ! How many tears we shall weep before they surrender to Allah and realise that when Mohammed said “Paradise is under a blanket of Swords”, he did not mean everyone should take up arms to establish paradise. He meant that too many people have the mentality of war and therefore paradise is far far removed from the world’s conscious and social psychology. We will defeat Hezbollah. Without or with the world’s help. We will bury our dead. We will pray for the souls of the lives we destroy in this conflict. We will live with the memory of these times for a long time. We will grieve for ourselves and mourn for others. But we shall not feel ashamed at defending ourselves against almost the whole world. Where is the demonstration of unity with GOD? With the inescapable truth that we are all creatures of the same GOD! Amen ve amen
34. Some views aren't being entertained.
Joe ,   Brooklyn, NY   (07.20.06)
The situation now is like the one that there was 2 years ago, where any criticism of Israel was considered to be "anti-Israel." I am strongly committed to Israel, and I am going there for the fourth time this coming winter. I would support a limited operation to substantially weaken Hezbollah. However, I also believe that the destruction of an entire nation's economy, which is what is happening in Lebanon, is strongly disproportionate. From this article, I am getting the idea that it will once again be very difficult to be actively pro-Israel and active in Jewish life without agreeing with every single Israeli policy that there is.
35. See #22...
You have rightly declared G-d's true intentions unconsciously: "War won't cease until the zionist entity stay[s] on the map" Maybe you're a Jew at heart and don't know it yet?!
36. Israel, do what must be done!
Angela ,   The Haque, Holland   (07.20.06)
Israel do what needs to be done to protect the country, it,s soldiers and its citizens. You have all the rights to protect yourself against those dirty terrorist like the Hezbolla , Hammas etc.....
37. Amsterdam today, 19.30 Pm
Angela ,   The Haque, Holland   (07.20.06)
Today, at 19.30 h a Pro-Israel demonstration in Amsterdam at the Jonas Daniel Meyerplein. Come, come come!!!!!!!!!!
38. the anti_Israel will be accused of anti- semitism
yohan ,   amsterdam   (07.20.06)
the charge is ready.
39. I have posted many times to BBC, but.......
Larry ,   Eastbourne, UK   (07.20.06)
Since the Hizbullah terror war started I have sent many messages to the BBC's "Have your say", but none have been published. This is of course pure censorship by the BBC of opinions they don't like, and meanwhile the messages actually published are in the main full of ignorance, hatred and lies.
40. PR#26
Gene ,   Raleigh, USA   (07.20.06)
Yep, those talking points are standard issue for the boiler rooms I've mentioned above. Enjoy Issy Isolation.
41. # 17 - Correction
Lauren ,   Israel   (07.20.06)
Hey "Doc", go back to school, and I quote: "Your the victims again". "Your" should read "You're" (ie: conjunction of the two words - "you are". Dr. Smith, yeah right! Blah Blah Blah...
42. A picture speaks volumes...
JP ,   London   (07.20.06)
43. Hey Israel, I'm with you!!!!
CK Tan ,   Singapore, Singapore   (07.20.06)
44. To #23
Paul ,   York PA   (07.20.06)
You are right on. No amount of diplomacy will do any good right now. Israel must continue on with it's offensive. This is the only way we can negociate with these islamic terrorist. Islam..... peaceful religion ? .... I have a bridge to sell you!!! G-d Bless Israel Shalom Paul
45. Support from Malta
Deepdiver ,   Malta   (07.20.06)
We are doing our best to put forward Israel's point of view here in Malta, Europe. Our thoughts are with you in these tough times The Gardjola Team
46. To Leo in Canada
World Citizen ,   the world   (07.20.06)
I'm sorry to disappoint you Leo but I am well read in the history of Israel. And this history was documented by loyal Israelis. The facts are that from before the founding of the modern state of Israel right up to the present time Israel has a history of duplicity and aggressiveness towards the original occupants of Palestine. Except for Yom Kippur Israel has never fought a war it didn't start including the one in 1948. In 1948 the UN partitioned Palestine and the jewish settlers wanted more land than they were allocated. They were the first to use ethnic cleansing to drive the Palestinians off the land the UN had designated for them. (And all of the land mostly belonged to the Palestinians anyway!) Go read the dairies of Ben Gurion and the rest of his contemporaries. Don't believe him? Well there are plenty of books written by non-"self-loathing" jews that will tell you the same thing. Israel was not an empty land for a people without land. 750,000 Palestinians and their ancestors had lived there for at least a thousand years. In 1967 it was Israel who bombed the air forces of Egypt and Syria to start the war. And you can believe the lie it was otherwise but even your leaders admit this in plenty of books about this war. Most in here say that Hizbullah and Hamas started this fight several weeks ago. The facts are that Israeli military forces have been routinely going into Gaza to take hostages for months now. They have been assassinating leaders and murdering innocent civilain bystanders all year long. How much abuse and degradation can you expect to dish out to the Palestinians before they are allowed to lash back in frustration? Therefore my advise to you sir is to sit down with many of history books written about your favorite country and learn some of the facts before you try to distort them..
47. hezbollah
mike ,   los angeles ca.   (07.20.06)
Let's just be honest. hezbollah's aggression against Israel is the cause of this situation.
48. Very naive!
Yidith ,   Toronto   (07.20.06)
This smacks of trying to make the Goyim like us; there's a touch of Ghetto mentality here. WE DON"T HAVE TO JUSTIFY OUR EXISTENCE TO ANYBODY!!!! We Jews have to stop wanting the world to like us; who cares what the world thinks as long as we are able to love ourselves and our Jewish Brothers and Sisters the rest is unimportant. IN EVERY GENERATION THEY WILL TRY TO EXTERMINATE US! Appeasing the Goyim is not the way to go.
49. Keep Up The Fight and Bless You
Nicholas ,   Boston, USA   (07.20.06)
Israel you are the strongest nation on earth. Israelis the strongest people. Ridign the world of Hizbollah will make the world will strengthen freedom through out the world.
50. #14
monica ,   georgia,usa   (07.21.06)
ignorant fools you fail to read the oldest book of GOD . He will protect Israel and never let her be destroyed. It is no coincidence that Katrrina hit the same week the Jews were dragged from their homes in Gaza. You watch and see the salvation of the LORD.
51. media
Hilda ,   USA   (07.21.06)
Unfortunately, those programs which are essentially antisemitic won't even let you on the program and if they do they cut you off immdiately if you say anything good about Israel. The pro Israel hosts do a pretty good job. There are a few like, Mike Savage and Sean Hannity but it is so hard to get on. Many local hosts tend to be anti Israel. and as I said are very quick on the triger finger.
52. A few reminders - to #8, #4 and others
Adi ,   Israel - the world   (07.21.06)
Shall I remind you that Israel backed out of Lebanon in year 2000 - in a unilateral action? Shall I remind you that the current war in Lebanon was prompted by an unprovoked attack carried out by Hizbullah on Israeli soil? "Rein in its territorial ambitions"? "Seriously negotiate" - we've done it, over and over again - only to realize there is no partner on the other side willing to accept any kind of Israeli country. Israel's ambition is to live in peace - as has been demonstrated by the dozen+ peace treaties where land was "given back" in return for a peace agreement (or in return for nothing). Only recently, Israel has withdrawn from Gaza - only to suffer ongoing attacks on its cities immediately after the pullout. And as for your statement that "major media outlets are controlled by jewish and zionist interests" - I remind you that CNN, Time Warner is owned by no other than Saudi interests. I suggest you LEARN THE FACTS before lashing out comments.
53. To #34
Adi ,   Israel   (07.21.06)
Hello Joe, It will be easier for you to be actively pro-Israel if you understand that the only way to substantially weaken Hizbullah for the long term (and not just in the short term) is to prompt Lebanon to deny hizbullah the ability to operate freely in the south. As long as Hezbullah is ignored by the Lebanese governement, they will always be able to re-arm and cause fatalities and terror in the Israeli cities and act as Iranian pawns. We must also not forget that Hizbulah is a memebr of the Lebanese government and has over 20 seats in the parliament. Therfore, the only way to achieve a semblance of safety on our northern border is to attack Lebanon in such a way that they will have no choice but to act against Hizbullah and disarm them - so that the devastation of allowing Hizbullah to remain is greater than the devastation of fighting them. The other point to consider is that the Hizbullah are actually soldiers of syria and Isran. This is not propaganda but information ased on mountains fo intelligence. A small "proportional" action against them just does not take into consideration the bigger picture. I hope this helps you understand "the proportion" of our response and that you ocntinue to be actively pro-Israel. shalom. Adi
54. israel protests
donnella whitacre ,   portland u.s.   (07.22.06)
it is a lie that israel is full of european jews, just as it is a lie that there are palistinian arabs, the arabs kill more of their own than israelis do. they should clean up their own governments and terrorists before they lie to the world about israeli so called war crimes. lebonese government in exile support the israel actions in southern lebonon as do a great many christian lebonese.
55. pro-Israel
Mariless ,   Manila, Philippines   (07.27.06)
I fully support Israel in their efforts to defend their land, and their very existence. The goal of these Arab nations is to obliterate Israel from the middle east. This should not be allowed to happen, and the world should not just stand by like spectators while the Muslims again try to wage a war in the name of religion.
56. talkback
chana ,   pitttsburgh, pa   (07.30.06)
Joe - And the Israeli economy? Is this not being destroyed? For every time there is a season. And now it is the season to be talking about what's being done to Israel by the entire world. We are fighting for our existence. First, absorb that fully.
57. thank you
Abby Sosland ,   New York, USA   (07.31.06)
I'm so grateful to see support for Israel... what an insane world we live in. This is a war for BASIC survival of the Jewish state. I absolutely support the right of Israel to take any measures to prevent future attacks. Abby Sosland
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